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November 17, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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August 9, 1959
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.W ASHtNGTON11)05[ AND 'T'IMES D ER fr D Approv e. Federal Diary Career Executives - Iii Government Learn Igig.Business Ways BY Jerry` IChttts SARANAC LAKE. N. Y Pd.... he observed. "and that Is most. --........t" At ^ result. the gov- header and -- -- course revered full days, most was minimum time for re- iaxrtion in this pleasant area. CPYRGHT 91959 (P26RWase 2000/08/03: CIA-RDP75 This was the only group to be given night reading assign' ments. The ability of the gov'? _.......~,t neep1e to read and d ISM atPow g was.tWkM the general Deneral average, according a several of the student.. howevet, felt tb teas tO 4-leek cograe. They were gle of the opinion' that they would hed get more, ?ouV.,df-. tt it todk it `kMO seeks at a time with a lon# break in between. he .f ben back- ~~*" bmdeeq, gpeak. sum niethod& will be tested in a erica mental course ghee last April' dozen dozen Fldbt'al agencies. students wotested that :. The Yawpear 1 thee didn't lure enough treat ...ill hP. Inca!- k ernment.grh a sn nt polls were ._..- ends showed. were bust- E. ~.. ~~., xe In?s'' of American Management Aesa( dente' ae'h'tti. B. Joynt vice-Pees' geriG,'_ load were gram State and local ? gov ftykIn Hartly, 'vice President, i a ono; +. s er enta bray - FdtP : Malcolm F. ing And- Th The students, who?sveraged ~. director of planning. Army. 46 years age, $13.004 salaribs Oonlne0tt t' RLue-Ia- Div.-It 7-7 bons the same 4?week, coarse . C,pt'i`.C , Hinmon. vice which has been Biwa' by AMA f a ltunil: Manville. to more than 11000 PiallgCOO- ' ~;~, EaSttnan scioua busigess executives owe 4 ?. `' ` - the Past elgi'ht years. AS3t . ed that doo4 ow did; these govetfttneRf taasd n tetcbmWeoble n -rPVL people, $awilt4out ck . the profit get- ` a j d be successful in e+r$ s centiveti tour ?up is We ,s+aa4~ met, nCSS 0' ~v ernment. ; thkt b a a i c. pe? agbment course?? :~~ xception lbr well,. so. ai(d'`tecbrilpues are , -_bert r? r1.a,A, att_ nt'e? .~.. ell over and that gran{ ulrwuw, . ? ..... Make ?? "M an +~` ~` ,+... was careful not to make tom-,;cad jab of running psrisona of one group with tndai .?.buncan emphasized that Wand maeagement prln- another.But Duncan, a termer ts~sin- ciples .at expounded by AMA lug offices in Navy and other werelt'k new. ? Federal agencteti. was 'deeply $ d n 4 impr~~ by Ate itttendv2 1Reo IF. vice r t? x sea ernia os- r grades an ..= d th_uat_.toNv ao s? would f~ e of atree `{ seed frank eaxttss ge of \ K by the`stddtuts:,+Ddr gtaaa.(n\ 1 _.:s.d .?gr.A. them' selves, .mod your pgenap >uI ` ' return to' h,;-;j ded, that ftp t he their jobs. course se., fit Approved For Release 201 1 nurswh thur B. Bell and John C. P. Joseph pard of Post i6seph M. Qat Wter, __a.r :+..Mi W. P11Ytblafr .08/03 CIA-RD.P76-000Q:t1000400290007-6 STATINTL