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December 12, 2016
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March 7, 2002
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March 21, 1972
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Stat6 Dept. rev Approved For Ielease120OW0/i' yv completed '1+ h ~ _ 1 a$ Approved for Release' 200105/17: CIA,RDP74B00415R00030002b013-9 CFBLE SECRETARIAT DISSEMINATION CLASSIFIED NIESSAuE TOTAL OP._S 3 ? PIING AND/ul PERSON/UNIT NOTIFIED Approved For Relqaqf~ 2 RDP 0041 0300020 - 5 III, r.ri noon roma eum Mnnc ADVANCE COPY ISSUED ^ SLOTTED DISSEM. BY -44L_ PER 4010 #J9_V C/c& C!JP-4 DDP, . SDO, D/OCI 6, D/CRS, U/ONE, D/NIC CABLE SEC UMDIS - BACKGROt1ND USg ONLY. NNNNVV E IC894 ISL. F348 00 RUEAIIB ZNY CCCCC Z OC STATE ZZ H ESA 73 6 NAA45 9 00 RUEHC DE R UE SNA # 13 17 08121171 ZNY CCCCC ZZ H 02121062 MAR 72 Fly AMEMBASSY SANTIAGO T O SECSTATE WASHDC IMMEDIATE 0413 BT C 0 N F I D E N T I A L SANTIAGO 1317 SUBJECT : JACK ANDERSON STORY RE ITT AND CHILE C ci(rhue2mei ', sfkk REF: STATE 47835 AND 4 792 0 1. WASHINGTON POST CORRESPONDENT LEW DIUGUID INFORMED US OF JACK ANDERSON STORY LAST NIGHT, AND I WAS ADVISED OF IT IN MIDDLE OF AIR FORCE RE CE PT I ON .ATTE NDED BY. PRESIDENT ALLE NDE. D OM AND I CONCLUDED IT WOULD BE ADVISABLE T O TELL PRESIDENT ALLENDE ABOUT IT m PARTICULARLY AS AIR FORCE CEREMONIES TODAY WITH PRESIDENT AND CSAF RYAN IN ATTENDANCE MIGHT BE MARRED BY SOME ILL-CONSIDERED PUBLIC REACTION BY ALLENDE. I DID ADVISE PRESIDENT ALLENDE OF ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF ANDERSON COLUMN AS I KNEW THEM, POINTING OUT THAT THIS MAY WELL HAVE BEEN SPILL-OVER FROM DOMESTIC POLITICAL ISSUE,! INVOLVING ITT, KLEINDIENST CONFIRMATION AND JACK ANDERSON ALLE GATIONS IN THAT CONTEXT,. ALLE NDE TOLD ME HE WAS FAMILIAR WITH US DOMESTIC ISSUE INVOLVING ITT, AND'WAS INITIALLY UNDERSTANDINS. IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN. HOW HE WILL REACT WHEN HE GETS FULL FORCE OF ANDERSON COLUMNS AND FEELS CHILEAN IMPACT SUMMARY ACCOUNT OF FIRST ANDERSON ST CRY BROKE IN LLT IMA HORA THIS AFTERNOON UNDER BANNER HEADLINE. DAV IS BT #1317 Approved For Release 2002/05/17 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000300020013-9 SECRET THE Go lase 2002/05/17 :CIA-RDP4 (415 0 _10913- PAGE AntiA1Te nde Role By JOY ASCHRNBACH Star Staff Writer n erns onalT it:- I nt officials to n - e' to o1 ck the eiecuun of *S'al- AXxist i eanrrU5LUV, to by According to these papers, which Anderson identified as the company's own confiden- :, _ _ _ I ations TTT un c i~ &..a finanrilsun'noq a Wit: r, ene?aa. TTT was "ready to see anyone or do anything possible," one paper stated. Anderson, whose syndicated columns late last month set off the investigation into ITT's links with the Republican con- vention, yesterday published a soi,,m,, caving that ITT "ma- neuvered at the highest level to stop 'the' 1970 election of leftist" Allende. ITT immediately denied that it has ever "intervened or in- terfered in the internal affairs of Chile in any way," contend- ing that it "has been-and con- tinues to be-a good corporate citizen in Chile...."- ThCIA -7 c