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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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October 25, 1964
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NEW YORK IIML-,S Approved For ReleaOsCeT22 05 0/08/ 03 : Cl FOIAb3b FOIAb3b CPYRGHT ~ LATIN IESI SCORED ON PRESS Meeting in Mexico Hears of Government Restraints cr7Z W5"; is-i countries in the Western r[enii- .uc. stating that the Gua.temal- sphere have no freedom of the ens had insisted there was not press whatsoever and the 1rr_- freedom of the press but that tensions to a free b meinbei's of the committee ltadl press by t oti~` noted the lifting of censorship; other countries are doubtful, e i in Guatemala. press gathering was told hwrr The committee dealt .oxtcn- this ,week. sively with the Gover By PAUL P. KENNEDY Special to The New York Tt', - tluo Freedom of the Press Cofit Chan AAA blue UALLLe4 ticularly with a market rot - "t nlittee of the Inter- American ? being distributed by the I?t Press Association, which con-, partment of Agriculture. It not- eluded Its 20th annual assert- ed that; a recently enacted law bbly here Thursday. The organ-: directed the Secretary of Agri izarrtlon'a: ooixiaxiittoo said that! ;'`!toile to ? Mee to it tllii:t 4e there was no press freedom in leased-wire system I linaited~ M.rictly to agricultural market! ]!lulls, Bolivia, Honduras on :reporting. Paraguay. Efforts to Control News Concern Expressed The committee gave its ap-, __-Censorship Lifted )III It. Rciteineyer, oil ;resident o the or, ? n iza said he had c na cd wit i inter? la -hi Marroquin Rojas, had bee .vr toned with exiio news was being managed in the! .. "' Lllel- reiea ettea to LnC United States and in Latin United States's position ink America. It reiterated its stand the Western Hemisphere press, a,;:;a'.nst monopolies of any na [Ile committee report said that' ,`ure that might affect the free-' the struggle to control the kic,tn of the press, channels of communication is Particular criticism was lev never-ending, in efforts to itr. Bled at alleged inequities in pose discriminatory taxes, re- news newsprint supply, equipment, stricti.ve and regulatory licens- p pp t~ and, In a more subtle way.; rates Jefreight gi lation dealingdwithpeoritax- "' E'aaxr;ratic withholding of It expressed its concern, 'i`ct' ]News-Palladium and the a::vever over a s stem b I , acksenville, Fla., Times-Union, which a quasigovernn ental or tact been dismissed, r;a;ttea.tion, Productora Impor-i In Southern states alone, it!! ia,cc;'a de Papel Sal had rat reported, at least 17 lihell monopoly on newsprint. T ii.nxs had been brought, by! r I.niration distributes new,- elic officials against news-! ]unit to virtually all Mexican ? apers and magazines seeking) pampers at advantageous rates. 10l '.i damages exceeding $288 The newspaper situation jr, anill:lon. Ecuador was teir_ :d "fluid." i?" dro G. Beltran, editor and' The committee ex?::incd that.t. publisher of La Prensa., Buenos all reports indicates there had =ltres, was Installed as presi- been attacks on newspapers .n `lent for the coming year. Other' Guayaquil and that soi?r:? ne", = officers named were: palaermen there ha i b(, ,m i.:;? J, R. Howard or ri;;li iow priso.:ied. ax d newspaper . " rw York, A heated debate .a?ose in ,,-L-. ;s a'j Julio de ia, r 0 coin.niittee and later L. the t_ _ :..';st'I.do of Sao tin Brazil, et ii Assembly over no ac L -presir' nts; rlr. Silva,,, of press freedom in G?.tatemai.c., c arvallo of LA Titnon, Val- Roberto Carpio, editor of 'd',1 ] at-aiso, Ch-lea, notary: mien! Grafico, and Roberto Alejos, a, John A, Brogan Jr., of the Guatemalan political exile rep-I Irea.rst newspapers, New York, resenting La Hera, maintained! re-elected treasurer. there were, glaring infringe:-I meats on freedom of the pressi oc,ar t rulings, two suits .:;irmingham, Ala., , against The 1Ve; York Times and libel suits. FOIAb3b Appro~eld ft*uR9Wd p 0/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00149 000100060008-0