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December 12, 2016
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October 17, 2001
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Approved For Release 200111,11.6 :.CI44 RDP7.4BOQ415Pt00,060Q080025-7 1I J 1. 1 :~..a, .AAlJ1.1, J.1,.LN211A uc.ooi'r :J, 1 i, Allen Allott Baker Bennett Bible Brock Buckley Byrd, Va. Byrd, W. Va. Cannon . Y Dole Dom Foul; Gurn Jordan, NO. Jordan, Idaho McClellan Smith Stennis Stevens Talmadge Young amendment affecting page 34 of the bill, Mr. STE, NNIS. Mr. President, as I have which is at the desk, understood, now, the Senator proposes The PRESIDING OFFICER. The that in section 513 on page 34 of the amendment will be stated, bill, the words "South Vietnam, Cam- The legislative clerk proceeded to read bodia, and Burma" be stricken out of the amendment, lines 13 and 14, as they appear. Mr. CASE. Mr. President, I ask unani- Mr. CASE. That is right. mous consent that further reading of the Mr. STE, NNIS. That would leave, of amendment be dispensed with, and that course, then, the words "Laos, North the amendment be printed in the Itrcolm, Vietnam, and Thailand," as they appear The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without now in the bill. objection, it is so ordered. And, without - Mr. President, the Senator from New objection, even though the amendment Jersey has correctly stated the under- of the Senator from Idaho is the pond- standing that we have had, about this Ing business, the Senate will proceed to legislation, and we have agreed, for the consider the amendment of the Senator purpose of this legislative step, that this frpm New Jersey. modification of section 513 will put the Mr. CASE's amendment is as follows: section where it may stay in the bill in On page 34, lines 13 and 14, strike out that form, and we can move forward with "South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Thailand, the bill without any further amendment Cambodia, or Burma" and insert in lieu being filed or bro>,lght up by the Senator thereof "North Vietnam, or Thailand". from Mississippi. Mr. CASE. I thank the Senator from I do make the point, as the Senator Idaho for his consideration, and, pursu- has implied, that this is done without ant to lay assurance, I shall delay him prejudice to a full consideration of the only slightly, I am sure there will be.no matter in conference, based on the facts difficulty about this amendment. they may exist at that time. Mr,. President, on page 34 of the bill, Is that the Senator's understanding,? NA S-52 Aiken Hatfe Percy Anderson Hump trey Proxmire Bayh Javits Randolph Beall Keno ly Rlbicoff Beilmon Long Roth Bentsen Magn son Saxbe Boggs Manst eld Schweiker Brooko Mathl s -Scott Burdick Mein re Sparkman Case Metca f Spong Chiles Mond le Stafford Church Mont a Stevenson Cooper Moss Symington Cranston Neleoi Taft P'ulbright Packw od Weicker Grlllin Pastor Williams . Harris Pearso Hart Pell NOT V NG--20 Cotton Hartke Miller Curtis Hruska Mundt Eagleton Hugh. Muskic Ellender Inouye Thurmond Gambrell Jackeol Tower Goldwater McGee Tunney Gravel McGove n jetted. Mr. PASTORE. I tion on the table. The motion to la agreed to. to the desk an amen its immediate conside The PRESIDING The legislative cler President, may we ha Lau cwnawr ate will be in order. may in conference there will be a chance to Mr. CASE. Mr. Pres sent, will the Sen- Mr. CASE. Mr. President, the chair- really consider and dike uss an f t y ac s yield? man of the Armed Services Committee, Mr. CHURCH. Mr. resident, in order the distinguished Senator from Missis- rest might be relevant; and I would sippi (Mr. STENNIS) and I have dis est on the decision that is made by the ? to accommodate tine Senators, the Son- conferees. ator from New Jers (Mr. CASE), the "cussed this matter. His concern about Under those circumstances, I hope Senator from Arkans. (Mr. FULSRIGHT), the number of countries affected by the - that the modification will be acceptable and the Senator fro Mississippi (Mr. amendment as reported by our commit= to the Senate. I have talked with some STENNIS) , I have agr ed to yield briefly, tee was one that I recognized with re- Senators about supporting my position in with the consent of t e Senate, provided spect. Pursuant to an understanding that this matter, and I now withdraw the re- I do not lose my righ to the floor, we have arrived at, I now offer this quest because I believe this meets the [Disturbance in th galleries.] amendment to eliminate from the effect situation. The PRESIDING , ICE, R. The Gal- ' of the bill three of the six countries, Mr. CASE. Mr. President, I yield to leries will be In orde The Sergeant at leaving in Laos, North Vietnam, and the chairman, if he wishes to make com- Arms will see that or or In the galleries Thailand. That is the whole amendment. ment. is restored. The Senator from Mississippi has been Mr. FULBRIGHT. I am in full agree- The Chair recogniz s the Senator from gracious enough to say that while he . meat with that. New Jersey. wants to consider this matter further at The PRESIDING OFFICER Who . Mr. FULBRIGHT. r. President, may a later stage in the -legislation; for the 'yields time? we have order? - purposes of the consideration of the bill . Mr. STENNIS. Mr. President, will the The PRESIDING ICER. The Sen- - in the Senate at this time, such an Senator yield me 1 minute? ate will be in order.' amendment is satisfactory. . Mr FULBRIGHT' I yield effect that no funds authorized or appro- priated under any provision of law should be made available by means of any offi- cer, . employee, or agency of the United States to finance military operations by foreign forces in six countries-Laos, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Thai- land, Cambodia, or Burma- unless Con- gress specifically authorizes the use of such funds for that purpose, and desig- nates the area where they will be used. I have received from, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee an ex- pression of concern about the breadth of this amendment and after discus- Mr. President, I e vote by which the President, I send sions with him, we have arrived at the . word "Laos" in the bill as now written is nent, and ask for understanding that- perhaps a contradiction of a provision tion. . Mr. STENNIS. Mr. President, will the on the same subject in the military pro- OFFICER. The Chair maintain order? I think this is an. curement bill we passed 21/2 weeks ago. read as follows: to be heard, in view of a possible agree- I facts on this matter before the Senate ' st Virginia, Mr., e order? ment on the floor. now would require a closed session. I'here The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Sen- - is hardly time for that now, and I do not ate will be in order. The Senator will think there is any mood for it, either. So, suspend his remarks until order has - as an original proposition, and without been restored. prejudice, we agreed to let this matter go Mr. CASE. The Senator has stated correctly what his position is, and the basis on which his agreement not to op- pose this amendment or to offer another amendment to this section is based. Mr. STENNIS. I thank the Senator, and I wish to make this further explana- tion: - I think leaving the word "Laos" in here- Mr. CASE, That is another section. Mr. STENNIS. I beg the Senator's pardon? Mr. CASE. I thought the Senator was talking about another section. Mr. STENNIS, No, I am talking about the same section, I think that leaving the . The' Sena ~x8 c ~b `2Q~ ~ dPT*81b4'48 06A~D P? ~Iroceed, Ao I want the record to 1 ld m show that I consider this an important 5 %2r. CASE. Mr. President, I call up an ? Mr, CASE. I am happy to yield. . matter and that I am free to follow it Approved For Re1eigfR,,2QQ11JJ11hd,,CIA I P 4B004J R0~00600080025-7 up, as is the i rein New Jersey, acting for the mine, ]ty leader? D th oes e, intention of th itt t e coneeeo usurp any of course, or u , ,;e--the chairman minority leader yiel back the remainder juiiscu.ction of the Ai- ied Services Corn- of the convllittee ^; :.gone else--and get- of his time on this nendinont? inittee. This amendmc it clarifies the in-11 the facts together ; i get it before the Mr. GRIFFIN. I Y Id back the remain- tention of thn Pnmrni", conferennn_ Mr. CASE. 1110 r.;;1ration is that the. ~VTlle-?PRESIDIN 4 OFFICER. All . Mr.CSTENNIS. I held dback myAine- matter will be in can; r ,once. because ?tho +;,,, n ,,,, +.,... ,..~ ___ __._ -- llOrlse g1t1 does 11W, contain any - - --_~ ~.?~`~?`?~ Y`?' ??""' ?,4cu yll:lul U nlalnuer 01 my time. prov] back, The question ' on agreeing to the The PRESIDING lion on this s t bj u ec All ti me, ? amendment of t 1e Senator from on the amendment has been yielded back. Mr. FULBRIGIi'I?. I yield back the re- Aricansas B ??.?. Va, RI I-I 1vir. President, I sissippi. -- - on the amendment has been yielded back. have a technical A.In(mr1menf. i-hn i? ,,,,;,. e - u1. typo raphical Jersey. 1ror. - - - ous order, the n thepr vi , The PRESIDING OFFIC I R._ me Chai r e og iz on page 20, line 1P,00 after "rose," ator from Idaho, insert .~. , by unanimous consent, the following: "050 ,ooo for the fiscal ESTABLISHMENT O o ARCHt 5 NA.. yielded to three enators in order, the year 1070, and". TIONAL PAR T, UTAH first of those Sel tors being the Senator .. ~ ,UGL1 o, ties Tae 00 Mr. FULBRIG T. Mr. President, un- ' objection, the ame dment is in order. , Chair to lay before the mate a message Who yields time? f der the agreeme t, I send an amend rom the Mouef Re -s, opresentatives on merit to the desk, Mr. PULBRIGH I yield myself 1 S. 30. minute. q The PR; The PRESID G OIIIFICER Th e, . SIDING OFFICER (Mr. amendment will b stated Mr. President, thi has no effect upon ALLEN) laid before ]le Senate the i,"The legislative fork read as follows: the bill at all. It is a mistake, a typo- amendment of the lion 'e of Representa- on page 34, line 4, strike out the words' graphical error, on he part of the staff tives to the bill (S. 30) to establish the Laos, or South V tnarik in preparing the bill They did not make Arches National Park in the state of ? Tho PRESIDIN OFFICER. Without'. keep ystra rht. Th t isl mends en hard has bill no the enacting clause an II jselt,all after objection, the an ndment will be in,. effect on anything su stantive in the bill. That (a) subject to va id existing rights, order, I yield back the remainder of m time the Land h s o waters and itt t , ,,rae gissherein with- Mr. time Mr. GRIFFIN, I J Mr. FULBRIGI , I Yield yield back the time. Ill the boundary generally depicted on the minutes. myself 2 The PRESIDING F'FICER. All time map entitled 'Boundar Map, Proposed ' on the amendment h e been yielded back, Arches National Park, tah," numbered Mr. President, tli is exactly the sale The question is o agreeing to the 1809, are-131-2e, 001E and dated September circumstance as t e previous one, by. amendment of the Senator from Arkan- ti hereby establish d as the, Archc agreement with th Senator from Mis- National P rk a heroinaafd ,hll reerre to as the, sas. "park"). Such map sissippi? We have d 'cussed this matter. The amendment w is agreed to, available for publio in speo io be in the f ofilcoa This involves the rc Ulm to the Commit" AnznNDNE No, o48 of the, National Park Seivl e, Department of tee on foreign Rel ions of Jurisdiction the Int aMr STE~INI i i p er over m S, M or, litary assist nee to Laos, South ' resident, I send to Vietnam and Thaila d, the desk an amendment on which we (b) The Arches National Monument is have agreed, I do ndt think it will take e ses b of s tho m nulme ntrrshall be bavailfor- We have agreed 0 strike out South Purposes than a minute or minute and a able, for purposes of the paik, Federal lands, and Laos ut to retain Thai- half. land. The Senator f m Mississi waters and i t i , pp n does erestsl Act' excuded from not disagree, I play 'ay, with the return Mr. CHURCH', M President, I have the monument by this s A Act'' Shall be, admin- ulti not di tely e, the ju isdictith over Laos no objection, on the: basis of the same istered by the, Secretary of the Interior (hero- und South Vietnam, but t o thinks it is qualification, accordance o with emiite ripples, to the time. Therefore, by utual ae bill atnt. T will state the amend merit. Public lauds of the milted Mates. On page G7, line 7, of or the word "respon- appu'Ve ropriated it ated funds, transfer from any Fed- Mr. S yield? . Mr? President, W1II the, sibilities" insert the following Words: "with- oral agency, exchange, or othgrwise, the, lands Senator yield? in the jurisdiction of th~se corrmittees" Mr. FULBRTGHT and and int yield to th S , , e erests in land di ena on li 11f sescrbed in the, first ,no, ater the, we, d "information" in- for from Mississippi. section of this Act, except: _ ti . - the ivlr. reslaent, the Sen- ?lcczon of these committees". " _-__ --A uliz ownen by thd" State of T7tah, d or any political subdivision thereof ate,r fl'Olri Al'1{ariSas as correctly stat ma b , y e e, the matter. Thai lan . is left in the bill; The PRESIDING OFFFICER. Without acquired only with the approval of such , ,. objection the State or political subdi a e d n am vision military assit h nd eat is id sall eereafter, if this,n orer.. beeolnes law, will be illldled by the Com- Who yields time? SEC. S. Where any Federal "lands included utMr?. STENNIS. I within the park are legally ogeupiod or util. mitten on Foreign Re itndlc . b the Y1 d lnysel. 1 min-' aredt on the, date of approval of this Act for that, in the futt . i anon s. ,,,w ..,. f or " uxeu ,;ern of years is- ~U to meat on which we Ivor ed out an agree- u~ the committee on oreign Relations, I sued or authorized by any d1partment, es- merit with the Senator rem ArlransasBe It tablishment, or agency Of the OJnited States, think that while w arae there and our relates to reports being lade by the mon are there and i t e ctivities are go the, Secretary of the, Interior shall permit the partment of St e t p a rsons holdinghd iig on we ought t e to tie Citt ,oommee on suc graing privileges eel) It where it is, or their heirs to continue lr the exercise because they have be considered to. favor Foreign Relations and and w e so are in broad, how- thereof during the term of tile lease, permit, gether. I appreci to of that. The La the Senutnr,n or Tice rise and .~ _. _ then - some Items over which ti e Committe e on ? ~ Sr c. 4. Nothing in this Act hall be cou- With that, I am s tisfied with the see. ? Armed Services has prim ry jurisdiction tion as modified. strued as aff i ' . e p ng in any w Thed r se wors merely cor ect and clarifyay rayights of The PRESIDIN OFFICER, Who that owners and operators of cntt and sheep yields tinge? point, and I hope he amendment herds, existing on the date, imm liately prior Mr, , will be adopted, to the enactment of this Act, trail their I'ULBRIGH I yield back the re-. Mr. T mainder of my time oved For ReI tA~ o. 4' 0(~41i { ~ scs uod by them sat th The PRESIDIN () Who is ter thei a ~ r stack notwitht t1Y what we aftrood -A VW,aan righo fact that t . There Was no the lands involving stmeh trail; RiAd wate-vsr,j;