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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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Approved-For_ReLeas.e 2000/08/03: CIA-RDP75-0000SITMKt0170005- SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Circ.: m. 160,607 S. 253,461 Front Edit Other ._.._! Inquiry' Into CI. Marks a a to Trial By PETER TRIMBLE A gingerly conducted Inv'estii gation Into the functions b*r of the super secret Central In,. telligencef. Agency wits carded i out yesterday by Leslie C. (T1l. len, defense attorney In the Alabet Malotte vice 'trial; G llen's inquiry came 'M &if examination that ledta the dis- missal as a juror o Eleanor [ Rattigan 2326 Union sti eet ho 1at .eek identified herself as a CI~i empiol". C .]Ilen pursued the;in a t t e r f esterday. I A series of exchanges brought out that'Miss Rattigan's work_I 'did''. not bring her: Airto contact.'' with law enforcement,afL'encies; -'I The juror finally ended the questions by saying her. office is concerned solely with collec?' lion of information regarding foreign countries. The session yesterday was the first Gillen has attended since the t r i a l 'Started Iasi' Thursday. The lawyer, who hadI hven tied up in Reno op an other case,.gave these hints of chat is to 'come in`tlie alleged' madam's case: I Mrs. Malotte may not take, the witness' stand"ltt her 'own defense; 2 -The defense probably will i argue that she was arrested' through police entrapment, and 3 Testimony In the case might be shocking to the. jurors. 1?aght veniremen were chal- lenged by Gillen arid, excused. lour others were dismissed by Superior Judge John B. Moli- nari for cause. The day ended' with a prospective jury of five men and seven women; Prospective - jurors "who said they were readers of iThe Chronicle got a going over by r:illen. Last week Mrs. MaiotIe (.;.I (,d an article in The Chroni- ! He's current Police Department ! series in an unsuccessful at- tempt to have the trial moved 11111.. A r v - - mr Release 2000/08/03 CIA-RDP75-00001 R000400170005-1