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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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March 7, 1965
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Sanitized - Approved For Release, : CIA- CHEYENNE, WYO. STATE TRIBUNE e. 10,253 S. 10,090 Fre1t P.oo -.,. r.?. MAR 7 1965 Daoc Don't Quit in Viet Ndm' FOIAb3b 7tilleMea cannot atford to ig- U.S. foreign policy as relat Darling did not take too pes- nore its future stake in South- ed to Southeast Asia originated simistic a view of the frequent east Asia, athe former research ~ in 1948, Darling said, with a' :? 'change in South Viet Nam gov- agence Agency he trr Wo rrld meeting in India between var- '? ernments in Saigon. The con- Affairs 'Conference here last ious Communist party groups stant shifting of power has its Affairs 'C nfe-day hexer and representing a wide array of good side, he said, and that is lecture The is seminar by ~`. Asian nations at which apparent unwillingness of lee Town and session is's sored by spread disorders against then the people to accept a dictator. he Tonne w Country po scn'r League, a existing civil governments were Despite the bewildering num- tion. ome planned. her of political coups in Sai- 1'he speaker was Dr. Frank The U n i t e d States then gon, he said, that country may Darling, now assistant profes- launched a response to this pro- be arriving gradually at some sor of political science at the gram which amounted to a pol- governmental stability. Uni.versit of Colorado. As a icy of containment of this Com- munist aggression. U.S. policy The 'U.S. faces four a, Dar- f member, he once was fives in South Viet Nam, asslgned to Southeast Asia. was based on both selfish and Three Three factors, Darling told a altruistic motives, Darling said, tirely, One at he out en- session of the confer- and it was aimed at aiding the, as reevent he described domestic interests of this na- a unlikely because lance last night, make it impera- would free -most free the Asian Commu- ; tive that this country continue tion as well as aiding the na- its :Eight in South Viet Nam, tions affected by the Commu- sisns e? expand lsewhere. thA eir aggress One, of these is that the popu- nist drives as well. neu eutrlaization ation of f the second is e area which lation in Southeast Asia totals Darling suggested that in is unlikely because the North approximately 200 million per- South Viet Nam today, where Vietnamese Communist leaders sons, a vast number to be al- he said ? the only alternative have staked their entire politi- lowed to go to the "enemy." open to us was to pursue our cal careers on Red subjugation Darling made it clear his def- present policy of firm but pa- 'of South Viet Nam and would inition of the "enemy" is the tient countering of North Viet not agree to such a decision. Xomniunists. Nam aggression, we must take A third is to expand the war, Another major factor, he steps to implement our mill - but this would provide us with said,' is the great wealth in tary efforts with an expanded another Korea. The only solu- tin, rubber, petroleum, zinc program of our own guerrilla tion, Darling thinks, is to con- i and many other forms of warfare against the Viet Cong tinue generally along the line wealth, A third is that ` South guerrillas. we presently are . following cast Asia occupies one of the' "The U.S. and its South Viet' with possibly greater einproy- most six;it:egic locations in the Nam allies also must. provide ment of U.S. military forces in world situated as it is as a more aid and technical assist South Viet Nam, with a firm buffer between China and India ance to South Viet Nam as a ' but patient persistence in seek-' and on a, vital,. Waterways, means of improving the, coup ing to drive out the Viet Cong ,crossing; try's econoy. ...m and defeat their _,pur~se._ Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300090017-8