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November 11, 2016
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January 22, 1999
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January 28, 1965
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FOREIGN BROADCAST Sanitized - Approves KRO sW~`CFA-RDP75-00001 R000300530010-6 January 28, 1965 CPYPGHT EL MUNDO EDITORIAL ON DOMINICAN AGGRESSION Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1230 GMT 28 January 1965--F (Text) The statements by Gutierrez Menoyo and the enemy agen I !M 11?11 prove beyond all doubt the participation of the Dominican. Government, the docile instrument of U.S. imperialism, in the training and infiltration into Cuba of this band of counterrevolutionary CIA agents which was to be followed by new infiltrations into eastern areas of the country. Men and weapons from the Dominican Republic were landed in Cuba to perform activities against our government and people, to provoke the destruction of industries and work centers, and to bring death, as has happened on many other occasions, to women and children and to the simple and innocent people of our country. The training of those men was performed with the knowledge and (participation?) of agents of the Dominican Government. That constitutes an act of aggression condemned by the U.N. Charter, the OAS Charter, and international law. Cuba publicly denounces this fact although it does not expect the United States' 'Puppet governments, which hastily tried our country in the OAS or, the'unsubstantiated charges of the government of.Romulo Detancourt, to act in a responsible manner and try the Dominican Republic in its turn. The reason is obvious: there is a government of the people and for the people in Cuba that is guided exclusively by national. interests, and there is a dictatorship in Santo Domingo that is supported by bayonets in the service of the United States. Nevertheless, we should expect the responsible governments of. Latin America to take note of what is happening and to realize the guilt they incur if they surrender without a struggle the basic principles of international law that protect the sovereignty and independence of the states. As for the governments of the rest of the world that did not react as they should have against previous aggressions, we expect them to open their eye's and declare that now, as previously, Cuba is not the aggressor, but rather the victim of aggression. Havana in Spanish to the Americas 0130 GMT 28 January 1965--E (Excerpt) Imperialist propaganda played up the trecherous figure of Gutierrez Menoyo. A. legend of heroism and courage was woven around him. He was converted into one of the pillars in the struggles against the Batista dictatorship. Later he was presented as a modern Napoleon, the creator of the mysterious Omega plan, militarily invincible. The 'aperialists gave some similar treatment to the two ringleaders Artime and;Ray. The upshot of it all will be the same. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300530010-6 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000300530010-6 CPYRGHT Pan-Americanism, as practiced by these rulers, is now translated into a hostile attitude towards the Cuban revolution. I suggested in these articles that if Chile desires to maintain its prestige, it should simply--instead of Joining the sine--try to serve as a mediator to thrash out the differences. l: said that there., was no reason for us to be anyone's servant. Cuba is a'c?ountry where Spanish is spoken.. Every Cuban's peaksspanish. There is no reason for us to divorce ourselves from Cuba. If Cuba established a socialist government, well and good. The Cubans concluded that they could solve their problems through'a aooialist system,.and-there is no reason for us to discuss this matter., If, in my country, a party or a system is able to establish another type of experience and that experience grows and (aspires?) to'the achievements of the Cuban revolution, that too will be respected. That was my viewpoint expounded in these articles. Once Mr. Frei was elected president,. 1 found that he shared these viewpoints. As I say; he personally ratified them. In press conferences as well as in conversations with inc. These viewpoints were presented by his appointees to international organizations. The U.S. news agencies warned of this inclination of the Chilean Government to serve, so to speak, as a bridge and an interested party in moderating the language, in America and to thrash out the difficulties. The U.S. news agencies in the main started to create conditions, first to discourage the Chilean Government and then to represent:Maj. Fidel Castro as having a hostile Attitude toward any tendency toward intervention of a mediator in American difficulties. For example, the U.S. news agencies invented some disparaging remarks in connection with a conflict in a Chilean coal mine and attributed them to Pi del-Castro. The representatives of these news agencies ran to tell the Chilean interior minister:. " Sir, Fidel Castro has just said this." Under these circumstances, I felt that it was appropriate to'ereate some sort About this time, Comrade Luis Castillo--my secretary at the Senate--returned to Chile. Comrade Castillo had toured Cuba and Europe, presiding over a delegation of senators' secretaries invited by the Cuban Government. Upon his return, Comrade Castillo told me that Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa had requested me to transmit to the Chilean Government a Cuban offer to acquire beans, garlic, and other foodstuffs in Chile in exchange for 40,000 tons of sugar that the Cuban Government would place at the disposal of the Chilean Government, According to the interpretation given by the Cuban Foreign Ministry to the most recent OAS 'agreement, the pertinent article that covers the ban on diplomatic and trade relations does not exclude the possibility of food exchanges, Even if the OAS agreement is accepted as valid, the letter and spirit of the pertinent article does not exclude the possibility bf food exchanges. That is my under- standing and the understanding of several Chilean international policy specialists. I conveyed the offer to the republic's president and held meetings with the foreign minister and the matter remained under study. The offer was favorably received in principle. As I said, at this time U.S. news agencies started to distort realities. Then I felt that it was opportune to come to Havana because, for reasons not ,,proper to mention here,?I?have reached the oonolusion--and so have many of the leaders in my countryls government--that this is the most propitious moment to initiate an offensive aimed at?readjustmgnt,' The,term should be properly understood; I am not speaking `of 'a return by Cuba to the QAS, .:I: am ?r' t speaking about extending the same practices--I said that we have reached the conclusion that it is the most propitious moment to initiate an, offensive to readjust American coexistence. Sanitized - Approved For Release, : CIA-RDP75-00001_R00030053001.0-6