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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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March 28, 1966
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FOIAb3b Approved For Release 2000/0~,~~~'IA~~~P75-00 AL ~ Ti:I;3iTNI? MAR 2 8 136b CPYRGHT C~ ~5~~n~ CPYRGHT Ly Andrew J. Glass OJ 71t? Xaratd Tribune Sta~1 WASHTNGTt7N. The United States has been.. ? conducting secret diplomatic . 'talks with representatives of. the Communist Viet Cong for the last eight months. . A major aim in these nego- tiations has been to secure the release of a high-level ' U. S. government official, Gustav C..Hertz. who has been , Mr. Hertz. These. discussions were opened last August through ' ,Algiers, the capital oP neutral- ist Algeria, where the Na- Lion Liberation Front, the Viet Cong's political voice, has ~, maintained 8 mission since 1962. The initial approach to the ' held as a Viet Cong captive Algerian government to act as since Feb. 2, 1965. But President Johnson has . been prepared to extend the , range of these indirect deal- ings to questions involving a CPYRGHT an intermediary was -made,, with the, consent of the White ` House, .;J~y,. Seri :Robert Ken- over Mr.- Hertz' release were. ;'; : lions; which at a critical stage, Sen. Ken= the highest Algiers in a U. S. military plane Lo meet with a high Viet Cong official who would turn ~. Mr. Hertz .over to the Senator. In exchange for Mr. Hertz, . the U. S. and Saigon govern- ments would have swapped ?ere held ~in seczecy, fell ave receritl been 1?evived in South Viet Nam. Aspects of the Hertz case have `been known to several Washii~;ton ? neivsmen for .. .. _ some time. But until rester- . day, the Administration suc-~ Nguyen Vari Thai-3`~iv~lio is ~" ceeded in keeping the: matter being"lield"ifi~der "a sentence', ~ from"being published on Lhe of~deatfi"as'~orie oP two ter- ?? .' basis that its disclosure could ' rorists `who" `bombed the cost Mr. Hertz his life. , Americarx Embassy in Saigon However; a brief account last March . 30, killing 22 ' of-the-~iegotiations~ appeared persons: The. other terrorist in'yesterday's ed~ons of, the ' nedy, D., N. Y. was shot dead .on the'apot: `?Last fall;?tvhen discussions Although.- these negotia- New York Daily `?News in a dispatch filed .from? Saigon. ~ ..~..., ~_ ? ~'i0i1t1111ii':i CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2000/08/03 :CIA-RDP75-000018000300260045-8? Approved For Release 2000/08/03 :CIA-RDP75-000018000300260045-8 O MAR 2 8 1966 CPYRGHT he Washington Post then i~lent and ' Secretary. of ublished a fuller version on S;~ae Dean Rusk have s front page yesterday. acknowledged the administra- Privately, officials here tion has made "contacts," . eared that these accounts ~?ith the Viet Cong, as well as kith the government of ay have compromised their Noi?th Vict Nam, although the elicate efforts to affect a nature of these "contacts". ertz-Thai exchange-which had never been revealed. as reached another critical ` But the official U. S. ' tage. They still hoped, how- policy has been that the Viet ver, that the deal m~ht go Cong are merely puppets of hrough, despite the publicity. the Hanoi regime and there- ~ fore do not constitute an Both the White House and independent entity with whom he State DeparEment defused a peace settlement could be ' discuss any aspect' of the negotiated. ertz affair yesterday.. Sen.. Because of their humans- ' eunedy also declined to ; tarian scope, revelation of omment. Ire cut short a ,the talks with the Viet Cong kiing vacation in Ve~'~~iiont to ; in Algiers and elsewhere is e:;pected to have a minimal ' retlu?n to Washington last! impact from the standpoint night. of domestic politics. But the effect of the publi- Mr: Hertz, who is 48 and ;city on the political .stability ' the father of five children, of the Saii;on regime remains_ served until his .capture as an unknown. That government chief of the U. S. AID mss- leas been kept fully informed . sion's public adminisration ' of the talks, through its. Em- division in Saigon. He was ~ massy here. Sen. Kennedy s role in seized while riding amotor- ;seeking to obtain, Mr. Hertz' bike in the city's suburbs. ~ freedom began with a request The ? captured official's , to former Algerian Premier brother, A. Burke Hertz, is , a i Ahmed Ben Bella to act as lawyer and a Northern :the intermediary. The re= Virginia neighbor of ' ,the ;quest was forwarded through Cherif Guellal, the 34-year- Keimedys: It was she who ;old Algerian Ambassador to i originally enlisted the Sen- the U. S. ator's aid. The efforts continued, now ~ For,some months, the Pres-'under the direction of the - -- - ? ~-- - White House, after Mr. Ben ' 'Bella .was deposed in a mili- tary .coup by the present .Premier, Houari Boumedienne. At one time, U. S. officials -proposed a'broader exchange of 10 prisoners on each side, but nothing name of this of-. fort. At still another point, Mr. Hertz was brought by his Viet Cong captors to the .i uutskirts of Saigon where, it ~a~as hoped, he might be ran- osmed through a large Cash ,payment by the Central. In- telligence Agency. ' This plan, however, also fell through at virtually the last moment. Subsequently, , the U. S. ? has renewed the. talks on the basis of a one- for-one swap-Mr: Hertz for e rist. ' Approved For Release 2000/08/03 :CIA-RDP75-000018000300260045-8