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December 21, 2016
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September 20, 2006
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April 12, 1972
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SCR. JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Wednesday - 12 April 1972 1. (Internal Use Only - JMM Whitehurst's (R., Va.) office- eone from our office would be contacting who had asked Whitehurst's assistance in putting him in touch with the appropriate people in the Agency 25X1 regarding some technical devices 25X1 2. (Secret - GLC) Hand-carried to George Murphy, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy staff, some additional responses to questions which had been raised during the Director's 16 February briefing of the Committee. I briefed Murphy L__ I and he asked that I give him a short note on this which he could give to Executive Director Ed Bauser and Seymour Shwiller, of the staff. 25X1 3. (Secret - GLC) Met with Scott Cohen, in the office of Senator Charles H. Percy (R., Ill.), and left with him an unclassified press item 4. (Secret - JGO) Met with Mr. Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, who told me that he will be unable to visit Headquarters on Friday for briefing on the Agency budget. The Chairman's schedule is such at the present that he is unable to forecast at this time when he will be able to visit the Agency. He also noted that it may be some time next week before he will know the scheduling for the Director's appearance on the community and Agency budget. Mr. Chuck Briggs, OPPB, has been advised. I briefed Mr. Preston on the following items: North Vietnamese offensive and party dissension in North Vietnam; ChiCom airfield construction; Soviet naval activity in the Cienfuegos area, Soviet-Iraq treaty, SS-NX-8 and Galosh missile testing and the TU-144. ,?-`EC E T Called Burnett Thompson in Re reseltive U10PI/CDF Pr Approved For Release 2006/09/21: CIA-RDP74B00415R000400060004-4 Approved For Release 2006/09/21: CIA-RDP74B00415R000400060004-4 UZ. JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Tuesday - 11 April 1972 1. (Secret - JGO) Talked to Representative Ogden Reid (D. , N. Y. ) who requested a current updating of the information provided him earlier on Soviet nuclear submarines, SLBMs, and strategic use of these weapons in the Atlantic and Mediterranean in preparation for upcoming hearings on ULMS. I told Representative Reid we would be unable to provide information on the American nuclear deterrent. This was an area that is reserved to DOD. It was tentatively agreed that the meeting would be scheduled for Monday or Tuesday afternoon, 17 or 18 April. OSR, has 25X1 been advised. 2. (Confidential - MMC) Received a call from Miss K. Hendrix, in the office of Representative Richard H. Ichord (D. , Mo. ), who said that she is still working on a time for meeting with Representative Ichord on the "V4Warren Commission papers. " She will call us. that there were unclassified reports in the press to the effect that he Soviets were going to help the Egyptians with their aircraft and missile production but we had seen nothing further on this. Cohen expressed interest in any of the unclassified material on this subject. I told him I would see what was available and get it to him. 4. (Confidential - GLC) George Murphy, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy staff, called to say Joe Smith was in touch with him today about the possibility of a briefing on the security procedures and physical security setup in the JCAE but he informed Smith that he was unable to go into these matters without a specific approval from his chairman. He said he had reported,this to William Miller, of Senator Cooper's staff, who had originally contacted him about talking with Smith and he (Murphy) regretted that Smith had not been informed of this. Approved For Release 2006/09/21: CIA-RDP74B00415R000400060004-4 Approved For Release 2006/09/21: CIA-RDP74B00415R000400060004-4 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 7 April 1972 1. (Confidential - JMM' Met with Pat Nglt, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, regarding th case. Holt 5X1 sai 2 25X1 5X1 mentioned to Holt that about a year and a half ago Chairman Fulbright had spoken to the Director of something that Holt had said to the Chairman about ITT political activities in Chile. I asked Holt if he could recall just what this was about. Holt said he had not been in Chile during that time but had only mentioned to the Chairman that during his travel to other Latin American countries at that time, he had heard rumors that ITT was -up to something in Chile. 2. (Secret - JMM) Briefed Bill Woodruff, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, on recent developments regarding Soviet SLBM program. Woodruff said that DIA had already briefed him on this "with the pictures, 11 and it was an excellent briefing. I told Woodruff that Bronson Tweedy, D/DCI/IC, would appreciate being free to use some of his (Woodruff's) comments about funding certain programs in Tweedy's upcoming discussion with Hall and McLucas of Defense. Woodruff asked that this be done very discreetly, and I assured him that it would be. Woodruff said he didn't want the Pentagon to get the impression that he was speaking for the Committee--that only Ellender could do this. 3. (Secret - JMM) Met with Senator Symington (D. , Mo.) as a followup to his complaints to the Director during the Armed Services Subcommittee session on 5 April about duplication of intelligence activities in the (Middle East. It turned out Symington had confused some MAG and communications activities with intelligence operations, and after a 40-minute talk he seemed fairly satisfied. During our conversation he complained that too many burdens were being imposed on the Agency, such as economic reporting, paramilitary operations, covering the narcotics traffic, etc. L I~ S E__ Approved For Release 2006/09/21: CIA-RDP74B00415R000400060004-4