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November 17, 2016
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July 3, 2000
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December 4, 1966
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Approved For Release 2000/08103 : 6~3~5-0 CPYRGHT .. By Ward Just Wash:n:ton Post i'o"ci:n Scrvicc ee top, generals in Sargon ant CPYRGHT Appro 'dam J. Porter tod y the; all, most important as iginents, It was partly this situatioi made to date under i e.reor ga:iization of the k, erican party the increasingly obv American c i v i l i an were corps commands. The civilia named regional dip ct rs un bureaucracy often works ou !.\iiJJ1Ui1. UUJ it dp'lll Ciila WVll Ul {dlc liar .e The three are Assi `a 1,ti5'. men of the 3176 it Dep? civilian effort, that the mis... ;uty Ambassador Her L. T. sion sought to correct with its~amphib ous force. 1'dalt is. Horen 55; a dc 't AID 4 1 eder the command of G n. ll s ' egional director, r. Paul Nov. 23 directive p acing a Vann, 42, and a For ig `Scrv Revolutionary:Developmentac-l !ice officer current) orking tivities under an Office for, has exercised independ it authority in the past. as an aide to Porte incent `r I Operations headed by Porter ~.eyman, 46. and a newly named assistant, The senior civilian in t ne They will become h senior, r T Corps had been ti e ,L S.1 civilian officials in t e egions L. V ade Lathram. and counterparts to he powers' Now the civilians will dupli?,Consul General, Thomas C ,r? j ful Vietnamese e p com sate both the American mill-icoran, who had acted as' nianders..Koren will g to tlae' tary bureaucracy, which has political adviser to I N , w I Corps, Vann to the I Corps,! representatives at corps and Koren,. who has been Anil) S-! and Heyn;an to the I Corps province, and sometimes dis- sador to the Congo i:>raz a? in the Delta. The II C rps di-, trict levels, and the Vietnain-. ville), undertakes that ro c, rector has yet to be n med. ese bureaucracy. not as an adviser but as in The appointments su p:iseci The parallelism was thoughtiequal. here to be essential because Vann, who will become c?i observers hero, wh ad ex- lrected that relative the American effort has both gional D.:rclor in the II y junior military and "civilian" cone- Corps, is one of the legend ry men would be nam d to the americans in Vietnam. He as posts. As it ha po:nents? ppe e each n:arwas ? personal) s lected 3 Civilian Agencies din the Army for 21 years, t n by Porter without e rd tol The civilians had been split of them in the Far East, a id rank or the Foreig ervice into three operational agen-;retired as a lieutenant color el or AID sole ?ion syst m Koren' eles-AID, 3 GSPAO, and the in 1053, after two years as s n- is a senior ;;iplomat V inn, an CIA-without central opera- for military adviser for ei it oinspoken former ie tenants tional control either in Saigon colonel, and Heym rela- ! or in the provinces, except in Delta -provinces `between S i- tively obscure, if se io , staff, the person of Ambassador gon and Cantho. aide- Henry Cabot Lodge. The re- After a tour in private bt -i- The region dire to s, or! suit was that both the military ness, Vann returned to V t? civilian corps co, m nders,I and the civilian efforts had nam in F ebruarv .INZ, tow k will report directly o Porter resulted in.a gradual erosion. 4. and have under the r ontr-ol of civilian influence. Thelfor the AID mission. He s all civilian efforts r la ing to! American military command been chief of the planning a d. "Revolutionary Deve o ent," r was thought to be picking u7 !projects division 'in AID aid! he. Vietnamese-A.e i c a n iepu'y director of its ii ld', scheme for pacifying to coup- the pieces. try. These include th AID',: That, at'least, was the view opr.ratians. :icynlan, named director of program, the psy Ii logicallof many observers here, and the IV Corps, is a I3rookl n- 1avarfare and inform tin pro-!! when' the reorganization was- born Foreign Service off- er grams of the Join United!! -- States Public Affairs Office announced late last month . rho has served in Paris a ci' (JUSPAO), and the p cifica-there were indications that if the Far East. l;e has been ill lion activities of th e al it did not succeed the military Vietnam 15 months, most 'L Intelligence A,ency. command would take charge the time at the Ilevniution-rv~ The directors, rt r s under--, ui of pacification, or "Revolu? Developmeni padre stood, would shortly b nam- in, civilian chiefs c each' !, tionary Development." center at Vungtau. He L' province. When this h ppens,i~ The most interesting ap- beep Porter's chief aide f r.: the Americans will u have'! pointment today was that of (the Delta. 1created parallel lies f au- 1Koren, who as Assistant Depu-f _ thority, one civilian al d the ty Ambassador was No. 3 man ,other military. ? 'lin the American mission and) The Vietnamese go of o Zent' the nian directly below Depu? i , itself is an odd hyl ?i with ty Ambassador Porter. authority -shared bet c n the: .. -_ __ ed'For FTeleas 000/08/03: CIA-RDP75-a 001 R000300260055-17