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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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September 30, 1966
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Approved For Release 2000/08~'~38'e i lJP75*0001 R0003 ecru CPYRGF#' 'ru~l ~~ilv The Associated Press college graduates for empl ment in six Rocky Mount tages in criti^a' professi ganization. ~trouble in the Rocky. Mounta' nel office in Saa : ake City in July. headed b 3,cruiter Jack G. Hanson. "We're iorrre.;ied in all kinds of applicants, the overt as well as in the secret aspect of CIA employment,*' Hanson stated. His jurisdiction is , New Mexico. Arizona, Utah, Colora- The schools Hanson will vis' in the next few months include In Utah - University of Uta , Brigham Young Universit , Weber State College, Utah Stat University. In Idaho - Idaho State Un - versity. The recruiter said televisio do, Wyoming and southern, Idaho. hand motion pictures, l uee ,portraying an unrealistic sup _ iti TL _ _,A h as cr ca for physicists, ~~I;nineors of all kinds, accor.? ants, certified public ac(.o.:._:,,s and photo- grammatris; ~. Hanson said agency has been hiring- moi-e women. He said this is, to s,,ne degree, spy, "have warped the imagina- tion of applicants so that th have a misconception of wh t CIA employment is. "For the most part," he con- tinued,, "employes are engag doesn't anticipate (that sort in evaluation and writing of i - traced to the drain on manpow- telligence reports. a far thi er by the Vie` Nam war. "We are interested in a varie 0 CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300260008-9 from the glorified agent and his I clandestine operations. "When interviewing a fellow," CPthis glorification be- fore he in and finds himself very unhappy.- An applicant for a profession- al CIA position must be 21, a U.S. citizen by birth; have a degree and be mature. "The agency is always on the lookout for graduates with military expe- rience - not so much for the ers, he said, are discouraged into taking immediate employ ment elsewhere by a three tc five-month period needed -1011 security check. son said that on the-whole thr agency's public image is high.1 He said the CIA employe has a~ career of genuine service to the country and one which holds ty of other professions," - son said. Most intelligence agency jobs lenge. Agents and employes of the added. These fields include re overseas or near Washing- CIA fundamentally are under a vice Commission il Se i ce iology and internatio o ics, r v ton, D.C. U.S. C Only a small percentage of pay and benefit -standards - al- g n el relati ons. licants, Hanson said, are ac- though exempt from tvil.serv- y- Recruiters for the CIA ha t cpted by the CIA. Most fail toiice policy. in encountered pickets by pacifi i t ---s -- ? r- ver and radical groups at un ns ties and colleges in the Mi d -