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November 17, 2016
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June 7, 2000
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September 16, 1960
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BOSTftPftNWdIFor Release 2000/ IARDi -00001 CPYRGHT FOIAb3b Six by seven inch picture of wife and 3 children and one and half by two inch picture of Harvey Bennett. Newspaper article appearing in the Boston Traveller, 16 September with 2 inch headlines stating: r{ms2xr*tus~Rt~rx~.axas~v4=. .,.s.; K, , f.h ,h:.;: Ex-GI and Pal Vanish in Russian (by Ed Martin with Bath, Maine date- line) An old ex-GI and his former Air Force buddy have dropped from sight behind the iron curtain under mysterious circumstances. The distraught 26 year old wife of Harvey C. Bennett, 26, told the Taveller today her husband and his friend have been missing since September 1. Mrs. Bennett said the State Department and other agencies have run into a blank wall in their attempt to learn the whereabouts from the Russian government. The young mother of three small children is living with her father, Forrest Legard, a former Maine legislator at 15 Maple Grove Avenue here. (article continued on page 42) She said her husband and his friend Mark Kaminisky, 27 of 1127 East Ann Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan crossed into Russia July 27 as accepted tourists. Both had been granted scholarships from an educational fund in Philadelphia to visit Russia and several satellite nations she said. Her husband, a native of Tracy, California was graduated from University of California, Berkley last January where he majored in Russian studies. he said she received several letters from her husband as he traveled to Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad, Smolensk and other Russian cities. They were mostly descriptions of the places he had visited. None of them indicated he was worried or disturbed. The last letter was mailed from a small village in the Ukraine dated August 19 explaining he was to leave Russia in about 6 days for Vienna. I haven't heard from him since, she told the Traveller,and I am worried over what could have happened to him. Mrs. Bennett said she wired the State Department and Amerpole Enterprises in Detroit, Michigan which arranged the tour. Neither has been able to come un with a single clue as to where the men are or what has happened to them. A spokesman at Amerpole sa d his a enc cabled Intourist the official Russian tours agency .II"6w; ~?r ~~fa 106 ' :'A-RE7&?OOQI R O OOO-bed no Approved For Release 2000/06/13 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000200600084-8 CPYRGHT reply he told the Traveller. Both men were granted Tourist visas by the Soviet Embassy in Washington for the trip. She said she under- stood that Kaminsky was in the Soviet Union last year as a representa- tive of the State Department at the U.S. Exhibition in Moscow. The men left by Swiss Air from New York on July 25, and flew to Zurich, Stockholm and Helsinki. At Helsinki they rented a car to go to Russia. TOURS INCLUDED CZECHOSLAVAKIA They were expected to cross from Russian into Czechoslovakia about August 27 and reach Italy three days later. I have no.idea what could have happened to them, the agency spokesman said. When asked if the men could have been arrested by the Russians he replied, "I have no idea." He added: " I would assume if they met with an accident and were taken to a hospital the authorities at the hospital would have notified the American Embassy," But an official of the State Department told the Traveller that they received no reply to the official query to the American Embassy indicating officials there have received no word from the Russians. Mrs. Bennett, the former Rena Legard, said she could not understand why she hasn't heard from her husband since August 19. CONFIDENT HE WOULD CONTACT HER If anything happened to him she said and if was able he certainly would get some word to me. She said she met her husband while he was an Airman 1st Class in the Air Force stationed in the US Naval Station, Brunswick, Maine. He served four years including an overseas assignment in Korea. When he was discharged in 1956 they were married and went to California where her husband entered college. I don't know too much a Pout Mark Kaminsky except that he was a close friend of my husbands when they were in the Air Force she i said. She said her husband is one of a family of 5 children. li s H t father is deceased and his mother, Mrs. Frances ves Bennett a 213 West 21st St., Tracy, California. Harvey had no definite plans for a career when he came out of the University of California. He looked forward to his Russian trip and hoped to make up his mind what career to follow when he returned she said. Meanwhile, she waits with ever increasing concern while the State Department and other agencies wait too for some message of her missing husband and his companion. Also waiting, but not under- standing are the three Bennett children--Valeri 2, Clint 1, and baby Pamela, 6 months. Approved For Release 2000/06/13 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000200600084-8