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November 11, 2016
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March 8, 1999
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May 1, 1965
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N:3W )t)1'1 T AILy, NEWS elease TCIA- Sanitized - Approved Fo r' R ~ A Y 2 1965 CPYRGHT The news. item from Turkey on May 1, 1960 was brief. It said simply that a United States re-. 1search plane had vanished on a high-altitude rvent}ter -mission near, the Turkish-Russian border. 4, Other details were scanty-un- announcement that the plane, was a U.S. reconnaissance' craft on a ..photo-intelligence ? mission over 1 the Soviet Union. At the control's was former Air Force pilot Fran- cis Gary Powers, 32. ~til Soviet Premier Nikita Khrush-! one, of : the most .'embarrAsing CPYRGHT pisodes of U. S. diplomatic hiss ory. It sparked Congressional nquiries into the ? operation's of eh Central Intelligence Agency nd made Powers a figure of con- inuing controversy. Khruehchev.nsed the ttJ- incl- The U.S. at' fh'st ''claimed he, was off ? Today, five years after Powers sailed out of his crippled U-2 near he Soviet industrial center of Sverdlovsk, no one knows . for ure what caused the high-alti- ude aircraft to crash. - ' Following his imprisonment in ussia an dsusequent return to he U. S., Powers told a Senate ominittec that he didn't know that happened. But it Is gen- rally believed that he was shot own by a grfound-to-air -missile s Russia claimed.. (lent t owreck a plane-nd May 16;, 1960, summit conference in Parisj by demanding that President. Eisenhower publicly apologize. s 7.20i is invitation to h isen lower for a Moscow visit. Start of the Mission Powers' reconnaissance mission began in the early hours of Sun- day, May 1, 1960, at Incirlik air base; near Adana, Turkey. Ile pointed his glider-winged craft across the Russian-Turkish bor-, der and headed for Sverdolvsk, 1,300 , miles inside the Soviet, Union. - At. an altitude of about, 68,000: feet, Powers said, he "felt and sensed an explosion." His plane fell out of control. He bailed4 out at about 15,000 feet, landed, and choosing not to use a poison-! tipped needle he carried, was im-i on EL rutine r mission, but admitted the a U 2 was a spy plane after Khrushchcv, produced not only Powers, but photographs of the fallen U-2. Exchanged for Abel Powers, convicted of spying,'[ was sentenced to 10 years in' ,prison. But in February, 1962, ! he was exchanged for the Rus-11 sian master spy, Col. Rudolf I. Abel. The CIA la-ier said it had no r duct during or. after the flight..,, He left the agency and now ? is a the company.. that manufactured. theIT2... ? n ?+?.s:i`t 4::+i:?aaas'a.'u:: uc.;..v.I Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001,R0004001.00048-1