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November 11, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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'$an.itlzed - Approved For Release : CDUR BV Tliroutr the ; A. 4. A& tanult " ere a !kid foite-tbe' Sphlnx was Cary% - pc pie have 'bar'n&` inaiit ed, with i ' ed ify, Obaut whatever, they .WW not )coow. Spies, wet' at- tempt to Satisfy just such curi- osity, regularly fact da et4 VDn-. eict, and auspent -the stuff of ,.drama. Hence, the attractiveness (Of their calling to journalistic job. ~ totters intent on lassoing the skit-, titish buck. That is it legttimatO ANATOMY ',OF STING; .841 ?onaid Seth t uUriw:.i5 frS.. w.. , sphere of social activity .at thisowe hicldt?n,' ,subi become suule(ti t .' : basic. gor4 tucut tr book example of this sort of thing. - _ _ e i,xi viduai s "s txk moir_er 'at44- in style it is adequate. to are ','useful. Elsewhere are Interesting, ?iography.. contains nevert-helm ,rangement, which is topical rather ~ ft often trite, passages on the ;a huiltdn booby-trap. Houl.c,lz 1'pt,I than chronological, there is ample. qualities mandatory in a spy for these and a lire in some far-off reglop, YOU Seth does FO, dozen other topics. The trouble is, i'lais reviewer has-ecb hsswed they have all been done before. k y a retired American dipidfiat; ;often as well, usually more fully. _ s, well-publicized reminiscene Yet mere are no uw)wgrs . b British agent in World War references in this book, with twt- F t Ii. is 9o per Cent prevarication ?aexce$ipns. lt; would'then SO"' ...--.l3.lei_^.tr._ le ?" bor want ~1l. '. t c1 e s memoirs, but in no case can these flour (two uum ul a?...t Y I records of the actual parts played -e-- by their writcrrs:= .. ?ft is alwayiR The narrative itself. after a n 3 pendent ihroniclers-are uniquely 1 epi eR~n Is "anatomyof In 1 hard to came by, for the, reason ,f,ternatlonal espionage across two' analysis of . the' psyehology ands ` regimen controlling the course of ,terent . governments' in'teften" t: Spy buffs mayy take to thfa:boah. ` around. ridden by their governments to ' ime Mr. Seth perpetrates the trionuge is. at the outset, breed 01;4F le, that ,the Japanese in !heir ih rustration amid what shook( war with cRussia `.`were the, A -t _ l... a gt(itI s nt r fibre i ttr ~.i .? of ssinn:.I NUTS behind the enemy lines on .: t., a U~v' 9 AC..:IIIS.I t. Vt ?c,... ..?.,.. J .. i,r!ma.rr~ it el tiarr4tlvery, arri~o j tY xti r 1 iri!r was not "sit asst t- i t;t:th. But since this vast area griiitary history, and several other ? -e. it -4_ nnn nt the mart ;,,;, n F R &App, vet For Release : GIA-RDP75-00001 R0003000900