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December 20, 2016
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October 19, 2006
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July 26, 1972
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Approved For Releas 007/02/07 CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 CIA Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Wednesday - 26 July 1972 use side of the Congress for the White House, and told him about our concern over the Laos ceiling. Cook seemed to be entirely uninformed about the situation. When I said I understood some thought was being given to solving the problem, by changes in language, but we believed the complete deletion of the ceiling would be preferable, Cook agreed. , a ssistant, House Appropriations Committee, called to say Chairman Mahon would like the Director to appear before the Special Group on Wednesday, 2 August at 10:00 a. m, for a world roundup briefing. 7? Jim Lowenstein, Senate Foreign Relations Committee s a. , called to confirm our briefing of Chairman Fulbright tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 regarding the bombing of dikes question. He said Chairman Fulbright would like Senator Aiken to attend and wanted to be sure we would bring photographic material. 8? Called Ed Braswell, Chief Counsel, Senate Armed Services Committee, and said the Agency had no interest in the Nelson amendment which would cut off funds for any activities designed to modify weather conditions for military purposes. 9' I I During the Director's appearance on the Hill, I receive a call from Mr. Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, who told me the Chairman has scheduled Wednesday morning, 2 August, at 10:00 for briefing of the Special Group. He has decided against a briefing of the Defense Subcommittee. In a second conversation he said that since the Director is on the Hill, the Chairman would appreciate it if Mr. Helms could stop by his office in the Capitol, Room H 218, after he finishes his session with the Armed Services Committee. The Director was advised. #,.a.lpn rreston St ff A elen Mattas, House Foreign Affairs Committee staff, and confirmed the final arrangements for the Director's briefing of the full Foreign Affairs Committee tomorrow, 27 July, at 10:00 a. m. 'y~ 6 i~ Y i I~..L~ 1 IA L Approved For"Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Wednesday - 26 July 1972 L John Goldsmith, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, called early this morning to invite our attention to the Nelson amendment No. 1354 to the Military Procurement Authorization Act H. R. 15495 which would add a new section 605 prohibiting funds for the modification of weather conditions for military purposes, mentioning especially the seeding of clouds. I told Goldsmith I was about to join the Director who was appearing before House Armed Services Committee and asked him to relay his information to 10f my Office. See Memo for Record. 2, Accompanied the Director and Messrs. Duckett and George Allen who briefed the full House Armed Services Committee on SALT verification. See Memo for Record and transcript. 3. The Director and I talked privately to Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, prior to the Director's appearance this morning before the full Committee, and we explained our serious concern about thel ceiling which the Senate 25X1A had established for the U. S. program in Laos, and urged the importance of knocking out this provision entirely, rather than trying to solve the problem with technical changes in the language. Slatinshek fully agreed, and I asked that he keep me informed of developments so we could explain the problem to House conference members when the bill reaches. the House. 4. Talked to Representative Bill Nichols and explained that we would giv a constituent in which he is 25X1A especially interested, every consideration, I had earlier told Nichols that we had consideredi or the CT Program, but the present quota was filled and the next class would not be until next year. This morning Nichols said he was sure would be willing to wait until the next class if there was any chance of his getting Agency employment. CLASSIFIED BY DECLASSIFICATION C Ti-G i Y: ( one or more) i ~Li Ll~~!i1Ft1D ON royal of the DCI (unless Itnpos?.1I)1r. insert dnte or event /02/07: A-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 t o 'A i M 041r- A5R000300210011-0 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 CIA-RDP74B0~. Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Tuesday - 25 July 1972 4, Jim Lowenstein, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, called and said Chairman Fulbright would like him, Carl Marcy and Richard Moose to attend the Chairman's briefing by an Agency representative on the bombing of dikes in North Vietnam. They proposed 3:30 Thursday, 27 July, in room S-116 in the Capitol. Acting I2b- 1A who will do the briefing has been notified. 5. Talked to Marshall Wright, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, and explained that we would prefer that Mr. Abshire not attend our breakfast meeting with Senator Henry Bellmon and his group of junior Republican senators. Mr. Wright spoke of the shambles resulting from yesterday's Senate action on the foreign aid bill and said the Administration now had three options-- a new bill in the Senate, a House bill (which the Senate would probably mutilate) or submit the entire old foreign aid bill as an amendment to the military authorization. He predicted that the second alternative, the House bill, would be the most likely prospect. I raised the question of the Laos ceiling, remarking that we would hope to see this entire provision struck out in conference. Wright said he was not up-to-date on this but he did understand that Defense was trying to work out a deal with Chairman Hebert, House Armed Services Committee, to insert some "artful language" in the bill that would limit the effect of the ceiling. I said it seemed to us that having the ceiling struck out entirely would be far preferable since the "artful language" approach was likely to get us in trouble and cost us our credibility. 6. Met with Nancy Bearg, Research Assistant, Senate Armed Services Committee, who briefed me on the highlights of Secretary Laird's testimony before the Committee yesterday on SALT. 7. (Confidential - JMM) In the absence of Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, I left a message with his secretary, Miss Kalinowski, reemphasizing what I had told him yesterday of our serious concern about the Laos ceiling, and our belief that every possible effort should be made in conference to strike out this provision entirely, rather than modifying it with technical changes in the language. Miss Kalinowski was aware of the problem and said that she didn't think the matter would come up for several weeks. Approved For Release 2007/02/07 CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 Approved For Release 20ft"4(f f B00415R000300210011-0 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 24 July 1972 Page 6 18. John Lehman, NSC staff, called following our conversation last Friday on the question of Senator Fulbright's request for a National Intelligence Estimate dealing with Indochina. Lehman said he had consulted David Young about the matter and was appalled to hear Young say that apparently all NIEs as well as NSC documents are subject to the 10=year declassification rule set forth in the latest Executive Order. Lehman urged that I consult Larry Houston to see if we could find some basis for making an exception. He made clear that his personal view was that NIEs should be protected at all costs. He commented that he was even more amazed to learn that a recent Executive Order provides that there shall be no interdepartmental meetings without a "Presidential charter. " Lehman points out that this means that WSAG, SRG and LIG and other groups in which we participate are all illegal. He said he can't imagine who would have put out such an order. Turning to the Laos ceiling, Lehman said that Bill Timmons plans to see Chairman Hebert, House Armed Services Committee, shortly to enlist his support for one of the following courses of action: a. Knock out the ceiling entirely. b. Establish a $429 million ceiling. c. Exempt from the application of the ceiling various items which would have the effect of raising the ceiling to $450 million. 19. In an effort to run down the fact whether there would be a change in the exempting language of the advisory committee legislation, S. 3529, as earlier suggested (see Journal of 21 July), I called Tom Gunn, Senate Government Operations Committee staff, and he assured25X1A me that the language would be that proposed in Mr. Helms' letter of 18 July 1972. JOHN M. MAURY Legislative Counsel cc: O/DDCI Mr. Houston Mr' Thuermer Mr. Clarke DDI DDS DDS&T EA/DDP OPPB Items l' & 2 - Personnel Item 19 - Approved For Release 2007/02/0 I&- LNJLROOO3OO2I 0011-0 Approved For Release 2007/02 0, : CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 C C E` JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Monday - 24 July 1972 1. Met with Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, Hous e Armed Services Committee, whom I briefed on recent developments regarding Soviet ICBM tests, Soviet withdrawals from Egypt, SA-3 missiles in Iraq, and fact that photos show no evidence of deliberate bombing of dikes. Slatinshek said he hoped the Director would cover the latest ICBM test and the Egyptian situation during his upcoming appearance before the Committee on 26 July. I told Slatinshek we had looked into the personnel case he had called about involving an applicant named in whom RepresentatiX1A William Nichols of Alabama was especially interested. I said we encountered no serious security problems and recognized had certain qualificaZ$but our doctors had requested some additional information from him which he still had not sent in. Slatinshek suggested I convey this information directly to Nichols' office. I told Slatinshek of our concern about th ceiling the Senli5cX1A had imposed on expenditures in Laos and I hoped this could be knocked out entirely or raised substantially in conference. Slatinshek said he would be glad to try to help but he wondered whether one device might not be to count weapons and ammunition, etc. being expended there as "surplus. " I said the Pentagon liked to play games this way but I thought it was dangerous because inevitably somebody on the Hill finds out about it, with the corresponding loss of credi- bility by the Administration. I said I thought we would much rather hit the Laos ceiling head-on in conference. 2. In the absence of Representative Nichols, I talked to his Assistant David Patrick and explained that the application of in whom Nichols was interested, had not been turned down and there was no derogatory information, but we were waiting for some additional medical details whichi had undertaken to provide. I said that beyond this, I couldn't promise anything because of our very tight personnel situation. CLASSIFIED EXEMPT n;;, L _r_^?4!f1Cni7sN P SCYlEr'.,UL: AU'Ains. ..~ .. L ll'.. GW _J3. _App---- royal, of the D C I y (uless un,.uis,ule, insert dale ur event) )prove ease 2007/0' : CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000300210011-0 SECRET JOURNAL ,OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 21 July 1972 1. Talked with Ralph Preston, Staff Assistant, House Appropriations Committee, about the concern we have regarding Senator Symington's requests to State and Defense for detailed information on funds expended under the Symington ceiling for Laos for Fiscal 72. Preston (like Bill Woodruff, Counsel, S is i Committee) feels that we would find it difficult to reuse to provide Symington with this information in some form, but also agrees that we should refuse to permit any GAO audit of these funds. Preston commented in this connection that he would like to have copies of any material which is developed on the Agency's expenditures for these reports. I told Preston we were still hoping he could get together with us for his- briefing session with Carl Duckett soon, but we appreciated the bind he was in and would wait to hear fromhim as to his availability. 2. Picked up from the Senate Appropriations and Armed Services Committees copies of the GAO report on pacification program. One copy has been given to Mr. Colby and the other must be returned to Bill Woodruff, Counsel, Senate Appropriations Committee. 3. In response to my query, C/FE, 25X1A checked his notes and said he could find no basis for the statement attributed to General Vang Pao to the effect that Senator Symington had assured him there would be no ceiling on U. S. expenditures for Laos in Fiscal 73. Nelson agrees this was probably a misreading on the General's part of Symington's statement to the General that Congress would see to it that he got what he needed. CLASSIFIED BY EXEMPT F. ;I u Y1 'Jf'CL44!IF);,~110N SCHEDULE C: k. t1"'GORY: si;w-l C... 'It A U'l Uia. .i.,I,-,j{' tiLLi,.7 UN (unless iinposs,bie. insert date or event) Approved For Release 2007/02/~ , .- 97~'41E~P74B00415R000300210011-0