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December 9, 2016
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October 6, 2000
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March 1, 1966
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NO IUD PENDENT 1 D X00001 ROO A mer ? ~e "L~ v" In Lain A neriea . ~~ w~..-~-,.,+ ,r n r JIB gress. TI `s CPYRGHT (The following is a cpcr~ rom a book in pro ,,u,hnr i.< washineton's only fulllime Latin American In January, in 'Havana, coinciding with the beginning o e of the Cuban Revolution and the holding of the Tricontinental Congress of Friendship among the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America, mem- bers of the Chilean delegation invited Fidel Castro to send some repre- sentatives to the 40th anniversary-celebrations of the founding of the Chilean Communist Party. "There isn't much to celebrate in 40 gears out of power," replied Fidel. "I'll personally come when you celebrate some anniversary in power." 11. 1 ,(mostly Latin American military), dedu- -r-..N -1 cat.ed, as they say, "t' eradicate Com- : -.. . to any other Latin American country to celebrate any anniversary of a Comniu- ,nist rnment, are very remote indeed. The IA agrees. In a report written by,,,, r gent liatd'TM1Ctthias and counter- sTg?iicd-by Sherman'ICerit, Chairman of ,the BOard'of National Estimates. of the ;CPA; and i;eccntly seen by this writer it ` is stated that: "The Communist parties in, Latin America are in their greater part. uilde'r'Moscow=oriented leaders incapable ot'overthrowing any regime or to, influ- ence them strongly and have proven large- i :ly incapable of gaining mass support." %The Matthias Report is realistic in most of its estimates of the "Communist dan- ger" in Latin America, largely in the sense that it fails to find the kind of dan- ger drummed up in public speeches by Administration officials and the neuras- thenic pronouncements of the Organiza- tion of American States. A reading of the periodic reports of the Special Consultative Committee on Secur- ity of the OAS, for example,. clearly shows to what extreme, a group of men The chances of Fidel going to Chile or v11~1V~ munism from the Americas," ensnare themselves in their own peculiar ghost, "The political elements that offer the most serious danger to the existing re- gimes, being of the traditionalist or pro- gressive character," says the Matthias Report, "are not those that call them- selves Communist or Castroites, but those of nationalist left that blame their own difficulties and those of their countries on what they believe is an alliance between foreign capitalism-particularly Ameri- can-and the landowners, military lend- ers and native political adventurers." Nonetheless, Carlos Angulo Rueda, one of the original lights in the Security Com- mittee of the OAS, expressed to this th f 11 n uideline ? "To us it we t Ap er e o o g g wri does not matter whether the elements that have their consciences at ease. e in the Latin Their rationalization is not very dif l chan di t d g ca e a ra voca a 'American structures call themselves ent from that of certain segregationi is Communists, Marxists, nationalists of the who mark as "Communist inspired" r 'left, or any other label they militate un- "Communist dupes" anyone and any me s der. All of them threaten constituted au- ure taken to change the status quo in e 'thorities and our Christian way of life. U.S. South. All of them must be dealt with vigorously Juan Bautista de Lavalle, the chairm n. as Communists." of the so-called "Lavalle Committee" t it The bitter attacks on the A% 1. "nationalists created the Special Security Commit e roved;?i?f'1G1`aa7-' QQ~~,~~SS re ommended a aeries f Q ~i~Hb~Y Oa Qe 74 a ended draft In r-, tenure as Assistant . Secretary. of .State American.. anti-Commuhlst code, that e' dent Kennedy's Administration, and co, - tinued by Mr. Thomas C. Mann while e "These,., orcgS .GSays.,,t .e.N~,]A., reLO.rt are represented, for instance, by the Pe - onist tradition. in. Argentina and Brizo a group in Brazil; their program is strong- ly anti-US, leftist in its ideology a rd demagogic in method." To any one following the developme t of the "hemispheric defenses against t e , Communist threat," it appears that, o matter the origin or character of t 1e threat, if it is a threat, it is labeled "Co i- munist" under the assumption that it w 11 give the existing regimes a free hand