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November 17, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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May 23, 1966
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} I STATINT Approved For Release 20001081d3 : CIA-RDP75-00001 i TIIL~ N13W YORK TIMES MONDAY, MAY A 1966. CPYRGHT Term-, for Trading With Last To Me I?dltnr: n ynt t, a r( nr n "Trnrlo Brldgrq to the F e;t? nu rely Ihn p4111om of hrlrlp'n trtngl. he if) rnrnnrng'n llbrr+tllza- tlnrt, If no, MIN rcommmIt? ;pbore now may offer the hr.-;t p(rud- billly for new tnitlntivrq. lbit t notuet.hing morn innginnlive titan cntrhing ttp wilh Wr.at 'Furopn and .lnpnn oppenra to be necensnry. The steps you mention feith- - fully reflect tho cnnvenltnunl wlndom, but will they renlly do much to promote llherallznIion 7 iIavo more g('nct?ouq cotnnter- ctal recent or hikhrr pr'Irrn through Iit.F.N, (nront. fnvnrorl sullen) by Went Europe and Jnpnrt muds three rr)tilutrn any morn Ilhrrnl? or hrrvn they perhaps allowed Ilin prnrent ronnet?vntivo Ieadere to rh'ng their fret on reform even tunrr. Our own ton-vier exprrlrnrn with Pnlnnd nhnulrl lrlvn na pauar;, An to ota exporiq, 51nrr items t prohibited to On 1,,,5t are grit- ('rally aveIlabin In nihrr indue-. 'trlallzed Wcnlern cnndtries, re- moval of our rnntrot.a nppenra to-ho largely Ir?rrlevnnt to the gnent11)11 of ii hrrnlIzatlnn. 'Tito rent fiwmn In when the prrnrnt rrghnen will he forced,, to nc)tnowlcrlfio that thera In no pnbnlIttitn for Western contnter- dal pract,leem Mica trying to n(-.11 III world mnt?1tOin nod will get on with the much tllnennncrl reform of their forMgn trn,lo (en well an domcalltt) economic institutions. Why nhrnald we ell- ter the credit or tnrlff-redm'Untt race gratin, when we can neck a gruel pro qua In tcn'ms of the tttntil.utionnt refw nl that we ti 111 NItY W. .1;1t Auu-l:a Wanhhtgton, Mtly ii, 10116,, ? Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00001 R000400290002-1