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November 16, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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August 17, 1972
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RAR~prove Fir We e 5e'106 5/~ ,,Q.AR 41 ZA f 42ND 6TR! T, NF:'W YORK, N. Y. 100M.007-5100 PUBLIC AFFAIRS STAVE' PROGRAM Noontime DATE- August 17, 1972 -. 12:16 P.M. CPYRGHT STATION CITY KNXT TV. Los Angeles (PARTICIPANTS WERE SHOWN IN MEDIUM CLOSEUP SHOTS.) MARIO MACHADO. The CIA may be one of the world's most secret in- telligence operations, but it wasn't always that way. There is a new book out about the origins of the CIA and its freewheeling predecessor: .the World War II OSS, including their activities in Indo-China. R. Harris Smith wrote the book and he's hereto tell us about it. I .was fascinated last night, reading this thing; so many interest- ing highlights. Of their career, the OSS, when it was in existence, where do you think they were their most effective? R. HARRIS SMITH: I think probably in Europe at the time of the 'cross channel invasion, they were very effective in getting information from the French Resistance to Eisenhower. MACHADO: You mentioned to me offstage that the Dulles, Alan Dulles, `who was head of-the overseas or European operation was the most, the best agent that we had. Yet it seemed from reading the book, he sat in a hotel room in. Switzerland, how did he get all this information? SMITH: Well, Switzerland was a hotbed of espionage at the time and his great coup was to find a man in Hitler's own foreign office who was so anti-Nazi that he was willing to give literally hundreds of German documents to Dulles. MACHADO: Most of the coverage here deals with Europe and then of course with Viet Nam and some in China; very little is said about Japan. Did we have an OSS operation in Japan at all? SMITH: The problem was that General MacArthur did not care to have OSS operating in his theater, just as he didn't care to have the CIA operating-in Korea, later. MACHADO: Interestingly.also is that the pictures that you have, -- .every OSS,man that I~saw, -- they were all'parachuters, it looks like.