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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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January 31, 1958
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JAN b I 1958 WASHINGTON STAR Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RD ON THE AIR A DeIoyed Report F It's a rare offering in the th ter- these days :that,Sioesn t tor of sori4e TV repute. The hubert t ? s a. ac cas include in it playbill fyi' the new coined Y;-' This ? Is Goggle," credits James Daly with over 400 TV performances.. 40 ' - a J ? .,.. - 1 11 buy U114' U, too. rind I'll wager that I've 5ee`xx.rDaly,in at feast 200 of them, daggerv escapade's for Szel ioii ;TV " he laughed, "she had Reynolds' "Foreign Intrigue" its 1 missed the- credits and didn't' iVe Robert P. eel: . _ , . - - ? . ,a hi s s FOIAb3b ... v ..} r; vt * # burg. Harris, who was in the Hall of the new Lloyd Bridges series mieres tonight (1Q:30 so after the show r k o hi h ht." i t ' " p e x c s A wee w ie 11 , Fame Twelfth Nig s Overlooking some of t t0Y ical inaccur actes in, the, con libon his way to New York from * :~ o'clock, WMAL-7) ... Clau- I, .ss., s k h t h i oo e ... .. (W etmesday, W RC-`41 leys. late ?atc script. didn't get a call, thi attention it m rited? e, at the Gettysburg battle- strange mish-mash; the hero's j land-lubber a pair of swim nxt-.to-last Studio Or,,eli tJiere'ci been a play on TV'sbotit! was after in and he 'l l ABC's '-Open He+a 1 w,] s `y~Zk inn " o even zcrx snow. .G .. rv - . The Lee role, he `says, re ''loo;it said T aly iWhich uailim fall-SiCle d11-m~ht ands' dv V recently' and CBS will ......../ a9? I'" .s, ..a i IXA, .:11A 1 ... _-;, fnT7ow suit Sunday Taking ; suited in one at. ktiG grettla~~ program indirect complimen1t+S"Yrc'''S. re ! h tlieie ore didn t "s fe Y+lt pM 'ed Eby 1 Sterling?' lei Part n st he network. will sion of the drama. urar cable wets ,.W ..,.ova...,. r rwn wa tci, , But it sure hnn5ned business. sbttie minbl lpe folma' oes and ? . WTOP-9 is trying to c,ear i "r .,__ 4-.~ le h w o here!" mouu-cvunll, ,~~~, sor ale flea tJCxdl JUay...61 v n r the Shubert, nual "For God and Codntry the National's Celeste Helm, I was a latter day mermaid- h ad II a 'who son or two ago and Roserh,ary yard, repTesepting ni e 'Bunt" CPYRGHT Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300090006-0