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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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April 3, 1966
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FOI'Ab3 Approved For Release 2000/08/03 4 CPYRGHT 0 Front Edit Other Pogo Pag? Pago Ciiz : "c'.h, Yi'{o;:ING STAR M-6,116 STAR-TRIBUNE 5-16.787 U nts from throughout the l he Americanism institute, a' i.m Institute Saturday at Kel- ing Farm Bureau American- inting the people of Wyo-1 ng with the basic fundamen- s. Robert Wiley, chairman of, the history of the United he meeting got under way 9 a.m., with a presentation Norwest District Farm Bu the richness of life in this coun wri, which traced the history' .- he basic reason the U.S. is'; U.S: arc four times the wages ajor Fouts explained why, purchase. --~~ United States is involved in, The formeiy CIS, taff,.7nem- present war in Viet Nam. her indicated tlihit.wages in the 'n'? for himself what he intends to ked on the subject "Why Viet dom of the consumer to choose ld a and h Viet Nam Examined of awoikerto find job-of his choice, the freedom ajor 'Neil Fouts, University of a businessman to. enter any -Betsy Ross days. 1iaegard stressed the freedom o " ces, Fouts said, Is to protect, in Russia are triple? what they t America did not start: the.object , of a speech by ' F.t ~W. tes. He stated that the U.S." "Fitttirr`lureau Views Citizen- ."'? we must be careful with them "The reason most countries; are hungry -is not the lack of natural resources, but the hun- ger is caused by the control and restrictions placed upon their; "These nations will continue toy, have hungry people until theI people are provided with an In-1 centive to work, in other words,} until freedom of the individual, prevails," Livingstone said. ! The president of the Wyoming Farm Bureau said that he was i very pleased with the turnout a th " tit t d the t e- I e u e an r ns mendous interest In American= ism that was shown by all who attended. 4 CPYRGHT Costello, Pocatello, area field' services director of theme;, can Farm Bureatlpaf+tion. i oste o m icated that the' business of the government is' the business of every citizen. r, The people of the c o u n t r y should take more reRponsihiliiy, P in this government of the people. Costello stated. war, but is only in South stI ty as a means of participation Asia as the protector of the lee, in government. people there. ; Hebert D. Livingston, New- Major Fouts went into s , detail on the problems of fight; president, spoke on the future of ing in Viet Nam presented bN the geography and the plant life.) He stated that there are three, layers of foliage which must be penetrated in order for the ene- my to be seen op the ground. 1Paul Haggard, history instruc- the country. "We will have the kind of government that we as the peo-pie will demand," Livington' said. "The U.S. government was' first established as an experi ment. There had never been al tor-at"Pine Bluffs High School: government established like it.; and a former staff member of, It is a Republic, where thr ml-) the Central Intelligence Agenc nority is protected. gave a a "ZRf 1 "This government produced; pare the Facts." j the greatest abundance and the' The,econotnlc'tystem of caps-1highest standard of living for talism, which is the differencelits people," he said. "We caw between the United States and~run out of natural resources, so many other countries, was brought out as the reason for - Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300260001-6