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September 29, 1959
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ST. CLOUD (Minn.) TIAAre SEP 9 1959 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75- Circ.: e. ' 17,457 Front Edit Other T Paige page page Date: SEP 291 40 New Faculty Members at State 7Cwenty-seven new full-time fac- ulty members joined the staff of St. Cloud State college as fall quarter classes got underway this week. In addition four other faculty members returned to the staff after being-- away for - at least a year. The year's activities began two weeks later thanl usual at. St, Cloud State under a new schedule designed to end the fall quarter at the Christmas recess. The new calendar calls for, a five-day re- cess at the close of the winter quarter in late March with the spring quarter ending June 10. Orientation and testing activ- ities for freshmen and transfer students were held on the campus throughout last week. * * a the Division of Education, Philos. ophy and Psychology is Miss Con- stance Leitch. She has an M.A. from the University of Minnesota and has served as an industrial psychologist with John Deere and Company in Moline, Ill. In change of status, Eugene Perkins, who served in the public school psychologist program last year, has moved to the Education Divi- sion. a a a New full time staff members in the Division of Languages and Literature include Dr. Robert Rie in German, Donald Dedmon in speech, and Francis Voelker in communication. Dr. Rie has a J.D. (law) degree from the Uni- versity of Vienna and has also studied at Johns Hopkins univer- sity. He has taught at the Uni- ulty members is in the campus'---- laboratory school which has been reorganized to separate the duties of student teaching supervisors _ from the classroom teachers. The six new staff members there in-' clude Miss Mildre4 Miller, grade 2; Miss Mary ,Jane Leighton, grade 3; Mrs.. Esther Schmidt, grade 4; Owen 1J,a+gen, grade 6; Duane Shep,pardi,grade 8; and Wesley Rooker, Vgcal.music. Mr. Hagen has. a B.S. degree from Moorhead State college and has done graduate, work at the Univ,;ersityof Mip es9ta. The oth- ers are graduates, of St. Cloud State college, Mi?S Leighton has taught at Little Fails. Mrs. Sch- midt has taught in'rural Chisago County and rural Dakota county and has also bed active in 4-H Club work. Miss lq'il.ler taught last year at St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. 'Rooker has taught at Midville, Ohio. The Division of. Arts and Music has two new rtiembers, Donald :Baier in music and Alfred Lase, in industrial arts. Mr. Baier leas' a B.S. degree from the North-' western School of Music in Min neapolis, a Master of Music from; Indiana university and additional' graduate work at the University., of Minnesota. Mr. Lease has a B.S. and a Master's degree from,'. St. Cloud State college and addi- tional graduate work at the Uni versity of Minnesota. He has p taught in. high schools at Port- land, Ore., Foley, and Sauk. Raids and Munich jn Europe and at t"e University of Alaska, St. Olaf Co 6 1l e e College and Bradley Universit Chi country i n Mr. Ded?mon has a B.S. degree from Southwest Missouri State college and an M.A. degree and University of Iowa. He has taugh has coached debate for two year at the University of Iowa. Mr. Voelker has' a B.S. degre from St. John's University an a M.S.E. degree at St. Clou State. He taught English for fou New full-time staff members i the Division of Mathematics an Agency in Washigton, D. a a *'. M.A. and graduate work at e University of Minnesota. For vA009~ eral years he haegn an of with the Centlig CPYRGHT The one new full-time fac y member in tho Divisi gt p .. al Sciences will J Dad in history. He ha?- a e e from Valley 'City State Teac rs college in Nofth Dakota an a, Dr. Rowland Anderson, who i leave. rary basis to take, the place pf man of the Mathematics and ence division, has returned f from o on College in Ass India, and M.S. degrees from University of Gauhati and i University of Kentucky. college. r . Bail a has a B.S. deg University of Minnesota. Arndts has a B.S. from Bem' i State Teachers college and a from Ntirth Dakgta") Agricultu q; mathematics and Hira Baisya physics. Dr. Miftftlson' has B.S. degree from Colorado St New members o1 he Div s on of Professional Lalpratpry e riences are Mrs. Alice Lund, ' g lish, and Dr. James Grun r d. d. and graduate work at St. C to For many years the was prin al and a teacher at Washi n School in St. Cloud. Dr. Grunerud has a B.S. M., Ph.1). from the University o $ California. Ile has served hot in administrative and teachin positions in high schools of Mi d For Release : t 19P RdP7'5r ttR c 100090023-1 The one newSanitizeoApprove Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300090023-1 CPYRGHT - Virginia Chirhart, has returned to the staff of the Professional Laboratory Experiences division. She will replace Lucille Maier who is on sabbatical leave. New members of the library staff are Etny Nequette and Har- old Opgrand. A retired navy man who took his college work late, land hasty a B.J. degree from the University of Missouri and a M.S. degree frorp. the University of Souftrii Illinois. He has several years o4 newspaper experience andhtis served for the past four years on the public information! staff at USI. New full-time staff members in an expanded program of consult- ing psychologists for public! schools are Miss Clare Deth- mers, Richard Heinze, and Ed-; ward Selden. Miss Dethmers has; a B.A. from Macalester and a M.A. and graduate work at the University of Minnesota. She has been a psychiatric aide at Hast- ings State hospital, a social work- er in Freeborn county, and a probation officer in Ramsey coun- ty. Mr. Heinze has a B.A., M.A., and additional graduate work at Minnesota. He has worked with t the Minnesota State Rehabilitation Service. Mr. Selden also has a 1 B.A., M.A., and additional grad- uate work at the University of Minnesota. He has served for' ,eight years as court psychologist:; in Minneapolis. New part-time staff members in this program will be Stephen Olmsted and Mrs. Diane Minze. Three new program advisers are Miss Judy Anderson, Richard '' Christenson and Richard Perrizo. New dormitory directors a r e James - Graeve, and Mrs. Alice Larsen. Mrs. Lois Redding, who retired last June, was persuaded F to return as dormitory director, at Shoemaker Hall. The new part-time graduate as- i sistants are as follows: audio- i visual center, Lyle Wandrei; in- dustrial arts, Marvin Ekgren; freshman communication, Mrs. Lorraine C o l e in a n, Melvin George, James Perdue, Clyde Lund, and Miss Edith Yaeger; mathematics and science, Orville. Ziebarth and Ludwig Asfeld; so- cial science, Mrs. Alma Bargabus and Miss Hattie. Larson. Rodney Anfenson and Willis Wood, graduate assistants last s year in - the Division of Health and Physical Education, became full-time staff members this year. Faculty members returning from leave this year are Mrs. Algalee Meinz, who has taken' Miss PaulingPenning's place as chairman of the Art Department, and Roderick Forsgren. Faculty members away on leave this year are Dr. Rowland Apderson, Mrs. Marjorie Jarvi, Robert Laudon, Robert Hanson, Mrs.. Laura Lef- kofsky, and Miss Lucille Maier. Mr. Nequette has a B.S. and graduate work at St. Cloud.. Mr. Opgrand has a B.S. degree from Mayville State Teachers college in North D 1,lcota. He has been li- brarian for several years at Glen- coe, Minnesota, and has taught library science at Mayville. A new member of the adminis- trative staff will be Howard Ray Rowland who will arrive October 1 to take over as Director, of Information ? Services. Mr. Row- Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R00030 090023-1