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November 11, 2016
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October 15, 1998
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May 14, 1957
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PYRG HT BY Arthur Etna, start rnowgrapnei After his arraignment, o i Joseph Frank (center) maces and Walter Gillerist.. Frank is accused of failing to register District Court with his a o net's, Edward L. Carey (left) with the Justice Department as agent for a foreign principal. spUresmetr lain. Dominican Probe Holds D. C. Lawyer Former FBI Man Indicted as Illegal Agent for Trujillo By lvrorrey Dunie Albon B. Halley CPYRGI Albon Reeort9r. John Joseph Frank, 42, Wa ington attorney and fora FBI agent; was indicted by Federal grand jury yester on~"charges of. acting illega as all agent for Generalissi. Trujillo and the Dominic i Republic. The four-count ilidigtnle charged Frank with violati of the Foreign Agents Regis. tration Act of 1938. by faith to register with the Justice partinent as an agent for foreign principal. . Frank was indicted by a D trict Court grand jury whi i reportedly has bcen secret investigating the disappe ance of Jesus Maria de Gall - ~dez, a Columbia: Universi professor, and Gerald L. M phy, an American pilot. De Galindez, 42, a bitter crit c of Dominican strong man Tr - 'jillo, disappeared in Marc , 1956, in New York City. 1GIu - phy, 23, a pilot for a Domi - can airline, was last seen Ciudad Trujillo in Decembe , :1956. 'esli Fran a former lawyer for gatinn, cxplained the Gov- Franklin D R l .. ooseve t Jr the op secret Central.- IpteT1 eriunent's request by telling and Washington A t t o r n c y 1gel ce Ageflcy, testified before the Court the case "has inter- Charles Patrick Clark were the grand Jury March 12. national ramifications." registered with the Justice De- Two counts of the indictment Lenvin said the Government partmciat last .year as Domini- charged that Frank, also known knew that Frank n-iade "fre- can Rep iblic advisers but with- as "' o'hii ne," had collected quent trip's" to New York, Floe- drew threi' affiliation last Feb. information for and "soliditedlida and the Dominican Repub- 28. from the Dominican Republic' Frank.might "Tice." Lenvin also zinc linked the de Galindez since May, 1954, without regis- said Frank maintained a home disappearance with the re teri>,ig as a foreign agent. in Dominica. Ported death of Murphy, a The other two counts charged Carey entered a strong pro- Eugene, Ore., flier, in the Frank with reporting informa- test. lie told the Court that Dominican capital. jtion to and soliciting cotpen-'Frank, as a lawyer and former Murphy vanished in Ciudad BI ,. 1 . agent, uia-t'rank, who lives at 7608 pensed and disbursed" money`Columbi.a Pike, Alexandria, for Trujillo and the Domini-;was freed. under $10,000 bond can government in the Dis-!short]y before 6 p. m. and trict and elsewhere in the Unit-'left the District Courthouse ed States. referring all queries by news- The fourth count of the in- men to his attorney. dictment did not mention thej justice Department spokes- Di t i t r s c but charged that Frank acted "at the order, request i and under the direction of" Trujillo "within the United porting information. in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.j Dominican. G o v e r n in e n t Frank, a Georgetown Uni-. spokesmen denounced the story versify academic and Law 'Arrested On Warrant as ridiculous, School graduate, was arrested FBI Director I. Edgar Jioo Explaining the disappearance about 4:30 p. in. by three FBI ver 1T1s"1t1`[S*ili cf ]Murphy, Dominican Attor- agents as he was walking with tion Frank's activities net' General Francisco E. Boras his attorney, Edward'L. Carey gaii in "mid-1954" The basis~saicl last January that Murphy at 17th and I sts. nw. for Frank as?'"rie t was a Fed 'alaliarently had been murdered eral warrant obtained here lhv a Dominican airline pilot Arraigned, half an hour later; May 13, Hoover said. who later hanged himself in before District Court' Judged Frank, a native of New his jail cell and left a note Richmond B. ISeech, Frank en- tered a plea of innocent. Judge Beech set bond for Frank at $10,000- after Carey about the circumstances of thej de Galindez disappearance in! New York. Dc Galindez, a onetime Dominican resident, left hiss Columbia University class-! room at 9:30 p. m. on March, 12, 1956, and vanished. men, who said the grand .jury] The Life account linked a investigation is "continuing,"?March 12 flight Murphy made said each of the four countsnfrom Newark, N, J., to a Domi- Britain, Conn., was a 1938 grad- uate. of Georgetown and ob- tained his law degree there in 1941, the Justice Department vigorously opposed the Gov-' Frank joined the FBI on July.filto iviurpny's disappearance. bond. 'International' Case agent until May 13, 1949. Since ithen he engaged in private Nathan B. Lenvin, specialCl tice and also w for b e f o r e returning_ o conducting the grand .jui?.y iii-11953, .I u s t i c e Department blaming the killing on a per- sonal feud. The State Department has asked the` Dominican Republic, DPYRGH? 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