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November 17, 2016
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June 7, 2000
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January 6, 1963
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WASHINGTON POST AT%M JAN 6 1963 i 1 MLiA I For Release 2000/06/13: CIA-RDP75-00001 RO re We Losing`' Latins to Reds? Mr. Barber, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, it on the faculty of the IInl- verslty of Marslaad's Department of Government and Politics. RED MACHETE: Communist Infiltration in the Americas. 1v tea:.: Donovan. Bobbs- Merrill. 288 pp. $3.95. THE UNITED STATES, CUBA, AND CASTRO. By Wes.-~Williarr-s. Monthly country- by-country survey of Latin America by John Donovan quotes all manner of people in their sometimes vulgar vernacular. Some of his im- pressions were obtained at bar-side interviews. In some cases he relies heavily on the vit;ws and facts already 11re- sented ii,earlier publications, some of ? vh%4I be, cites at great length. The net is loosely organized material, as neither a topical nor a chron- ological order is maintained, despite the ostensible alloca- tion of most of the 17 chap- ters to individual countries. In Argentina, Brazil and Chile the author reports both Russian and Chinese Commu- nist efforts ranging from sub- sidized paperbacks to cultural of the Cuban Embassy's cash payments to journalists, trade dnionists, studentsI law- yers, teachers and political figures of all parties. Clearly Communistic is the Viota. community in Colombia, a Country where "numerous f iIi hav n T1!k# fIFis ) .f' (la'-' 11L1i atzofJRlU ,w_uerci glln+_ Sid olxf{ j &:uoill; \j :, L%I9A1-'uf 't1 8 . curl ; -o uo ., :sso.T n n,g pie or;iepV `elcaao;L 'd Approved Fort Releasea72O0-o/.06 1 P. Be! be I - zulc, He disparages Draper, is chief target, no less than 0 times in a single chapter. To the extent that this slim olume is not merely an at. serious historian's essay, ackground seems largely no bibliography or index. The author insists that the nited States is, rev onsible on which was not a betrayal it a dynamic '' l`f1ITii ent of y, and that Cuba should stence" with economic aid m both Russian and Unit- States sources. e hemisphere; Williams its himself to Cuba and ws the future with con- lled alarm; Williams de- ibes the past with uncon- s intended to finish their ssile crisis: one in a fore- d, the other in a post- ipt, evaluated that event. liams proclaimed that it rved only to emphasize dramatize (his) central of arguinent.i' Donovan d reason fo be pleased with 1GIA- ai-c sP75-0001 RQ FOIAb3b CPYRGHT CPYRGHT 00100380027-7