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November 11, 2016
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October 15, 1998
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Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP75-00001R000200320015-5 BEST COPY AVAILABLE Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP75-00001R000200320015-5 AppraisecHlitiRtierfaSikile_W39/01 : ClAi-RDP7500001R00000320015-5t otween . Ines CPYRGHT by Edith grmisRocovtiveilt WA;SIIINCJTON-.-A think f:ictory with 'inks O Wn4ingtoti trained revolntionaries wito helped precipitate theDotnleican crisis. This ? was the 4'M arxist-Lkinint.M." Center of .fte- e.earch In Economic and St)cial Development In Santo' Doinimmi,,o or CEDES, as 1.1 was known. Until the overthrow of Dominican President Juan -HoSch in 1963, CIDES Mrictioned as a Caribbean yersion of the Institute of Pacific .secretly implementing . contro-','? versial? State Department policy. ? Details ' about ciDES were disclosed in .testimony,viven the Senate internal Security ? Subcommittee by General Elias Wes.sin Y. Wesslni former head of the Dominican Ott- rebel ; forces. In a hearing Oct. 1, 1965,- " .named ? this organization :is one of 40. !,centets. tor "Communist , and Marist- Leninist:. _indoctrination": operatleIC 1.tider CIDES was fthariced in :part by the . Department through its foreign, aid branch, the Agency. for. International" , s,,elopftiont.,- Also contributiug'suMS-Wett the, Paryln. Foundation and ,Ford annl niut tea11y AS One ? of , the. Sttisteti, .:Ortniefit's moft ? important so-Called Vale arms. ? ,? . , Gen,?'...iVessin told Senators that he' had: ,,'Opermed i special unit that infiltrated cIDFS :anti ,the othr Red indoctrination ee,ntei:11. Said these rep ter indoctrinnied -their studefit, with hatred of the "Yartkdrii,:,,,'; The , (enters alt:0 tfrIndit prop;:q,Anti;4, !-AlbotagYinti litihita IV)' .taetli's? 'The Dominican leader' report:- on those cent eri; to offloht of thu Drina:dean governTnepL, Copies Of some of those rocorts were kept in Ceti'. Weiz;sin's ?taco' hut he was -pre- . ...vented born taking' them to this country by ? the ..ibrapt manner that U. S.officials forcibly ekiet0d, him from Santo Domingo. ? Teacrs at CIDES?included Pose)); Angela Wotan.. and Sacha Volnian, Wet lint said. that Alio ,C.orannunists practically .ereitioiled ,' the Bosch tovernnient throap11 Wotan, who wms1O.yisirs secretary 19 Vicente tomribardo. ? Inbledatio,' the Mexican Communist labot lead-;: Wotan had offices in all..the State en- torprlbe's, aecording.. the Don !Mean. ..1r,eneral.? ? ? ? ? 7 -Vothari, a Russian-born Runumnian refugee who 1n. riow A naturalii,ed. U.: S. citizen,' ? ? tums hail links with the Central Inielliick)nce ? AcencY, As aniviser 10 Bosch; he w ts en- : misted bY the Washington Administration with, 1-the soidalimtlon of the bomitdcan net-mobile because . he was a so-railed COnlOOMItit," However, after the 19,13 coup Joppicitrioseit, Volinan was kicked out of 'Santo Dorn him because of his Tilarxtst ?Ation5i, : 'When' :Gen. Wossin was .itAked ? by ' Vitheoirmlittoe Cense) j:ty Sourwine whether ? ',.110-?c0i.14dere4Nolitinn WaS ctinlinttni-4, 1.10 ? . renflot I:- ? , . . "In MY ? country there is a sayini, that . ? irtys ted. Me With whole you. gci,. and I will ? tell you who you are,o Volman's links with the CIA re- ceived publicity hod year when tt,weS. learn- ?? ed dial CIA money wa.i being channeled to . time Institute for international Labor lie-' ???? ;search, a t55-exampt so- tattled "educa- tional" orOnti,atton In Now York. yelmart :;eCITIO talrer Of UP' histinite. Nor- inan Thonias, ,Veter,1 in i.74:W bill at 171111(11(1.113., for the ?Preritieney, is chairman' of Its tmoard of directors. On Sept, 3, I 9G.1, the Now York Times +Its- ? :closed that the In sti lu e had received in 1963, a 'Istim Of $05,000 from the .1. M. Kaplan -Fund, Inc. of Now York, also a tax-exempt ? fund. 'At the sante Utile, the Kaplan .Funci"s report to the Internal 'Revenue Service for 1963 -revealed that the . Valid received a , mysterious sumo f $395,760 listed:it-a ,it?on t?ribution" under the headiv "rtt.etpts net reported elsewhere." On Aug, 31, 196.1, Iii hearings 'before a House Select Subcom-, mittee on Small Business, officials from the tmni nal Revenue Service had testified that the Kaplan .Futat's taxexemption had not ? been revoked because the .,Foundation was ? ' used as . a secret conduit' for CIA funds,. ?? Rep, ? wrIght ? Patan'ei: ,(D-Teit.),-. sub- committee.' Chairman, said that ? the CIA .i;.had informed his Subcommttlx.e, that ,Aationship between the, 'Kaplan Plaid and the CIA tr4Yerea the iVius.:.19-1116,1. _The . inesc,apable concluSton Is that this was one tho6 "In and out trausactions"..WIth CIA mil going to: the ? Kaplan Fund and from there ? A110 linstiinte. With Which Vol- roffn;Wfm$'01nit4c.ited.::," ? . . . ? F,'Und .memey., helped finance Vol- , Mitt .:ia? Other State Department ."gray opera. - tions,!!, Otii? Of ?.(lieilo'.;;Vas t.1-io predecessor ? to ? ymEs, the San.4ose Inr4ltutc?of..Polltielt1 ' EduO'ution ? whirl opened Its doors in.. Oce?Ale ? Rich?In October of ..1960.?'Voliriatt was .stalle(1, as a director of, the Ciefta.; Institute.: which trained, learierfi for reVolu- Winery. ? Latin American . Pan-tier:. This Dist itute's staff, as well :is its faculty which incleded. Juan I losely moved to Santo Domingo , after Washington helped ? arratw,e? thin a s- sas Of ? . ? eeliriltri4 to iftilio'tHate, ? fernier 'Pres- : Went. of Costa Rica, the San Joso lust hub, Whial said Was, .Nupportp,4.1. by Mr Em- hissy. end the; Shite. Department, :issisted those ?Parties Which "have the?characleristic features witch make. ,them r identical Inn .doctrine and homegenous in pull Lea and social at?ttudes with Russian cOmmuntsni." ? 1..11ato Went on to explain that ilme.-e 'Parties ''hi he ?great care not to appear Communists., Mid ,even, from time to ttme;.make sporadic ? and ? tentative rhetorical .anti-Communtst de. mon stration s.'' lie. said that-01 denier r ati -parties, opposed to the-Marxist rogirne in ? ? Cuba wore ,excluded from thIS offshoot of Norman Thomas's New York ?Institute, Significantly, Plate deelari?.d. that .the prin- chile- of organ:,,ing Socialist parties from, different ? countries ? IS practiced :out. other continents. ,Sources lii Washingim.'S intelli-? geneo community have informed this writer that these international Sociali0 o+.erations are coorkihrited by .0:vni .wino haS charge of the unvouchered funds-for:CIA's laudeSti no oper.itions., Meyer Was kiriner., ty president or- time United Wo:,?itl? Federal- ? ,:istS, a Soclalint,briented lobby gcoup pushing world government. Ile ks k-noy.11 to 1,10 part . '6f ? the- CIA wing' that Is imptinn,A.,tiner the St;:ite, Dopartment's .policy So- cialist or "third force",i'egirnk?S ttilo inmost likely to "inodornii;.e" poorer or less developed .countries.. The co,,?ert operations of international. Socialists in and outside' of the W,tsimingion ? Adinittift ration can only be unrier.tood when We t5 lire that the goal of b;ith S