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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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August 16, 1954
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f 4`T' S a)'; 4 BURLINGTVN a&t pr lease 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300260054-8 1 PRESS Circ.: m. 28,394 Front Edit Other Page Page Page CPYRGHT Date: ,j1l: can institutions and issues of pub- lic policy? internationa relations, international economics, and Far Eastern institutions. W h i l e at Princetoa,'bts a0a studied the Rus- sia 'languige''privately"with a tu- tor and did specialized reading ca Following his Princeton' studies. j intelligence officer with the Cc- ,Lt acre delighted tq. be ah}e, to find z- . w. _ --- - -- Inteiligenc before Age poration in 1952 as unit manager o` cause it raised their prestige with a world flight to shoot 3-D color their people," and so the arrange film for a movie which was to ents were completed. - star John Wayne and Terry Moore. Heussler hired 600, aWpl,%, at 75' Made All Arrangements con`s per cannel per _day-': and, l representative for the world flight. was recorded on film. My job at the, start involved mak- The new assistant director f p i ing preliminary arrangements with th V Bob Heussler, new assistant director of the Vermont Council on World Affairs, locates on the man of Africa one of the many spots he visited on a flight with a Cinerama group which filmed some of the world's more spectacular scenery bor a full length 3-D color film. Former Bomber Pilot Joins Staff Of Vt. Council on World Affairs en.lont Council on world Ai- the State Department in Washing e ton and with the various ambas-' ;fairs also spent several weeks in nnadors and Air Force attaches con- (British East Africa, "based most erned," he explains. "Then, en of that time in Kenya's e4pital city :,cute, I made final arrangement; of Nairobi." In talls?wiEk fi' ' gyn. ith our embassies and with for- of the al British adw:,iistra- cign ministries and air minis- tion, w i armed forces leaders, tries." ' native Kikuyu tribesmen,, Indian During most of the trip, which residents and others regarding tlig' was made by chartered ex-Air Mau Mau insurrection, Heussler Heussler traveled iv orce bomber, 'a a m c to the general conclusion'i ,with Lowell Thomas Jr. and h=,; wife. Heussler and Thomas were that the "situation is deteriorat-i oommatcs at Dartmouth, and ng," and he adds that many of, served together in the Air Fora the Britons he talked to privately 'oung Thomas was advance man admitted this. - Qpy? 4giHiTia, of-which his father He said that he regards h i s~ %,. as president. assignment with the Vermont; Ilir ht, Heussler and the 3-D crew traveled to Brazil, Venezuela, Cu- ba, the Caribbean, Argentina, French West Africa, Liberia, t li e Gold Coast, French ftral't'Sria1 Af- rica, the Belgian Congo, Kenya, 'Tanganyika, Uganda, Ruanda-t: r- undi, Anglo - Egyptian Sudan, Egypt, Cyprus,. Lebanon, Turkc.. , Greece, Italy, France, German, the most important," he has had,! but adds that lie considers himself fortunate in having had the chance to travel extensively in foreign countries. Travel Through Vt. His primary duties with they Council will be as a field repro Sa e u ow e n Hired Camels derstanding. Heussler got involved with cam-', A native of Fast Aurora, N.Y.. el - hiring when he went to I ini- ileussler is "fixing over" an old buktu as advance representative in Mann house in Moscow, Vt. He is survey the possibility of doing a is? gle. etania to e French outpost or Mine director of the~Council, stress BBoutilimit. Thanks to a previous that it is their aim to operate delay in schedule in Brazil ' n hen througii existing local agencies" the Cincrama plane had engine rather than to try to "duplicate trouble, ieussler arrived at Bnuli- their efforts.'' limit after the season d u r i r; which salt caravans operate. Right now, the Council, which' is So, he explains, "I wound up a strictly non-partisan, non-profit, making arrangements tq stage the service organization, is planning a f caravan." This involved meeting.; series of fall cmn which cwill projects, t with French officials who took outstandiug of which be ob- . ITcussler to meet with n a ti v c scrvance of United Nations Day, .40001R0O0300260054+8,; cict. senatitive to travel throughout the' t to fi t h th d o `der