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November 11, 2016
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February 22, 1999
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June 2, 1966
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WASHINGTON POST Sanitized Approved For Welease ffi 75-00001 R000400180046-5 JUN 2 13bb Judge Clamps Lid On CIA Libel base ? cPY F RGHT By Stephen S. Rosenfeld waahlnaten Pn,t Af f w.,- The case of the Central In-1Iow emigres about Heine. telligence A g e n c - - ??. Qu~i-.auvL activuy ma e em ff seal. "National Security Council Directive No. 2" was submit- ted for Washington engineer Juri Raus, who on CIA orders called a fellow Estonian emi- gre a Soviet spy in order to discredit him in emigre cir- cles. The other man, Eerik Heine, now a Canadian, sued Raus for slander. Heine's lawyers had claimed the CIA had no authority to act within the United States. In reply, Raus's lawyers sub- mitted a memorandum :to the court this week. Citing the CIA's statutory duty of "pro- tecting Intelligence sources and methods from unauthor. ized ' disclosure." The memo said this duty was dieehara -T y operative who fingered an alleged Soviet spy virtually vanished from public view yesterday. It .was disclosed that a se- cret National Security Council directive was submitted Tues? day to Federal Court Chief Judge Roszel C. Thomsen in Baltimore and that he locked Its in his safe and gave the opposing lawyers access to it but ordered them to refer to it only in papers placed under Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000400180046-5 also charged it with "such ad.! ditional services of common concern as the NSC deter., mines can be more effectively accomplished centrally." "Under this specific grant of power" NSC Directive No. 2 was Issued, said Raus's law. yers, adding their "belief" that it "satisfactorily answers (Heine's) contention as to the insufficiency of the Agency's authority." Expanding on previous CIA admissions that emigres are intelligence sources, the memo noted that some members of emigre groups receive fresh information from "friends or family still in their home- land." The memo said It Is "ob- vious" that Soviet intelligence, services want to discover emigres with information about their homeland, the na- ture and sources of this infor. mation, whether the sources could be "polluted so as to impart false information," whether emigres could- be "duped or recruited" into So.' viet Intelligence, and whether emigre groups could be "cor- rupted" to k th ?__ _c.