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November 17, 2016
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June 27, 2000
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September 3, 1965
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A or Release 2n_U070'810 -:CIA-RDP7 S P 3 1Q3S EXCLUSIVELY YOURS "i S ` " r s P\A e rr, ~ b riel S lle . rn. Span By BETTY BEALE Star Stati writer elapsed since the discovery of the New World when, on 4 September morning in the year of grace 1565 the great proud galleons of the Spanish West Indies Fleet ... dropped their anchors off the shores of Florida," TENDED in this countyY that vcr, ac L.,V aura s, hawevcr, practicai= our history and descent were uest'~ solely English," said - Secr?e- "What's in on in the tary Udall. "Being from the bTRI'"'~-ie asked.. Southwest, I ani one who easal].r. understands that this is not ' y - 10 91 - oc1s if you don't know, only wrong, but very badly 11 reji~_ ~yIay,' Tlo wrong." hlipvs;>zlys;i>aIon. The intrepid conquistadores. -Ie knows. Ho gets reports left such a deep ,influence on t ?oun lout every 24 hotji this country and its life, 'live ' nlghith% in the southwest are as much laving retired from the dcR tra. next time he sees Sir Patrick cubed as t e as"gagaonce of c Dean, he'll know why, CPYRGHT .Nnn sta r _ . erode an a -e a per- te: "For more than 250 '~ a - cen cu uz s ary Years we were Spanish, For e~au'se o this President 144 years we have been North anivTiat Tie s1ic~ tQma_r American. It is quite clear, ? ?'".` li d R h rep e aborn w o its Texas- therefore, that we are more born and a fit~i cpusi,_Qibg S p a n i s h than, anything. 'late Sam Rayburn. else." What did LBJ sa3:.1;9_aiR1 Living proof of this perma-' "That I was th ,pnly man_in neat tie was another guest ate the country ~y`lroog~oh~ dinner, the Count de Revillag-' ' b " h li o e re ed with a twin- So began the after dinner Igedo, 19th Hereditary Gover.,-Iil remarks last evening of the nor of Florida. SECRETARY GENERAL, Spanish ambassador who A direct da,cendant of; OF THE OAS Jose Mora, carried his 70 guests back 400 Padi'o Menendez, de Aviles, recently back from Santo years across the pages of founder of St. Augustine lie Domingo, paid the +iighest history. like his male anteccdcni;;, is possible tribute to our OAS In the red-draped and per'mitte'd to include this in Ambassador Ellsworth Bunk- tapestried ballroom adorned 1-,is title-Count de Rovillaag- with Spanish portraits of Igedo Y Adelantando Mayor de' er, who is still there trying to another ena, it was not diffi-. la Florida. settle the torn country. He cult to traverse the four His very lattractive English-. praised his tact, his infinite centuries to the founding of.. peaking wife said her hus- patience, his knowledgeable. the first European settlement and alas all the public rec- negotiating. on our shores, rds about that .period of Undersecretay of State and The reason for delving into 'lorida in his archives and 'Mrs. Tom Mann also were the days when the Fountain of hat Ficrida now has copies of present-Tom introducing a Youth did not mean the right hem all on microfilm. new fashion wrinkle-a black vitamins, clever cosmetics It som;e:haw made those. dinner vest with his white and vigorous exercise-was' ? It seem so close it gave dinner jacket, the presence of the gracious an cer:e feeling. Florida congressmen on Spanish Minister of the Interi- 5 ,,, , A, t A 1 f1,,t,,,,LI,f-, hand included Claude Pepper, ,or and Mrs. Alonso Vega who l N , Director and 11r~ W.' Paul Rogers, Charles Bennet will lead a delegation to the -~ --} quadricentennial celebration I` `i -~ ere_a.f tllc c annc> and William Cramer. he ac,m~ir-al saying that ' Augustine Sunday tlat it, The ambassadors of Greece in St, through Wednesday. ]~L5 yeark t_ make an~,ce' Uruguay, Argentina`and Chile The two men who will head tellr~erice a;ent Pezll J5 and their wives, Elizabeth and the American del cars old 110 CIA today has; Leslie Carpe liter, Perle the celebration, Secretary of eidated' men and the Mesta, former Ambassador to Interior Udall and Sen. HoI- xpertzsc t}rat Ina