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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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April 24, 1962
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APR ? 4 1962 A~~a-wed_FoeIease 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75- t OJ, ILL, c, ,-. , n i' 1,i 1 t. L ~ ,. 7-! 4 4 EVENING 31,129 APR 2 4 1961 Its Alton Rotary Hou To Combat Communism Five ways for every American accusations may citizen to, hem!; the ?the the cafe well destroy of American, riences as dean of CPYRGHT FOIAb3b Le Quoting J. Edgar Hoover, Dr. Heise suggested that each Amer- ican who becomes aware of a Communist group or of an in- dividual who intends to harm the United States should (1) party to a violation of human West Ber rights, telligence agents Vain lin to a contact th" ussian tele- Many greign espionage opera- graph cables burWd in East Ber-1 Lions in this cofiiifry are'.31Own lin. Through an ingenious wire-tap` to'tim FBI a-' d are system, United States agents were: permitted to con s as able to monitor Rnsslan and East! they can be ,rly, German secret messages for al- said the Montice o. can he se most a year before-the tunnel was' operations can be the source of discovered by a, squad of Soviet much valuable information tol signal >'troops. our own intelligence people, he l The Monticello ?d e a n was in- continued. and the well-meaning I troduced by'Dr. Duncan Witnpress1 citizen who acts independently ipresiden' of Montlcello College and pit m tkc indiscriminate public a nmtrb~ r of'Ia club. munists: and (5) never be a y r Heise whei he told the', Story o a- uMqLAby U.S. in-1 eise told a number of anecs relating to both Rus-' sian and American espionage ac- tivities in the past. "Khrushchev's anger and de-3 parts ' m Paris in a huff, Ai puzl'e to our newspapermen, be-. comes reasonable," said Dr. Heise, "when "ue. understand t h a t Khrushchev was aware for , the first time that we knew exactly' where to drop our bombs and that. make sure his' facts are right; inc Russians were as vulnerabie? ic target attacks as the>, (2) report his suspicions to the specif proper authorities; (3) not take the lav% into his own hands; (4) A o ra o ytrh_ich liter lllyr not confuse liberals with Com- wa 1tic,edt Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300260038-6