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December 20, 2016
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October 2, 2007
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March 20, 1972
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Approved For Release 2007/10/02 :CIA-RDP74B00415R000400050053-1 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Monday - 20 March 1972 1. Mr. Fred Flott, State Department, called to alert us that Representative Lester Wolff, a friend of Flott's who is running against Representative Seymour Halpern (their constituency has been redistricted), is trying to get headlines and plans to go into the allegations of CIA involvement in drug-traffic. I told Flott to have Wolff or his Administrative Assistant call me and we would be glad to straighten him out. Robert Owens, Administrative Assistant to Representative Wolff, called to say that Wolff was much concerned about reports of Agency involve- ment in the drug traffic but before raising the matter in public he would appreriate a briefing. I said I would be glad to talk to Walff with the understanding that any discussion o.f the Agency role in coping with the drug traffic would have to be confidential. Owens said he was sure this would be acceptable, and I said under these conditions I would have no objections to Owens being present. He said to schedule the briefing .for Thursday, 23 March 1972 at .11:30 a. m. 2. Called Frank Slatinshek, Assistant Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, to alert him to tomorrow's story by Jack Anderson about the Agency involvement with ITT in Chile, 3. Called Chairman Lucien Nedzi, Intelligence Subcornrnittee of House Armed Services Committee, to alert him to the Jack Anderson story, which he appreciated, I also explained to Mr. Nedzi that the press stoxies about AID health and rriedical .funds for Laos being diverted to CIA were quite misleading. ~~; ~~~~L CRC, 6/5/2003 Approved For Release 2007/10/02 :CIA-RDP74B00415R000400050053-1 Approved For Release 2007/10/02 :CIA-RDP74B00415R000400050053-1 Journal - C)ffice of Legislative Counsel r Page 2 Thursday -~ 16 March 1972 g, Discussed with Nancy, in the office of Senator John V. Tunney (D. , Calif. ), a proposed reply to a letter from a constituent expressing concern that the Agency was directing and financing the ~rowin,~~ of rnariluana in Saigon. The constituent had written a similar letter to Senator Alan Cranston (D. , Calif.) to which a suggested reply had been prepared and discussed with Mr. Steeper, in the office of Senator Cranston. It was agrf:ed that in the reply from Senator Tunney to the constituent, the prior reply to Senator Cranston would be referred to and no further action appeared necessary. 9. A letter to the Agency from Representative John J. Rooney (D. , N. Y.) was discussed with Mary Miller of the office staff. The constituent was seeking a claim for back pay from the CIA for services a:Lleging from 1939 to January 1947. I informed Mrs. Miller that the Agency had not been established until July 1947. However, a thorough check of the records of CIA and predecessor organizations was made and all were negative. Mrs. Miller was most appreciative of our efforts. 10. Delivered a China Atlas to Peggy Clements, in the office of Representative Robert E. Jones (D. , Ala. ). 25X1 11. Left two sets of the FBIS Daily Report with Kathy Morgan, on the staff of Senator Mike Gravel (D. , Alaska), per arrangements 25X1 25X1 Dick Schultz, Associate Chief Counsel, House Internal Security Committee, asked if we could set up a meeting with a securit re resentative to discuss the Agency's use of the Committee's records for Schultz explained that he was setting up a number of suchinforrnal, off-the-record meetings for the purpose of evaluating their indices in the face of charges by Representative Robert Drinan (D. , Mass. ) and others that the should disband this function. I told him tha~~ I wQ~xld pass his .request on and Office of Security, has been advised. ~ ;I~ITEh'NA~. L~~: C~a~,Y Approved For Release 2007/10/02 :CIA-RDP74B00415R000400050053-1