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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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October 1, 1967
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Noted Footballer Meads Area Unit Of Dayton Firm WAS 1NGTU.1; S'T'AD ? CPYRGHT nOT 1 F I A "' Approved For Release 00/08 : c, Uon% LJeWes H. Giering, the computer man- law that preceded every Written opinion 'of the Supreme Court. ager. A former Army officer and a graduate of the University of The test has required the corn-, Arizona, he most recently was puters to store some 150 million' assigned to the Defense Intelli- characters and make them in gence Agency to develop an in- stantly available through its: formation storage and retrieval "random access" memory sys system for intelligence data. tem. Quite apart from its national defense interests, Data Corp. Could Aid Lawyers has developed an information retrieval system that Vann says eliminates the need for micro- film in storing records, copies of newspapers or similar material. interest in the program, Called (Data) Central, it al- "push-button law" would be lows the user to search large volumes of information, magnet- ically stored, to obtain answers to questions which are structured in an English-like format. FoiY~ap 1~ 1a~a Corp. has imics of Ohio court decisions in Vann was graduated front' West. Point iii 1956. Subsequently he served in the 'Army both as tichard E. Swing, chief scien- tist, has been conducting studies of the spectrum. After that will come a photographic laboratory and an IBM System 360-40 com- puter equipped with remote tele- processing equipment which will be a duplicate of two identical 360.40 systems presently operat- ing at Dayton. Swing, a graduate of Bucknell i and formerly with Itek Corp., came to Data Corp. after sev- e al years with the CIA. -Mrs. ythel Lee Harris, Vann's ad ministrative assistant, was with; the CIA 'for 10 years. all g Supr the, recd; CPYR i By CIiARLES COVELL hi I Star Business writer the early'1950s,is doing q ite ieking in Arlington todnay. If ou have forgotte, nns~.A 06 was called a ball-han ing agician these days. He is the ayton (Ohio)h company. that suc rse subjeots as image analysis, ology and -testing and evalua- on. Actually, the company welds f intelligence, surveillance and f it for. the military and 30 rcent commercial." ialists in aerial reconnaissance 3 Fj5rData Corp. to better lescri a its association with all -Star Photographer Frauds Roust Peter J. Vann, eastern manager for Data Corp., watches Richard R. Swing, chief scientist, tackle an optical problem at the. company's new division headquarters in Arlington. an airborne infantry officer and as a pilot. Later he was with the AC Electronics Division of Gen- eral Motors and Litton Indus- tries, joining Data Corp. in Au- gust, 1966. Division Is Starting Currently his division is jlist getting started in offices and laboratories on the top floor of the Atlas Machine and Iron Works building at 1254 Jefferson Davis Highway. So far there are only five employes, most of The company is, Data Corp., hick has 16 acres in the center f a 43-acre research park in ayton and recently opened a ouston division, as well as the nder the name of Systems De- elopment Corp. by Lysle D. iam F. Gorog, chairman of the the Defense intelligence Agency. But ' Vann predicts. that in six months there will be 30 em- ployes and in a year about 60. First installation was a preci- e syllabi of the Ohio s highest court began ,ted statements of the Francis L. Dale, president of the bar association, said that if the test was successful and enough Ohio lawyers showed ; available in Ohio within a year. The next step would be to store the estimated 400 million characters and 80 million words contained in the hundreds of vol- lem, could pick up a telephone, pose his question to a computer in Dayton by giving a. "key". word, and locate any court decl lions having a bearing ? oa the P75-00001 ROOO3OO26OO17-9