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December 21, 2016
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December 11, 2008
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December 17, 1957
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Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 STAT Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Subject: Engineering Report, Staging Operations Summary 1. 1 The intent of this Engineering Report is to review and outline recommendations for improving the support of staging operations. Planning factors are based upon enclosures 1 through 8 and consist of the following listed topics which are discussed and summarized herein: .Para. 2. 1 Basic Assumptions. Para.. -2. 2 Operational Concepts Para. '2.'3 Para. 2.. 4 Para 2: 5 Para.: 2..6 ? Para: 2: 7 Para. * .2. 8. Para. 2.3 ; Personnel Requirements- -Improved Maintenance.Policies Equipment Handling Techniques Ground Support Equipment & Facilities mobility Plans. UME` Supplementary. Supply Lists,, Pre-Placed Support ' . 2.. GENERAL DISCUSSION 2. 1 Basic Assumptions.. The following assumptions- are in accordance with those outlined in a meeting with Headquarters and, contractor personnel at.,. July 29,' 1957. .2.1.1 One A/C deployed not to exceed thirty (30) days.- 2.1.2 A/C to be flown to staging area. 2. 1. 3 . Four (4) sorties of eight (8) hour duration. 2. 1.4 Pre-Specified Configurations, of A-2, B, C and Tracker to be utilized. 2. 2 Operational Concepts. 2. 2. 1 Configurations deployed will have undergone all major inspections and modifications and will have remaining service life within specifications. STAT 2. 2. 2 Maintenance will be limited to the replacement of major components only. 2. 2. 3 Test and ground support equipment will consist of only those items necessary for pre-post flight shop and flight line testing. 2. Z. 4 Installation., and removal of configurations will be accomplished within a hangar or a dust controlled shelter. ' Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Subject:. Engineering Report, Staging Operations Summary 2. 2. Operational Concepts, contd. heating and/or cooling De humi ifiers provisions tor } will be utilized where necessary,.,..... the size and weight involvements, the decision was made a the: suppliers meeting not to''cons.ider ahem number and?types of. missions scheduled, for any particular: staging. operation',:.therefore:.this can best be determinedb;y the Photo`Super.visor.' It is imperative, however, that, storage conditions be 'adequate'. as to; temperature and humidity conditions and that specified' controls be- established prior to receipt of any film at a staging site. Excessive temperature and, humidity conditions may be tolerated for. short periods, however there is.a possibility of jeopardizing the success of .a mission in doing so. The'Film Manufacturer recommends film storage at 68? F or less, with relative humidity between 30 and 40 percent: 2. 2. 5 Film processing will be limited to film clips only. No water purification or temperature control will be necessary. Processing of,7.0mm negative will be accomplished where . directed by Operations ,section, and supplementary e,quip- ment provided. 2. 2. Shop and ,darkroom areas will be, dust controlled, with. " 2, 2.10. Processing chemicals. ..To reduce the amount of equipment necessary in,mixing developer, and hypo it is recommended that. the use of pre -mixed concentrates be available for staging activities. This would greatly simplify clip. and 70mm.,? processing and would save. considerable time.. The feasibility of having. this,, provided iri easily: transportable containers from the film manufacturer. will be investigated and reported',` upon-at &i later, date. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 age 4 of 8 Subject: Engineering Report, Staging Operations Summary 2. 3 Personnel Requirements. 2. 3. 1 To adequately support the mission rate outlined in para. Z. 1. 3, a team consisting of three (3) Camera Systems Field Engineers minimum would -be required, i. e. , a Supervisor (photo- optical), one mechanical, and one electrical field engineer. One'. of the..three mentioned should be. a qualified film' processor. (1); Should processing of 70mm results be required, one additional person would 'be'necessary. These figures are. based upon 'an 'assumption that a minimum amount of facilities preparation is required and that the . photo section perssonneI will. be required only to-ready equipment and arrange 'shop and,proceseing areas. ;., Should ' extensive. carpentry, plumbing. ? electrical .* wiring, .etc: be required, an, advance work party A/C and incr.eased-sortie.*rates,.supplementa>ry personnel should be arranged: 2..3. 2': For. expanded`stkging 6. 1 involving support of. zeddttioiia readied and . the. schedulingof either? 'simultaneous.` or staggered take offs. required will depend-'upon the number 61 configurations to,be` Z. 3. 3 Rotation of personnel is recommended,;'where living conditions are poor, and duration of operation exceeds 30 days. 2. 4 Improved Maintenance Policies. 2. 4. 2 All periodic, preventative and post flight maintenance will be accomplished in accordance with the methods and procedures as outlined in references paragraph 2. 4. 1. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 2. 4. 1 The photo Supervisor of a staging team will insure that the .following items accompany the specified configurations to be deployed: All Applicable Manuals (Revised) Current File of Service Bulletins Current File of Maintenance Orders Applicable Blue Prints (Schematics) Maintenance Records General Information Notebooks A All Forms Required: Pre-Post Flight Mission Records Mission Engr. Reports UME & FAK Supply Lists Detach ment SOPs Current Chit-Chat, TWX and Correspondence Files pertaining to maintenance. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 'V-V' ' `u o Subject: Engineering Report, Staging Operations Summary Equipment Handling Techniques. 2. 5. 1 For handling of configuration shipping containers, film boxes, tote benches and other heavy packaged items,' it is desirable to utilize a fork lift. , In lieu of or in. addition to this transport dollies and lifting hoists are required. These items are useful as general support to, all sections for, loading. and unloading the transport aircraft'. Transport. doflie$;,.are;*a UME item,' however there . are no;"A'! frame 'structur'es, included. to support a hoist. Such an'.item, was, fabricated ,and . ? delivered to the pro7ect as pain of` the ,nstaUation shelter an is currently "available for use at the Test'Site , Should this :; ,item be'determined:'suitable wtththe presently propose shelter, steps `should be taken to make-?same: available.' 5'. 2'' Present A/C:equipment;installation 2. 6.'1 EncloSure~. l2~ Bits those':`itemis.o UME :which a.r recommended for; se in sitpportirig' any 'A Z or, ; i operation: UME for C, Co figuration will be added at later date. Supplementary items will be required .depeiidfing'upon ti the number and types' of. configurations to beused,' 'number of priur..w uCpwvyuig.. personnel, mission rate, ' geographical location',', adequacy of base facilities,, length of stay, availability of supplies.,:, from home base, , and extent of processing: requirements'. These ?; *. requirements:' determined by the Photo Supervisor. 2.6. 2 With few, exceptions, present ground support. equipment within, the Detachments is adequate in design and quantity to support, the majority of staging operations': 2. 6. 3 Battery Power Cart (Ref. Enc. I, Para. 2-1) A n-ajor problem encountered by all Detachments in prior staging operations was in air transporting the Battery Power cart. A. F. regulations prohibit airlifting as cargo wet storage. batteries, thus. necessitating drainage of all electro-.. lyte prior to movement., Unavailability of replacement electrolyte and charging facilities at most of the staging sites resulted in time loss 'and. inconvenience of obtaining substitute power sources. It is recommended that the two 16 volt. . batteries be replaced with &.28 v. d. c. rectifier unit operable from a 115 v. 60 cycle single phase source. which. is always. available. Feasibility of this is currently being investigated, and a change proposal covering work and costs* will be submitted.' Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 'E` " - " ?.2,.6 Ground Support. Equipment and Facilities, cont'd. 2. 6. 4 magazines or cassettes and for clip processing.. Adequate. ~;':,. areas to accomplish these activities are usually unavailable .:" Subject: Engineering Report, Staging Operations Summary Darkroom facilities are required for_ loading and unloading at staging 'sites_, :necessitating considerable effort"and-time ;.loss in establishing same. ,It is recommended.that portable ;type; standard USAF Darkroom Kits. types U-1, U 2 otr i =; equivalent be provided a UME` item, which could be: modified for this ?purp0se '(See_Enc.:9, for specifications) it is desiraole twat tneaarkroom be of Lample size to accornmo- 1 _. GD ~f .:.~:1 S` . -+'l. x ?-..'Y~.. i._I -Y. !"L ..... .. F,? ..kln/'-. ....`A~.:.f~.. 70mm Processing equipment should be- added to the UM so directedby Headquarters Operations. Prior staging and supplementary equipment was provided, however', inadequately., Items recommended are listed in. Enc. paration of a Special Equipment Section Mobility Plan. Each Detachment Supervisor should prepare such a document for planning purposes. Records should be kept of actual packing lists for each staging operation as a guide for future planning and provisioning with copies to Headquarters and the Photo Systems contractor. Mobility. Plans, Enclosure 14 is recommended as an outline for the pre- Enclosures 10, 12 and 13 are to serve as a guide in establishing the .UME and FAK requirements. Reusable shipping containers for these items should be readily available to the photo section and a packaging plan .pre-arranged. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11: CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 M8C ul: o rr a c a rr Y waa x r mission readying'on schedule vrnth.,equipment of unque9tionable ttie'-: eueciency,' pnotO secuon.supporz,ana ,Wnu 3uisure ~?; reliability, Included'in; this. listing, are..theatems, necessary preparation: of the 'photo section facilities 'at a staging,~site. .The'se' should be ' shipped. with the' advance party to insure complete..: readiness prior to'arrival of basic UME; Enclosure 10 outlines these lists of general supplementary support items. , list'of general tools and materials` found necessary for to accomplish 70rrm film processing: :;Also. included is~ 2. .9 Pre-placed support items should include the necessary equipment..' for heating and cooling of shop darkroom areas, power units ( 115 volts, 60 cycles, 1 phase), plus, lighting and plumbing fixtures, Should installation tents' (Ref. Para. 2. 3. 7 ):be utilized these should-, be pre-placed. The U-1 or U-2 darkroom kits might also be pre - placed. Film supplies could be pre-placed if adequate storage facilities are prearranged and found suitable. by the photo section. Supervisor. All equipment,. to be, provided by, a support, organization' must be. thoroughly inspected and. found acceptable .bythe Supervisor prior to .;use'. Considerable difficulty. was encountered` in, this., respect, with prior.staging activities,,, particularly with . the film processing 'equipment: , 'Enclosure 10;,'. Group IV outlines- a recommended, general listing of, pre-placed- materials necessary for' facilities., preparation. Approved For Release 2008/12/11: CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 0 11 0 Subject: Engineering Report, Staging Operations Summary 3. RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUMMARY 3. 1 The foregoing recommendations should receive consideration for the planning of any staging operations in the future. With few exceptions, all criteria discussed has been acted upon and the necessary changes, modifications and improvements implemented. The major area of concern still requiring action involves the acquirement of the additional support items not included in. UME and FAK. A disposition list should be made covering each of these items to determine their availability: within the project, if they should be provided by the 'contractor or locally procurred overseas: ~/A` follow- It is. recommended.. that each, Photo Supervisor utilize this. report % -as a guide' to'. the' s election:.and planning of: support, equipment, and spares to, be utilized , on staging operations and that the `mobilit -plans'.as outlined., in Para. 2.. 7 and Enclosure 14. be prepared; at the . coordination and to insure ample timing for procurement discusses by ttie rroject.Supply Personnel and representatives of;. the Photo Systems' contractor in. th'e very near future ' to enable proper the 1958 operational season. STA earliest possible `date:. 3. 3 -It is also recommended that, this report be distributed to and- Copies: Project Headquarters (1). Contractor, Photo Equip. (1) Photo Supervisor, Det. B (1) Photo Supervisor, Det. C (1) Field Service File, Contractor (1) Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Ri t, rAd;':of t r + at it 'before they N"'r. a Installed iii the _r..r.t?.'?to be 'xic~vs l C to 44, Avd"n d 1 CAkttc .' This 'c evidezzt upon M r ' seQond dlrp3t y iter,t In. 'one bat tart iii $4s respective container was shipped up wide flow i, This allowed the',add. to wpfl on to the electrical wir ug,' iAvor ter an61vacuurn,p r, , , to pC'i ;q .A1n?astt ' craft $sction i'x ere ttt d obraxzt ti t .mope ,a ive id41e'kb t ie t z g tile, by:*" in &ccoxnglishing tide gal, 'I 4hargdn4ec trtr ia+~ sy` zer it the aircraft and bairn aotor pool e x aa. z ,.' atg14 ~e d gad 3 1- ue-8 draw Tokeep batterfe$ at .?s rgeid c t n, ~tlzay were I 1 ' A pi'oblem d d p o riu battery tarts from. 4aio Area to'44dth yr, Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 To: St&hject: General Operation vcr cat3 of lA :) tachment t Purpose: A TO diacuse general operation To diocuze facilitiee and support C Supply problem D f`perattona requirernent6 E quips crf F Living randitiane G "Recor -im eu ti~ons U General Diecussioint Arriving at our overj;ee.s base 3 Me.y 1956, we immediately proceeded tQ unload equipment and nl.aterials and set up the Photo Section 011oi And lap. The advance Arty consisting of electrical, plunbing t-nd other facility requirereats-neceamary for the shop area. All lperational equipment was checked out and made ready for equipz'_i~rxt operation-al test flights and results evaluated. Sonowhex4 top level directors'.caxne up with a prol,lern which- required the det;chnueant to redeploy in June 1956 to a second bal. All equiwwr:ent w j packed an"- moved out. Once again, the aovaxnce, party ! the --hap area and s op facilities readied. The Lase A101 ~-ere snoa-t cooperative and worker! lotag, hard hours to acco.:l_..:,li. the wort: nr err that were requested. As the equ:prnent arrived, iL wag unloaded ;;y the Photo Section, peraotuiel from the C-1IY's an:1 t`,e C-)241x, The shop area was set up and re-crheckirix of operalional e,luionle_-It accoxnplisFed. STAT STAT SiAu Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 18 Nov 57 Wage 2 We were alerted in 3'iily and carried out the missions that were assigned to us.. The success we experienced from these :Alie-sions gave everyone a satisfies-3 feeling and set:rned good for rYorale. % The greatest problo n v'ithin the detaChrr,cnt waz with VIM supply "action. The Supply action attempted to tell us of our weeds and in what quantities when r iqu?esting parts or materials from them, or that we did not need a Certain part. Many parts that were to be, drawn from Supply were not available. Later we found that many items had been Shipped to our third bane, in anticipation of Our next change of station. This resulted in having the Detachxnent Cornrnan4er direct the supply section'to procure these parts tila.t were requested. The supply sectiori was not cooperative in the load loading .of items received or shipped. This usually had to ,8 . accomplished by tt persoi=al from the S'hotn. i`finn_ OgCiY,f.{iII, re volved. : n- ?9,?tra&6nal-!, 'e[ UIr, -ml UkA,' ft v.01, our s tsr'rr~a The Dri66ed r ti riA intr. 4tt~twri eels a .e iy d..1 r..~x 4:7.~} , ' Ile r ''. order vw a Darr" `'Vets would Yftc#,va- l,.a' +A 9w ~~tt. i e$Cefvm a" tautly+t a e C #rOni Readqu*;te i'h? r p pyrvxis L y s r1~.. p ie>; tb:7iktt2ieeht 4.~, V lk ttj bJ CO f jour, on was . dadie$d and Inetal]t!d 0. 5,..1 r to tak" 1. 3 h3 vn$a s; pz a cautioax taken, !n q4136 of a :,iailur,..ia't e~ rat,1 . ,r' ,.. ,$. titiltllJy, ail"4 raft t # P} e$AC 4 oratioua1 tvat*ai(a-t~ }1t?e: t ~ ,`, ' The ini rvi.aory 8srilgr riei~ ,. iv checldn~. of Izatch "vi.ndowe and co et air rtll to bub$,tee. The t hus were e cte d after. Iannc ag if condLt a x vWs a sum that ovater, pebblen,.:.or oo4e it V ds;ed: 0 the ruxtway: Other-- Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 ezc =j OeISta l-c Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 18 Nov 57 Page 3 Upon rtetarr, of aircraft fro.--n the mission, the aircraft is met by n:e r.l er:; of t:te Photo ect:.;, and rotc`i cnverc in- stalled. V'e are also able to &.'tail: ix1 U1`=.:aiion from, the pilot at this ti,-re re'ar.iing ecaip:rertt performance. N Az coon a the aircraft is in tite : ,. ar t.'-',C ea::ipmc at i.a given a po3tfligiit chock and removed fro,; trio aircraft, taken into the shop. Tho :nagaa_inez: are unloaded and i:L ten_ clip prepared and the take ca.Lnect and boxed for ehipri,ez,:. (A test clip is taken `n deter_r_ine tie e:lairs:~lent performance and evaluation. ) During a ''St. u~l-c: non ' period, we would accomplish riaintenax,ce on zl:o equi> went, This was alao a period in W.t.dclh a trc.ining program was initiated for the pur4iose of aiding i :rattintaining a proficiency level, and periodic equipment operational checkout made. To support our operational requires manta, a mobility plan had been made up. This plan covered several different types of operationo and were designed to fit the needs of any given operation. This in- cluded a list of equipment and materials, box nun bers, a brleakdown Ly name a,asignfnglndividual9 responsible for blocks of equip=next, This was part of the preparation plan for any Staging operations: Equipm"t was checked and rechecked. even in cases where tiew n'odified ee uipme;nt had bola received, and a certification to 3 avfng?been checked {.n` t. This was done as g precaution as in our situation, we couldn't be too thorough. This is nth meant to be a reflection aga.inatt anyone, but merely a precaution taken. This procedure was a stabciard? policy of our ?aectian in Detachment A. Detachment A was re-deployed to a third Lase in October 2956. The experience frorn the previous deployments aided in accomplishing this move -pith more ease. The ad rs .ce party had coordinated plans to make ready the facilities in the new work area. All needed changes and proposals had btsen drawn up by 1). Thatcher and subraitted to USAFE headquartera. All facility requirernents and changes were made known to the headquarters planning board and agreed upon. The contractor for the base had aornehow misinterpreted these plans and instituted changes of his own without consulting headquarters USA.cT~ .E. This caused some confusion and delay in getting the shop area act up. Re-routing of wiring and plumbing and other facilities associated with the photo section =rare corrected by personnel in the photo faction. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Iq Next 1 Page(s) In Document Denied ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 ENCLOSURE 6 Subject: Sta in ; Operation A. `1'.) discuss fact.)rs. TO ?.iiscuss facilities .., n support ,..:e for-~wa. dd1 base, C. T l) list eq~,1pn er.t used. D. To rr:.tKe recomnien,:.i.:t:ons for future operations, In order C_at proper planninV may be effected, it is necessary that the fcllowiii be known: A. Facilities and support at tr:e, forward base. B. Mission requirements. C. Available air transportation for movement to the forward base. D. Support that the home base will have to provide. E. Liviri-, and climatic conditions in order to select personnel for the operation. STAT The facilities and support at the forward base can be accurately determined only by a survey team prior to the actual staging. This team should be composed of members of all groups that will require a particular type of facility, or support. Such a survey was conducted in this case, but did not include a member of our Section. When facilities and support are very limited as was in this instance it might be well to send a preparation team prior to deployment. An advance party which included personnel of our section was deployed prior to the arrival of the aircraft. However, the preparation team should be sent for the express purpose of preparing the forward area to accept equipment. The area should be clean, air-conditioned, and any necessary construction should be completed prior to arrival of equipment at the forward area. If this were accomplished, material would not be exposed to extreme temperatures and equipment would not be exposed to dirt and dust. Operational requirements should be known in order that the supervisor can adequately plan equipment, supplies and personnel requirements. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Subject: Stagin, Operation, contd. Available air transpurtation, facilities and support of the forward base will determine the support mission of the home base. During this stagin,, operaticiu adequate air transportation was available. Since li:nited facilities were available at tree forward area, the home base was required to process clips and tracker film. The "take" was prepared for shipment immediately after touchdown. Clips were taken and placed in film. cans and sent back to the home base for processi: g. In a matter of lU to Z0 hours the clips and tracker results were known at the forward base. The selection of personnel for a staging operation is of paramount importance. It is imperative that maximum group cooperation exists. Therefore, personnel should be selected with this view in mind consistent with, the integrity of the unit. Consideration must be given to physical and mental hardships that may be imposed at the forward area. In this particular operation, the weath9r was hot and humid with temperatures up to 112 degrees. Nights were hot and the hotel rooms were not air-conditioned. Also, skin infections, Asiatic flu and dysentery were prevalent. Food was heavily spiced and not always appetizing. Some personnel lost up to twenty pounds during the operation. III FACILITIES AND SUPPORT AT THE FORWARD BASE A. Work shop area consisted of a room approximately 12' x 20'. This room had to accomodate film storage as well as serve as a shop area., A few boxes of film were stored in another air-conditioned room. This arrangement made for a very tramped working area. .Delays in mission preparation resulted due to the fact that film loading and configuration testing could not be accomplished. at the same time. This became a serious problem when three missions per day were flown. Configurations were stored in doghouses and placed in the hangar area. This arrangement resulted ?a lot of handling of the configurations. B. Processing. All processing was accomplished at the home base, and the procedure has been outlined previously in ' this. report. C. Electrical system. The power source was supposed to be 220 volts. However, we found ".,. that current fluctuated from 160 to. 220. Also, the wiring was in such poor shape that a member of the Photo Section had to check out all wiring. For the 28 volt requirement, a four-cylinder generator and a rectifier were obtained for this purpose. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Subject: Staging Operation, cont'd.. D. General support. A lift truck was provided at the forward base. Also, flat-bed trucks were obtained from local base people on a loan basis. All loading and off-loading at aircraft was accomplished by staging personnel. A A. Configurations. Initially, two A-2 Configurations and two B Configurations were taken on the staging. Due to operational requirements, that figure was increased. Since no spare HM-732 Magazines were available, a problem resulted when one of the magazines came up with jammed locking spindle. This was not a planning oversight. No spare magazines were available at the home base. A requirement for three A-2 Missions came up and a B Configuration had to be substituted. The B failed after a few minutes of operation. Initially, three were taken but I believe that figure was increased to four after, -The arrival of the third aircraft. . Photo' hatch, two for: each aircraft. Z. Hatch cart, ,one each. Electrical test set: Larsen Recorder. i, Lens 'cleaning, . kit. `7. Forwzrd'bulkyhead fittings, ?.four ;6. Vacuum: cleaner. Simpson multirneter, with test prod. and leads, 16. Nails, hammer, nail puller and handsaw. 17. Kimwipes, two boxes. 18. Two-inch masking tape, six rolls. 19. One -inch's plicing tape, four rolls. 20. Pre-post check lists, maintenance forms, applicable technical manuals, and drawings, envelopes, and office supplies. 10. Safelight, two each. 11. Purging fixtures( and hoses. 12. Nitrogen bottle. 13. One work bench. 14. Extension cord with light. 15. Several feet of wiring. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Subject: Staging Operation, cont'd. C. General support items, cont'd. 21. 732 key wrench, two each. 22. 732 loading stand, one each. 23. 732 jig stand, one each. 24. Fish scales, two each. 25. Glyptal, acetone, alcohol, mil-Spec oil, low-temp grease. 26. Scissors, two each. 27. Razor blades. 28. Flashlight. 29. Pip pins. 30. Black, spray can paint, three.cans. 31. Rubber mat, two each. 32. Clevis for slings, two each. 33.. Solder and hookup wire. 34. Film splicing board. 35. Cleaning rags. 36. Shutter test set, B Configuration. 37. Wood spool and saddle, B Configuration. 38. 1/4 ton hoist. 39. Torque wrench, B Configuration. 40. Film cans, 100', six each. All personnel submitted lists of items for their particular work area to the senior engineer, who checked the list for completeness, and the items were then packed for shipment. V RECOMMENDATIONS A. A member of the Photo Section be included in the survey team. B. A preparation team be sent to prepare the forward area to accept equipment. C. A rotation of personnel where living conditions are poor. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11: CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 ENCLOSURE 3 December 1957 STAT rom: uLiect Deta.chn? ent Staging 1tl.ia sion l . } A,. Dc,tac' en I, A pad not ocen caged upon to. do. staging, the c uggestions foilos ing are :moistly fro'r our mobility plan and discussions with STAT tI:.a.t tools place when Detachment a. was sc%edu.led to do a staging mission. 1. & Special '.quinrinent Sections mobility plan gives the logistical data that was c=npiled during the above rnentioncd time an,--l are on file in the office. 2, 1 f. ui anent. The general plan took into account three basic fbrrns of stag'1ng: (1) No base housing, ehopta or supzaly; (2) Uoueing furnie`z.ed with iilnited shop and supply; and (3) Complete .base, shops, hangars, supply,etc. , available. . 2.2 Under condition (1), we would furnish all facilities, supplies, etc.,, and under t is plan' au angernents were made to obtain' standard AFshop tents. daric room tents trailers. These would be heated- or the.situationde- rrnded: Plywood, sh'teta for flooring were also ordered. 4 .60 'cycle. generator of sufficient sire to handle the section along with 28 vdc rectifi,era.'. ' oodworking and general tools a fficient to accomplish construction. 2.3 It was recommended that seven to eight rnen be includod izl. the`.staging comple- ment. The processor and one other man. would be left at the base to Support the mission. _.The ma#n-reason for taking seven to eight oa.almost any miss1oix there is. so much ,-,ark to be done in -setting p and'taking down a section, hassling supplies, plus getting ready for xnissiona. -If only four men were taken they would be so tired that. their basic work would suffer. Also, the possibility of one or rn-ore men getting sick is very probable. The tendency of the squadron to hold down each section to a very :ranirnurn missions force is many tier as unavoidable hut should be resisted as much as poe sible, keeping in mind the successful accomplishment of the rrd3sion. If a very snail force :,zest ." c used, every effort must be made to rotate the men at seven to ten day intervals. 2. 4 If readily available, air transport is used. The most efficient staging ca.n be acconip1is'r_od by loading, unloading magazines at the ho-r_e base using thY rnagazire transport case I'Lajor equipment maintenance could be done at the horr:e bace also. This would eliminate extensive construction of darkrooms at Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 tha forward base. Orly one hop would be' needed for asseva bly apd checkout . 4 r f 9. ivtained at tl~e:bi Vii.. a v jr di t i c do. and~# a;.p r ad urc * Utl t Xto i7 s ~ - f '' ;iyVett `.a1tg,itl~ok w. ` a. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 .%bj: ' Potlmihient Sta fhg Missions of the equiprr ent. 2. 5 The forward base ?hould be as small and simple as possible as time &ml energy expended in lavish bases is wasted unless it cannot be avoided due to lack of transportation. 2. 6 Using the above system two or three tote benches would. be all t iat would 'fie,.' neoczado j. hale Woui+l PlObd a needad.,zs ta,.~ou ec t;&eta aced moye~ irz 4 , `1 ppY lr~' hC would of course vary '.#reat1 y i the basic shop epaee*, , avetlabii-, .-'all :tlmkf ~ .needed would depend on the conditions found at Lhti fcixssre d': aRe .s ectcd: an 3.1. t3xiddr oonditiozzs (Z) a 9d (3) mentioned in 2. 1, - qufpment, andconatruc con 3. Z F'rizne..fagtoz s my "e} op area would be dust trce~ end aiki, oarz t16 iibel~ snag Approved For Release 2008/12/11: CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 ENCLOSURE ------- 8 MST-106A EPECT/ON INSTRUCT/PINS POR TENT,1WWMR, MAINTENVANCE,5HEL TER FART S (rRU55 BRACE) 5- ,FCQU/,e ? CRATE 1w. / PA/PT 1 (RIDGE) P.ATt'T 2 (TRUSS AND ~~ / - R E O U R C R E D - z l L P0S7 ASSEMb'L) ~r 4t (~/?4LL f ,~L/M) CRATE NO. / -i, ?/tf?Q-C!?ATG'.$ NO. 4-41'0;2 -C/L9rtSAV. /,,WD? AAAA/E PARTS .SHOWN 43 ,PEMOC/~D F,PQ,v C,Q4TES PLACE ONE -NO 6- t-~,- /) LTV S.N0LE(4) AT TOP Of ?PU5S AMD WALL POST ASSEMOLY ~PT?J SEE TWAT A'NEE BRACE LU65 (B)ARE TOMG9PD /NS/E OFF,P4,$It ATTACH T,P!/J5Be (~10PT3)TOPAOTR TH BOLT(C)ON UNDER 5/DL, AND ATTACH A'NeE r 64fN RIDGE (T?/) TO /TS A/LL 1EN6TN AND . 4 T TA f 1 / , F ECO ND T, ? UJ , g AND W111 PO3T A35fif8LY (mRT ?) AT CENTER aw R/DL'f IN SANE WAY A5 IN.577P?/ REMOVE TENT PROM COVER AND UNFOLD PARTLY TO EXPOSE 3 ,P/OOF BURE /S A M/N/ATGRE COPY OF OUARTERY/STERGL'NPSAIANINB NLWSER S + 2Od, RfV1SjCW NUMjrR-+ PATEO, 4 Ofd' JS. TN/S COPY /S FOR /NFUfMAT7ON ONLY; TNEORANYNS REPEWA%W IN AIRAGRAPN 2/ AOVfWNA Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 MIL-F-1461C Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 1 darkroon. ? .f light trap and blower .sembly t ), , .uih-t and 115 v ac 60 cycle ire trical outlets are furnished each darkroom. Each '..?kroom hA% a 24 in. wide x 62 in. long x 7 in. deep plY wo.NJ .ink and is ventilated. The front of each dark- room tens may be rolled up for moving equipment. I he tents may be combined to form one ventilated h x 12 ft darkroom. PURPOSE AND RECOMMENDED USE: Used inside suitable shelter for field processing. A normal set uses theType N-1 Kit in one darkroom and a Type N-1 Kit in the other darkroom. CAPABILITIES 1. Maximum productive capacity: 2 each 6 x 6 ft dark- rooms. 2. Manpower requirements for operating: None, after set up. DARKROOM KIT, PHOTOGRAPHIC, AIR PORTABLE, TYPE U-1 Standard - I'yp U= ar oom tt prove esa laraei :`~"d"?"` tlt'7Elliton ifar dg? St foot wall'tedt. suitable for `operation of several con-' tact or projection printers. It is not suitable for film processing except at night. Two high capacity blower fans will provide a complete air change in one minute. No furniture or apparatus is furnished. PURPOSE AND RECOMMENDED USE: Darkroom for field printing or night film, processing. CAPABILITIES: 1. Manpower requirements for operating: None after set up. MOBILITY: 1. Time and manpower required to assemble and pre- pare for operation: 7 men, 2 hours. 2. Special tools required for assembly and use: None. . -4.-Recommended installs ion afod shelter required u Outdoors in temperate weather sheltered from wind. 5. Floor space required when in use: 196 sq ft. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Electrical requirements: 115 v ac, 700 watts for blowers, 300 watts additional permitted for equipaaraot. 2. Temperature requirements: Temperate climate. 3. Weight of unit crated: 675 lb. 4. Weight of unit uncrated: 675 lb. 5. Number of boxes required for shipment (boxes an part of unit): 4. 6. Overall dimensions: crated-(1) 20 in. x 20 in. r 18 in. (2) 34 in. x 30 in. x 24 in., uncrated-(l) 7 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft, (2) 18 ft x 15 ft x lift. 7. Spec. No. 75-471. T. O. No. 10. 25-66. KIT, PHOTOGRAPHIC DARKROOM, TYPE U-2 Standard 2. Special tools required for assembly and use: None. 3. Time and manpower required for disassembly and preparation for shipment: 2 men, 1 hour. 4. Recommended installation and shelter required: On level surface and under cover. 5. Floor space required when in use: 85 sq ft. TECHNICAi. SPECIFICATIONS: I . Electrical requirements: 1 1 5 v ac, 60 cyc, 200 watts minintum plus convenience outlets up to 100 w maxi- mum. 2. Water requirements: Depends on equipment. 3. Temperature requirements: Room conditions. 4. Weight of unit crated: 950 lb. 5. Weight of unit uicrated: 295 lb. 6. Number of boxes required for shipment (boxes are part of unit): Five. 7. Overall dimensions: uncrated-685 cu ft, crated- 47 cu ft. 8. Spec. No. MIL-D-4162. T. O. No. 10-1-130. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 .. ;... :i r. dP.. y_ `.?t ~. "bk.. S r!p e . wAk.,ty7t ~! ?an~n.ld ~.. s a Y.. Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 ;t 'fitting; Fc rward Bulkhead;: - =?Pi64-,731 ORn Spool, ,Stripping, .1800' with'flanee=.remave 1 acs t lxtures ogen Purging oses 6 Cans, Film 9?'1/2", X '39.0' (Empty) Spools; Film 9 1/2": X 100!'(Empty 7 2 - Mat, Rubber, for Magazine loading 8 1 kit Broom, Mop, Bucket,' Dustpan Approved For Release 2008/12/11 CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9 Approved For Release 2008/12/11 : CIA-RDP74B00752R000100060001-9