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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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October 21, 1967
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Sar?~k?,,~,roved Fo /w/y/~ J,:~ J M.~i~ 4JLIi.I,JUy1l ~~~ '~., ~~ ,' + ~ ~ Dv~l z s J ! r ~ ~ ~ r ~ J i ~ ~ '~ i! ~I ivYW l+ ~ ~y ~iJ r CPYRGHT ;? I3y' :1hCI1AI;L 3IJRNST)/IN? ?~ ecruiters 'to stay off colle~o 'the office ~n~ t,~n.~??r_p;,,,;~^ ?~C~ st ?ms, go, it was rather in-. ? am}>uses. - ~ View. ,'11umt t, m~nnfny_ly~.~ formal: : ~ ;vhen the students had started a' } The sit ?i n of l;nginecring . ? ? ~ ?,.~ i every now and then students Euilding Room .16L started at 11 ` st.tnd'ui" -they u?cre joined; by uni;?er;ity security officer Lt. `, ' ~~ would get up and leave to get a a.m. At rocs, altho the group's Richard 1Iayar, 1'? ' a~?owed aim was to kcc~ soda or hate a sandwich. A few ' ~ reerui- He read a state law which. he. I. had cameras and the . t olt a lot `cr ~~':xd Damme~d~ irn and in- ? y D tervrewces ou`f;~T. Damtnen ,claimed showed they could ;et ' of pictures. There wcrc?no de? N?alk~+d thru them to lunch. ' arrc;ted For trespassing. The ; lermined leols on their faces. ~ ; studra~ts briefly tallied about; Iie ~ didn't come back until ? ~ettin~ P,ut. well ~oa?~, b b "busted" but decided ~ ~, , banized or not, about ;,; 15 after at least -one in?, ~; they ;would leave -- some thain? ;' some Students fur a Democratic,- tervic;v had been cancelled, 'ard taming they had achieved their ~~ Society members at llaryland',.when he got there; the students purpose. .Unive.sity apparently did what '?. were .in the prccess of endingr they w; Hied yesterday; They .. the sit-in trcausc they .had no "Gloria, ,you're not going 40 ?' ;. disrupted Central Intcllil;encc 'one to "confront,".as?thcy put '. get arrested," one student said,. `. Agency recruitment interviews; .? tt? :? ~ ~ grabbing his girlfriend's hand 'and they also lot everyone kno;?r `.and pulling her from the :~roont. ' iti(1'. parn:nen's return appar? ? Others sand they would come ! how much they hate CIA mei:h~ ? ently Yook the SDS by surprise, 'hack W?dnesday for a real con?~ ? ' i:=: ods and how they would-like its and he walked rig}tYby and into ?-.frcniation.