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November 17, 2016
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August 21, 2000
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September 17, 1960
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BALTIMORE SU1t SEP 17 1960 Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP75- tonight after being held 40 hours by Cuban secret police who ac- cused her and an American group of spying. Three Americans not identified with the United States Embassy were still held.. Another, identified as Robert L. Neet, and said by the Cuban Gov- ernment to be an Embassy em- ployee, was ordered expelled from Cuba along with Mrs. Lennox. The Embassy said it did not know of any employee named ~eet. His identity is being investigated. Mrs. Lennox was report in CIIBA FREES N)' 111S1 EM?LOYEE. ,Embassy Secretary Ordered Expelled After Release Havana, Sept. 16 f1Pl -Mrs. Mar-,, The note said as the result of an investigation of the activities jorie Lennox, a United States:of these three, Mrs. Lennox and Embassy secretary, was released; Neet, were arrested. Neet was identified only as an embassy em- ployee. An embassy spokesman said he could not discuss or clarify the charges. Shortly before Mrs. Lennox was released Cuban authorities said she was being held for' "inter ference in Cuba's internal of-' fairs." Case Is Referred The embassy spokesman said. she was taken immediately after' her 'release to the suburban resi-i dence of United States Ambassa- dor Philip Bonsai. .l h k ti e 0po esmaul ng, t She said she had not been mss-; s ;said. Bonsai said Mrs. Lennox did+ treated by Prime Minister Fidel nut want to see anybody. 1 Castro's secret police, who in-i1 "It was quite an ordeal," Bon-4' vaded her downtown Havana;;.sal said. He said the case had: apartment early Thursday atttt;l:ecu referred to the State De? held her incommunicado for hours.jl,ar mment in Washington. Charges Unknown Mrs. Lennox, a divorcee, was' She said police refused:'to tell hold at her apartment ten hours' her why she was jailed. ' chile secret police questioned A spokesman said the embassyiher and searched the apartment., .had received a note from the men she was taken to police Lennox's release accusing her of !espionage and saying the charges Would be followed up. The note charged that Mrs. Len- ,nox "along with other embassy personnel engaged in espionage and conspiratorial activities." The note said Mrs. Lennox was detained after Cuban military po- lice had rounded up other person, ,including three Americans, after ~what:?was called suspicious move- ment in the downtown apartment house where Mrs. Lennox lived. These persons were identified In the note as Eustace Dan Brunet, Edmundo Transke and Daniel L. Carswell. t ' headquarters.. The United States made re peated protests over her seizure. A United -States Embassy wet-f fare officer who talked to Mrs:; Lennox today was the first Ameri! can associate . permitted to inte w her since her arrest. ' j Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000200650015-9