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November 11, 2016
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October 19, 1998
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October 1, 1967
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CPYRGHT FOIAb3b Approved For Release 199/09/07 : CIA-RI WA OF SERVER NEWSLETTER "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" BENJAMIN FRANKLIN IIGN LEVEL TREASON Zbignied Brzezinski, member of the State Department's Policy Plan- ning Council, has announced that "Communism is dead." Apparent- ly the Vietnamese Communists, who have killed 13,000 American boys, don't know that. And the captive nations of Eastern Europe are not aware of it, either; nor have the 30 million people enslaved in Cuba been informed of the demise of Castro, who has recently held a planning conference for the Communist con- quest of all Latin America. One-sixth of the surface of the Earth and one billion people are currently under the iron heel of Communist dictators. Apparently the State Department has failed to communicate to these peoples the glad tidings that Communism is dead. Brzezinski speaks of "the waning ideological con- flict among the more developed nations" and the "de- cline of violence among the more developed nations." These preposterous statements would not be worthy of serious consideration were it not a fact that Brzez- inski is a cohort of Walt Rostow in the subversive plot to coalesce the U.S. and the USSR. A sinister group of Russian Khazars, headed by Rostow, have had amazing success in proselyting a vast sector of the intellectual community in the col- leges and in the foundations. In the 1940s this clique captured the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in 1950, Rostow got $6 million from the Central Intelligence Agency to set up the Center for Interna- tional Studies, which is now subsidized by the State and Defense Departments as well as the CIA. Harold Isaacs, a dangerous Leftist, is now the top Brain Truster of this pro-Soviet garrison which has received million dollar fees to make secret studies for Dean Rusk and Bob McNamara on how to handle inter- national affairs with a view of affecting a world gov- ernment after a period of peaceful co-existence with the Soviet Union which they claim is "mellowing." They also make reports for the guidance of the CIA in its cloak and dagger operations at home and abroad. One of their pro-Soviet comrades is Jerome Wisner who is now Provost of MIT. Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg, of Russian Kha- zar ancestry, have sold President Johnson on the long- range planning ideas of the MIT boys. Highly reliable intelligence sources have advised WO that Walt Ros- tow, Harold Isaacs and Abe Fortas are the chief foreign policy-makers of our Gove e t. LBJ e Approved For Release 1999oW1 OCTOBER 1, 1967 completely mesmerized by these trusted friends. Other less known plotters in this subversive ring include Max F. Millikan, former Assisfant Director of the CIA, and Andreas F. Lowenfeld, a legal adviser of the State Department under both Kennedy and Johnson. Anyone who challenges the wisdom of this group is denounced as anti-Semitic; that is enough to silence any politician or government bureaucrat. Even the generals and admirals in the Pentagon are afraid to criticize them except in whispers among themselves. However, in fairness to these gentlemen, WO can reveal that several high ranking military officers did get up enough courage to privately advise the Senate Preparedness Subcommittee that this pro-Soviet garri- son is primarily responsible for the "no-win" policy in Vietnam and have suggested that these conspirators ought to be tried for treason. Unfortunately, the U.S. Senators lack the courage to probe in depth the covert activities of this subver- sive group. Previously, the Senate Internal Security cz,hnrmmi+tao otortaA n fi,ll_nnnla carrot ,..,.a..+: ...+:r., of this group but mysteriously dropped the inquiry without revealing its sensational findings. I FOREIGN AID The Shah of Iran's recent trip to Washington was not in vain_ Presi- UE LUXE dent Johnson is going to give His Imperial Royal Majesty Moham- mad Reza Pahlevi a second squadron of the latest U.S. 16F-4D Phantom Jets, $40 million net. This is in addition to gifts of $1.370 billion, plus uncollectable loans of $380 million. Simultaneously, Soviet Russia is allowing the Shah $100 million in "unsophisticated" military hardware, and building a $200 million steel mill at Isfahan. But the Soviets never make "gifts" in their foreign aid pro- grams like LBJ does. Russian aid is always a shrewd barter deal; in this instance, the Shah must furnish Russia $15 billion in natural gas over a fifteen-year period for the $300 million in armaments and the steel plant. A few years ago, the people of Iran ousted the Shah and he fled to Paris with his money. Then the CIA hired mercenaries to stir up street riots and eventually, with the aid of mutinied troops, they restored the Shah to his throne. In return, the Shah rewarded us by play- ing footsie with Israel, thereby creating Arab disunity. The Shah handsomely QQ rewarded himself by stashing CI X W 950b 111 000 &63101 ~%U.S. and FOIE CPYRGHT British ARArcQV"eF&ryP?tLea /9 7s : CIA RQr75-( %,1 F 0 O2QAWQQQiJT9ecedented king.) ?d racial' survey of almost every school in The Shah is now dickering with Turkey to build the Nation-North and South-will be connecting oil pipelines to the Mediterranean that will under way. The newly-organized Office render the Suez Canal virtually useless for oil trans- of Civil Rights (OCR) in the Department of Health, portation. The Shah's personal fees on this deal have Education and Welfare will conduct the survey. not been disclosed. An annual survey of school systems in the South After the Shah's good-will trip to Washington to see and border states have become a standard procedure in LBJ, he dropped by Paris where he ordered a cus- the U.S. Office of Education. School distr' and indi- tomized crystal bathtub. The illuminated bottom gives vidual schools in the districts were surveyed on the the bath water prismatic colors; the tap, fused on a racial composition of their enrollment and staff. State panel of marble, is concealed in a gilded bronze dol- superintendents in these 17 states already have been phin with ruby eyes-real rubies! notified about the 1967 survey and superintendents in A State Department official says off-the-record: the North and West will be notified soon, says the "Well, the Shah is our man-or at least we got a National Education Association, which has spark- piece of him. Unfortunately, the Soviets have a bigger plugged the survey. piece of him. But thus far we are keeping him neutral." / The NEA has been strongly promoting classroom How long? j integration since 1954, the year of the Warren integra- tion decision. In the early days the NEA claimed that Today, the most refreshing integration of Washington schools, would bring a vast U L UL FRUIII thing in Washington is that saving in the school budget. Now, the NEA hints that President Johnson has been a 100% boost for Washington schools may be nec- jolted into an "open door" OLYMPUS essary in order to save them from total breakdown. policy for all Members of Congress. The most recent activity of the NEA has been in- Since the recent popularity polls showed that LBJ citing teachers' strikes under the fiction that teachers is losing out with the voters, he has descended from are underpaid. Statistics show that teachers, who only Mount Olympus. Whereas last year he was so snooty work nine or ten months of the year, average $7,119 that he even snubbed his old pals in the Senate, and annually. ld l t di D an au ence on y ge emocrat congressmen cou with him in groups to discuss their local problems, all this has suddenly been changed. Now any Member of Congress - Democrat or Republican -can readily get an appointment to see good, old Lyn Johnson. All even rookie Congressmen have to do is phone W. Marvin Watson, the White House appointments secretary, and he will set up a date for them to see the President, who will listen to their problems with sympathetic understanding. And he might even do them a small favor if they swear eternal fealty to the LBJ banner. But LBJ doesn't just wait for his phone to ring from Capitol Hill - he phones 'em and invites them down to his lair. Recently, Senator William Proxmire (D- Wis), a stalwart Senate liberal, with big Federal spend- ing ideas, made a speech on the Senate floor advocating a $9 billion budget cut and criticizing the LBJ 10% surtax. LBJ immediately phoned Prox inviting him down to the White House. Prox said later: "When you confront the President face to face he presses his argu- ment with great force ... He's armed to the teeth as they say in pro football, he likes to hit; and he hits hard and fast." LBJ nearly twisted Prox's arm out of its socket; recur: ing to his office crest-fallen, Prox said: "I'm still convinced that rather than increase taxes the President can and should withhold spending." More and more Members of Congress are resisting LBJ's brand of blandishments and coercion as they listen to the voice of the people back home. LENT LAUNDRY WASHINGTON OBSERVER NEWSLETTER No. 38 (May 1, 1967) predicted the end of Michigan Governor George Romney as a GOP Presidential can- didate. Nevertheless, he is still in the race, propped up as if by invisible pillars. One of the invisible sup- ports keeping Romney in the race is that his early collapse, pointed up in WO 38, has thrown the politi- cal timetables of other Republican candidates askew; they are now trying to keep him in the race instead of knocking him out! Richard M. Nixon's new campaign manager, Ex- Governor Bellmore of Oklahoma, was pulled off Rom- ney fast after he had opened up on him, and Nelson Rockefeller sought to shore up Romney by emphasiz- ing his own alleged intention not to run. Nixon knows he can pick up convention delegates more easily from Romney than from any other liberal. As for Nelson Rockefeller, his hope for the nomination is based upon his appearing as the savior of the liberals at the latest possible moment. So. Romney, despite his persistent blunders in matters great and small, still remains the only liberal candidate running for the Republican nomination. Polls showed Romney dropping 20 per cent as a result of his incredible handling of the Detroit riot sit- uation; he suffered another plunge when he emerged as a dove on the Vietnam war after asserting that he had earlier been "brainwashed" by the Johnson Ad- ministration and by the generals and diplomats in Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000200330001-9 CPYRGHT While ~/ s e a~8eh Nelson Rockefeller and Sen. Charles Percy (R-Ill) remain in the wings deciding when to make their move. Soon after they do, Mr. Romney will be back in the laundromat, wondering what happened. r ri 5'S a Ls As the world knows, four employees of Senator Tom Dodd (D-Conn) con- spired with journalist Drew Pearson. and stole hundreds of official docu ments from their boss. What the world doesn't know is that at least five and possibly as many as six employees were in on the betrayal. This information comes to WO from two separate sources. Both sources are agreed that the real instigator of the plan to destroy anti-Communist Dodd has yet to surface. This person, a long-time, paid agent of the subversive Anti-Defamation League, is still on Dodd's payroll as a trusted employee. Jeremy Home, another Pearson-ADL stool pigeon, is still plying his trade as an undercover agent. Under the pretense of peddling John Stormer's book, None Dare Call It Treason, he engages Conservatives in long distance telephone conversations, trying to inveigle them into saying something anti-Semitic. What the other parry doesn't know is that each conversation is taped. While Michigan's Governor, George Romney, travels to other states, a Recall move- ment against him has been instigated by Michigan Conservatives. It has little chance of success, however. Selma Shapiro, public relations director for Ran- dom House, has just announced a new book, allegedly co-authored by Stokeley Carmichael, on black power. The book was really written by the co-author, Charles Hamilton, professor of political science at Chicago's Roosevelt College. The book calls for "violent warfare" inside America unless whites can be humbled. . . . "Doctor" Marion Francis Ashley-Montagu is a well- known anthropologist who advocates racial intermar- riage. His real name is Israel Ehrenberg. Asked one noted scientist of another: "Why didn't he change his name to King Henry the Fourth?" . . . Another well- publicized "scientist" is "Dr." Albert Ellis, sexologist, who advocates free sex for all. WO will pay $20 to any subscriber who supplies his real name and proves it. The Labor Department has just stated that the in- tensification of the war in Vietnam has created more than a million new jobs.... Secretary of Defense Rob- ert Strange McNamara's pet economy idea is to cut back on nuclear missile production while the Soviet's Amtorg Trading Corporation is currently buying in the U.S. vast quantities of strategic, scarce metals used in their nuclear missile and rocket programs. The Reds are paying premium prices to American firms for all the rhodium, palladium, platinum and other rare CPYRGHT symbol for U.S. Senators is a chip diamond lapel pin that cost the taxpayers $30 each, thanks to a resolution fathered by Sen. "Dolly" Dirlcsen (R-Ill). . . . Pro- Soviet elements within the CIA, in an effort to induce 'resident Johnson to attack Red China, have presented him with pictures of China's nuclear installations, rocket launching sites and a detailed report on the Red Chinese armored combat division already in North Vietnam. Through a flurry of falling leaves, October 22 shows through the infallible Crystal Ball. Peaceniks, led by violent Leftist Jerry Rubin, are picketing the Sheraton-Park Hotel, in Washington, where 4000 business executives are meeting as the "industrial reserve," to be mobilized in the event of all-out war. This event will catch the D. C. Police by surprise (unless they read WO) because the peace; marchers are expected at the Pentagon on that date. It looks like the first Red Chinese satellite in space by the end of this month, which is the anniversary of Mao's 18th year of triumph. High-flying U-2 recon- naisance planes, based in Taiwan, making daily flights criss-crossing Red China, have spotted the launching site and observed construction progress. Dsl3ite the fact that President Johnson took prompt forthright action to avert a railroad strike, he will make no effort to prevent Walter Reuther's UAW from tying up the automotive industry that is engaged in defense production. In early October Walter Reuther will call a coalition meeting of peaceniks and civil righters in Chicago to formulate plans for a liberal third party. His ploy is to pressure LBJ to give full support to his auto strike uemands. LBJ will capitulate. He will do anything to block Bobby Kennedy from entering the Presidential arena. There is a strong possibility Congress will remain in session for the rest of 1967 due to the controversial tax boost bill and war-on-poverty legislative proposals. The WASHINGTON OBSERVER NEWSLETTER is published semi-monthly except March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1 when subscribers receive the quarterly mag- azine, THE AMERICAN MERCURY. Subscription rate for the MERCURY/ OBSERVER package: $10 for one year, $15 for two years, $20 for three years. Extra copies of the 03SERVER, 15c each. Permission to quote granted pro- vided the OBSERVER is given as the source. Printed and mailed in Washington, D.C.; however, send all cor- respondence to P.O. Box 1306, Torrance, Cal. 90505. Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000200330001-9