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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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November 5, 1952
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1OV i 1952 OV 5 1952 anitizec APV9V .' .qr Release : CIA- NIACCA11 DCVICW_CTAR FOIAb3b Circ.: e. 38,842 Front Edit Other Page Page Page Date: OV 6 1952 EDITORIALS CPYRGHT Swell Job, Nassau! Nassau rang the bell! ,,. 'he turnout of 446,352 voters in the election.is It repro nts 87.2 per cent of the ?l~egiste'ed voters.. prp'a ly is even better. than that, when you cots- sex the carry -over i the non personal registra- ti" districts . the population shift between elec- tbfts always means the names of some people who have moved away are continued on the books. mistake! The and i It w a fine showing ... ~T_, _ 'v id off! es pa NOW THE GUESSING GAME begins. What tat'1ts" are; now going to be "ins"? .4,"The Federal government always has drawn ' heavily on Nassau's talents cabinet officers, de- partmerat,~heads, high level ,consultants et al. who's to be tapped xi7 that the GOP is in "the-driver's seat in Washington? __. W n+1e Mille heard Alt,-!-L W y of s"of;t Nationa3 City Bank in Manhattan, is consid- ered a- likely ohoic ,for the: cabinet-probably Sec- recta ' of the Treasury:';, r$ fence Secretary Hobert A. Lovett of Locust Valley, who succeeded acineral George C. Marshall about a :,J?ear ?agb, conceivl-bly could continue as F~ k ._> " rubee Davison o Locust a ey sure y > be i> iT g count 1s e Under Secretary of the y ;Iris latest post has been as assistant 'to Lt; Mlter Bedell head of the Central In' gency. end our, County Execi tive, J. Russel Sprague! ... whose key role in nominating and electing Eisen- ' bower rates,him a "top man" post .. say, as Post- master General ! What's your guesses? Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300090026-8