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December 16, 2016
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May 16, 2005
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April 10, 1972
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Approved For R It` RDP74B00415R000500110055-1 Office of Legi ive sCotxis1 ; '" Page 2 i4i~,~: tia y ?- 10 April 1972 25X1 5.,J Received a call from Mary Thad Drake, in the Lakeland, Florida office of Senator Chiles (D. , Fla. ), who asked for the nearest Agency office to Lakeland. After some questioning she indicated that a constituent, a former Special Forces officer, was the 25X1A individual who wanted to contact the Agency "probably for employment. " After checking with OP, I told Miss Drake that our nearest 25X1A personnel recruiter is based in and would be pleased to call the constituent and make an appropriate appointment directly with him. Miss Drake said that the problem in this case is that the constituent does not have a telephone. I suggested that he write our Director of Personnel directly and gave her Mr. Fisher's name and address in Washington, D. C. I told her also that I would send the appropriate employment brochures and applications to Senator Chiles' Washington, D. C. office for transmittal to Miss Drake. She was most appreciative. 25X1 25X1 6. William McAfee, INR/DDC, State Department, called to say that David Abshire, Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, had asked Ray Cline, Director Intelligence and Research, for material on the Cooper bill (S. 2224) for his (Abshire's) use in talking to the Foreign Relations Committee later this week. McAfee said he assumed we had developed some thoughts on this and he would appreciate anything we could pass on to them. I told him we had sent a basic position paper to Tom Lattimer, in the White House, for Dr. Kissinger's use and had also provided. some material to Ed Braswell, on the Senate Armed Services Committee staff, this morning. I told him I would forward copies of this material as well as some additional comments of mine having to do with comparison of the Cooper bill with Section 202 of the Atomic Energy Act with the understanding that it would not be used in its present form since this had been sent to Braswell for possible use in a floor statement by Senator Stennis. The material was sent this afternoon. 7. I I Lloyd Hackler, Administrative Assistant to Senator Lloyd Bentsen, called to say the Senator would like the briefing on the military situation in Indochina which he mentioned to the Director at 3:00 this afternoon. After checking with OCI I found the experts concerned were already committed to an important meeting and called back to suggest tomorrow morning, to which Hackler agreed. Later in the day Hackler called back to say Senator Stennis had called on the Pentagon on the same subject tomorrow and Bentsen assumed this would answer his questions. NNT IA L CRC, 3/13/2003 Approved For Release 2005/06/09 : CIA-RDP74B00415R000500110055-1