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November 11, 2016
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October 14, 1998
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FOIAb3b A g1obmy view of the Vietnam dilemma is being circulated today in Washington.. Apparently with official approval. The" CIA with reasons still unclear has allowed one of its leading Vietnam experts, Peer DeSilva, to comment publicly on administra- tion policy. He paints a depressing picture. ,DeSilva believes there is no short term political solution; that policy should be aimed at destruction or neutralization of the Viet Cong, no longer in his mind a collection of partisans but rather a well equipped, growing and experienced army. He-advocates a four step policy and stresses all four steps must succeed or the entire policy fails. First curtail and then eliminate significant Communist infiltration, from the North (which in fact has increased). Second destroy, capture or disperse the Vietcong; third, identify the Vietscong; and fourth pacify the countryside. DeSilva also believes that it will take three to seven years to develop what he calls a acceptable and reasonable form of representative government assuming the success of the four point program -- still a large question. Received by: Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75 CIA OPERATIONS CENTE REPORT Source: CBS Morning News Summary Subject: 25X1A9a Distribution: DCI, DDCI, EXDIR, DDI, DDI/EXO, CGS, D/OCI(4), SDO(9) 25X1A9a ONE, ORR/CSS, DDP/DO, OSI, SAVA AS REPORTED BY MARVIN KALB CPYRGHT