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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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February 3, 1963
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"V SHINGTO POST ,~ F 1 . 5 d'Aelease 2000f0/03 : CIA-RD Economic Aide Chosen For Disarmament Shift By Edward T. Folliard' in c arge of its Econpmic Bu- war, the problem of shifting Staff Reporter re new 20,000-a year post to a different kind of economy President Kennedy yester- in the New Frontier. obviously would be a formid- day moved to 'prepare tale Alexander's job would he to able one. United States for dealing with conccptrate on "tf, is The consensus among those. any economic upheaval that { Stcial impacts of disarm- who have studied the problem might result from' complete ament.' is that the United States could disarmament: Tien it is considered that make the transition without a He announced his intention the United States spends close depression or even a; serius. 0 bi $ 5 llion a: year on de-.?.___ Alexander ~`~- :!Y 7 ew ersey as fense and .that millions of Doctrine In. Doubt nr rJnrPCtnr of the A m A`: r s ro and Disarmament Karl agency: Alexander would he ! guns, and other weapons of that capitalism thrived only on profits of war or -prepar rations ,for war. This doctrine went under a cipud, of doubt after Soviet Premier. Nikita S. Khrushchev visited they United States in 1059., , . 11 Said Khrushchev on Jan.,14, 1960, about his tour of :.this country: "I had occasion, to t41l, With many represeptatives of Amer-11 lean .business: circles wh'p are confident that it is fully within the capacity of Amer- lean industry to cope witli' the task of the changeover of the entire economy to the produc- tion of civilian goods." (, " A group of Western and Eastern economists, in a sur- vey for the* United Nations, said that there "should- be no ',doubt that the , diversion to :peaceful purposes of the re- sources now in military, use could be 'aeeomplished to the. benefit of all countries and lead to the 'improvement of world- economic and :social conditions." Alexander, the in a n Mrs, Kennedy has ' chosen to pre- pare the United States for the retary from 1950 to 1952. Approved For Release 2000/08/03: CIAsR Y5 Of 9R00016k~ In the Army in the Meditdr- ranean and. European theaters of war in 1942-45, he became a member of the Foreign Service Selection Board of the. State Department in 1947. He was the l w f rm f C rt Alexander, a big, strapping fellow, was born in New York ment comes, is not a new- I City on Oct. 28, 1906: He got comer in Washington. Fainrl-' his A,B... from Princeton in, iarly known 'as "Archie," ` he 1928 and his LL.B. from Har- held a number or posts here'! vard in 1931. Admitted to the in the Truman Administration liar iii 1932, he .was a member, After kervinc ns an nffiror 1, and `? ultimately a partner, in a i o a er, Ledy- ard and Milburn: Now a resident of Bernards- ville, N. J., Alexander has held a number of civil and govern- mental. posts in the Garden,,