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December 9, 2016
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February 1, 1999
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January 1, 1962
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JAN 1 Approved For Release 2~~~/08 70048-7 FO~Ab3b eluded Mt?. and Mrs. Ft?ede- Y 11 IIC `/ r ^ / (~ rick-Drake of Charlottesville, Christening ~EX~1~~/~5~1 K ELY .Yl l~ 1 R 1.~. ~ ~ - Y :r._ _ Va.-she !s Pamela Turuure's' ~ r ? , _ ~ ^? ~ rr - - -~ ~+ ? ~~ i _ - ~ mocner; the Rab Wilsons, the ? . M ,_ , ~ ~- _ ., ' ' .;_ ~ ~~~ Andrew Souls, the Douglas y owets of By BETTY BEALE .. ~ 30:3q, ~ featured the -grape -white brocade, had gone to brightly colored Hghts of blue, Jacobo and Isabella Ar uelles -. uson ork and the Louis Fer- etar 8tat[ Writer c p - - Oanselor of thn, n..--. n s e an 'a gn In the diplomatic contln- pro uced superb-:.Spanish' , the traditional Spanish grape and g o 1 d e n lights shone Isabel Araez aitd Al 1 exactly slip u on oclet 1 t - P s o A w sat t,a~~y az cne i ry^ ^ club the night before; the ~.~,?~.a;.(,,,?,~~~'d ~.. .:~ S __ a ..M V _ eW e ~ Gale McLeans~ and James ,* ~ ~- V Glbsons, Gen. and tvrrr, . Hato, vvestey r'rame, CPYRGH~t the Spanish: Embassy; Rose Zalles at Sul rave Howard Hat?tmann, Mt?a. -Clarence Mackay of New York the Sttinle B o - ent were Chilean Ambss- y as entertainment: at 3. In the . Cg1'~.mony. for everyone, Of through- the four crystal varez de Toldeo. night. mortiing, ~ course, there's nothing teo chandeliers, and messes of odor and Mrs. Muller, Nor- '.Hundreds of Ynmlllar ANOTHER, 400 ? OR Sq ~ difficult .about eatSng 12 fresh red carnations were TIIE E N T E RTAI ENT egian Ambassador and Mrs. figures In the social World danced to Aiild,Lang Synq ?~ ~ crapes unless you have to de- banked on the mantel under orfginaily planned i' the oht, Ia?anlan -Ambassador, were ready and waiting to - the wftehing hoar in;;;,i~-s ~ isslmo Franpo in the center the baby year' Sn , at, 'gip ,.?T.t!. '~~~,~ o! "tilQ kSpanish ft?om Queen Vlotorla Eugenia and, Yellow i?Ibbons covered "oles" from the .Ambassador pantsh Embassy Wh Ie }4m A{nija~,va{ior who gterwted' her and .the late Ktng of SPa1ri, the ceiling. of the alcove and others sitting on the floor assador and?]Mt's Y aide guggt$ tYl a ,beajttlgUl ? full-. were entwined by pine gar- Where some. of .the enter- surrounding-.them. ave a dance that ` red at a e ~alegciaga goorn" of lands and ,studded with taihers performed.. It began with songs of .. , -.FUR TRIMMED'AND UNTRIMMED areas largest, most complete col- lect'ion of fine coats and suits.. Real news in the wcrid of fashion .the silhat:fettes .:.the rich fabrics ...the new season colors! See our fabulous values . You're sure to be pleased with a coat, .suit, dress. or sportswear from Koplowitz. hfisses' arzd [~oncen's 8 to 20; Jur:iors' S to 15; Petites' 6 to I6 Daytime Dresses, Sportswear, Eveaiug and -Qorktaif Dreasesr COATS AND,,SUITS - I?ancing to. a Deuron ot?- Spain 'and 'South America oyiestra !n .the .ballroom, sung by five A r g e n t i n e sUl?ping !n the patio or !n one gauchos in eolorfui ponchos of the dfewing rooms after who were sensational. They m1dri18ht br simply mingling were iq~lawed by an Sncom- and ch'atting wet?e Mr. and payable guitarist. And the Mrs;' Hdgh D. Auchlncloss, show ended with the gayest French' Ambassador and of all, the Soleares, a mad Mme. Alphand fresh back flamenco contest involving wltlch bore the name "The Lorca. White House" !n the -Dior Needless tosay the Em- , show at the Embassy; Under- bassy dance lasted until the secretary of the Air Force not so small hours. and Mrs. Joseph Charyk, .Postmaster General and Mrs. Edward Day, Secretary oP the Army Elvis Staht?, whose wife has-been lll, and the Wiley Buchanans. The Rowland Evanses, the Philip Geyeltns, the Walter Rldders, Henry Brandon, and ..the.. President's Naval 'Aide sand Mrs. Tazewell Shepard were among the ? w ROSE SAUL ZALLES, in ttte--teloatitlm~;.ws5`giiii5g a terrifically gay party for the Pour debutante daughters of friends of hers. They were Courtney -and Marguet?lte Hagner, daug~htet?s of Ran- da11 H. Hagner, lr.; Chris- tiana Caracclolo dl Forfno, daughter of Count and Countess Caracclolo dl Forlno, and Anne Thompson gt?and- , - ~T]TE AMBASSADORS of daughter of Tezas Represen- t Australia, Italy, Chile, Lux- tative and Mrs. Clark Thomp- ....,s +~e, naa Ives. - the Sulgrave Club decorated ~' ` ,r like a Other celebrating the ncca= pink Italfan garden Pot sion were the new Deputy the big event. A pink trellis Assistant Secretary o1 State flanked by marble mns hold- and Mrs. Robert E. Lee, the !ng pink flowers formed the deputy to the Secretary of backdrop, for the receiving. Commerce and Mrs, Herbert line. All the debutantes wore Klotz, the Woodward Red- long white dresses. Chris- monds, Judge and Mra. Rus- tfanna's, mare of a cream sell Trafn, Sormer Ambassa- satin, was the dress Set dot and Mrs. Arthur Gard- grandmother wore when she Her, Capt. and Mrs. Edwin was pt?esented at the royal Graves, farmer Ambassador court of Italy. - It had a full and Mrs. Stanley Woodward, skirt and off-the-shoulder the Jantes Crosses, the Tay- puff sleeves. ]or-Chewntngs, our next Am- MASSES OF PINK BAL- bassador tb Argentina and LOONS wfth pink plumes at- Mrs. Robert McClintock, the tached were clustered around .Lucius Battles, the' Bruce the big chandelier fn the Sundluns, Betty Burton, ballroom where the orches- George Baker and the Bill tra was Planked with atat- Merriams?- ~ - - -. uary-. columns and a back- Former Spanish minister drop of a green garland here, now Ambassador to studded with roses. Balloons, Norway and Mrs. Propper de plumes, roses and garlands Callejon, were there, having decorated the other walls,too. come to America Por the birth Wh11e Meyer Davis held of a gt?andchild. They were forth 1n top form upstairs, warmly greeted an all sides, some of Sidney's orchestra as were U. N. pelegate and played in the nightclub down- Mts. Jaime Plnies, who used stairs, An excellent supper of to be stationed here, beef stroganoff, eggs, sausage, Guests of honor at the salad and !ce cream and cake young houseguestsatof cthe was served from midnight on i Yturraldes, a nephew at Har- in the dinfng room. vard Business School and a C'?eS~ at the patty in- niece who flew over from Madrid lust for the party; The ambassador of the Ivory Coast and Mrs. Konan Bedie wet?e hosts yesterday at a small party at .the Em- bassy to celebrate the bap- tism of their youngest com- patriot and to .usher in the Col. Tom Alexander, t RO?t,Alnorys, the Charle FSnucanes and scares of the debutante set. And everybody oP any age who. knew how to Twist for- got all the silly Notions about I. it and had the fun of the new fad. tro m m. Come to think of 1tt it's not how it came in but how tt goes out that counts.. Il~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~~~~. l~~a~ IlT You can, if you answer these ? Will you be waited who knows fur qua' ? Will you be dealir their ability to r years to come, ? Will you recei at your requt fur at regu' To be sure of your ? say "yes" to the a}' here's what you s' ? At Ga grout ? At C in ~' pri ? A 0 1 ROQ0100170048-7