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November 11, 2016
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February 9, 1999
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October 10, 1963
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1 I'J.LY O CT 1 0 1963 Approved For Release 1999/09/07 CIA-RDP75-00001 R o IT -13 ,f N rte J ,dA In "VI - CPYRGHT Agency Chile!* V(;f A)t'ached, , IISf, ' rY.l.12 7 er -el': a en1 ned y BY PETER LiSAGOR NI Our Wa.a?hurgron Bureau Clurl evil- tral Intelligence Agcncy i, f ol- lowing orders to the letter in South Viet Nam. according to President Kennedy. And so, by that curious logic, that compounds the mystery or any hush-hush operation. the CIA chief in Saigon is being transferred." this was the President's word for what others have called a sacking of John Richardson, the CA chief in question. Mr. Kennedy brought up Richard- son's name himself in denying the CIA was carrying out in- dependent operations in South ;j Vici Nam. He c a I I c d- Richardson :c dedicated public servant." CIA had gone into business for itself, accounting for the con- fusion over precisely what . impact President Neo Dinh Diem's repressive policies wore having on the U.S.-supportcci war a g a i n s t the Communist Viet Con; guerrillas. RICIIARI)SON'S r e t u r n here for reassignment follow,; a series of dispatches from South Viet Nam' alleeine the 25X1A9a FOIAb3a At, 111 VIM 117111, saying IM7,7 -har;,cs are unfair and certify-; nn that it has '(ione a god oh." Mr. Kennedy was primed ,or the question at his news. onic?rence. He noted he had poked through the record. 'vet- carefully" over the lasts line months and found nothing' o indicate the CIA "has done cnyrhing but support policy." tic called the stories inspired )y Richardson's reported trans-t er ac "surmises." IiUT Till', FACT is that ichardson's status was ordered hanged after the stories ap- eared, not before. leaving the istinct impression that he was r ? of ;assn'':, differences ith either the new ambassador,' uthorities hack here. The fo-mcr director of the :IA. Allen Dulles, recognized ich;,rd,on"s recall and the. tories of U.S. differences over., ow to deal with the Diem. egin,c as a classic case of. in.cfing a goat," 1. i It may he better' for the 1.11 "to be tarred in the; uotcd a:: saying, than the resident or secretary of state.; CPYRGHT Approved For Release 1999/09/07 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000200410029-0