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November 17, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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July 11, 1958
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JUL 1 7 1958 MONTGOMERY (Ala.) ADVA T *%ed For Release 2000/08/03: CIA-RDP75-000 Circ.: m. 61,937 S. 78,423 Front it Other Page logo Page CP-TjRG1dWvernnjejjt By Bug` ME t7or 01. ISOM 1. nac - e , t7- This-Bug-For-Hire man who was caught eavesdropping on Goldfine, is- the more sordid because of his- rick-ground. Shacklette, 48, ., graduated' ?' oAn Harvard Law,i ,qlj~ I in 1$;87.. He has been an in restiga; r sine serv-, ing as an assistant chief tuvestigator for the War Food Addlbtration, then in Army Counter -6eiligence, later as head of the invvtigative branch of the Generaiwices 4=_'! ministration and the W&ssets - ministration. With all this investigati a expe-il- I enc6F% hacklette was qualified as a free a gumshoe for anybody with a and his price. He is, un- for ly, on ne of an army of f I, . nd Army Intelli- gence Agent `, other investiga- tors v~o have left the government servic for more lucrative practice on their own. Ari jed with their e;ectronic. eaves- drop"''ng and wiretapfngquipmeiit, theflatfoot talents and their ac- qui ance with the right people, they enjoy a thriving practice in a city ;here almost everyone wants to find ont something about someone. It's important for congressional committees to have competent staff members, including Investigators. But this . does not excuse the shameless use of cloak & dagger techniques by alumni of the government's most ex- pert investigative agencies to eaves- drop on, and even steal documents from, private ind! yiu Perhaps Shack le 1u gling per-. formance will serve to discredit the . practice which has been going on for many yrs. If not, the bug may become a more important symbol of government in Washington than the STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000400290001-2