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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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January 17, 1959
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MFG +. ? ??- NATIUft1 d For Release 2000/08/0 CIA-RDP75-00149R CPYRGHT the radio, or. see phristmas performances on tele- "Can they stop"'the observance of Christmas by Jewish adults to whom Christmas,and its spirit of god-will, gaiety and generosity is the most beautiful symbol 'of America in contrast to the Old World 'of prejudice and hatredfrom which they fled? ... Both "In the ass enment, transfer or cont{x anee of pupils among and within the schools, ar within the classroom and'other facilities thereof, the fol- lowingfactor; and the effect or remdta thereof shall be considered, with respect to the indi- vidual pupil, as well as other relevanf matterai' 1. "Available room and, teaching capacity in the various schools; 2. "Availability of transportation facilities; 3. "The effect of the admission of -newpupils upon established or proposed academic pro- !; 4. "Suitability of established curricula for par ticular pupils;. 5. "Adequacy of the pupil's academie,prepara- tion for. admission to a particular school and curriculum; 6. "The scholastic aptitude and relative .intel, ligence or mental energy or ability of the pupil; 7. "The psychological qualification 'of t' pupil for the type of teaching, and' associations 'in, ,volved. r F 8. "Effect of admission of the-pupil upon the academic progress of other students In a part ticular school or facility thereof; 9. "Effect of admission upon prevailing aca- demic standards in a particular school: 10. "The psychological effect upon the pupil of attendance at a particular sehogl; 11. "The possibility or threat of friction or disorder among pupils or others: 12. "The possibility of breaches of the peace or ill-will or economic retaliation within the community; - ? , 13. "The home environment of the pupil; 14. "The maintenance or severance of estab- lished social and psychological relationships with other nunils and with teachers: 15. "Choice and interest of the pupil; 16. "Moral conduct, health and personal stand- ards of the pupil; 17. "The request or consent of parents . or guardian and the reason assigned therefore." 448 NAnanAL Riyaw the religious and of -religious Jewish organizations are basing their fight against the observance of Christ- mas in the' public schools on the principle' of separa- tion of church and state. But at the same time, in. Israel-a country which all these public bodies hold up as a model of perfect Jewish life, to be emulated by all Jews in the world-this principle is despised, . banned and violated in' the most flagrant manner .. If the separation of church and state is so,vital that it determines the very existence of a democracy, why is it forbidden by law in Israel? .. Will such tactics help the Jewish `defense' agendes "in their defense of ;American Jews against antisetnitism which their own actions are sure ? to bring about?" Why Some R'epublioan8 Leave Lorne, We are informed that Richard M. Bissell is"about to be made Deputy Director of the" Central Intelligence Agency, the new chief pf what, are, perhaps CIA's most significant activities in relation to the country's security and surdival;'that Robert Matteson.L% to be- come a member of 's top' ititelligeAce unit, the National Estimate--Bpard;':f:and" that -Archibald - S. Alexander is to be named lead of the Free Europe Committee, an influential. and much publicized posi-. tion over which CIA ,txerclses Control, ' Here are men of good repute; with records of public service. But do these' t*aits,,gdalify .them for appoint- ment-by a Republican President, 'moreover, in a nation supposedly governed 'under 'a party system -to three critical. jobs of'the most 'delicate and dif- ficult order? Consider. .' _ Mr. Bissell took one of his university degrees at the London School of Economics in 1932-33, the hey- day of avowed Marxist Harold Laski, from whom, his entire career indicates, he learned his lessons well. From 1949.51 he was assistant apd then acting Ad- ministrator.of the tconomic Cooperation Administra- tion ("foreign aid"), where he stood for uncondi- tioned largesse to all nations. He is consultant to the Social Research Council, which has financed so many hundreds of left-wing Ideologues. Mr. Bissell, a Waph- ington resident, is socially linked to the Washington Post set; and Mr. Bissell is a Democrat,, Robert Matteson is, it is 'true, a Republican: a Stassen Republican. For nearly two decades, until Harold Stassen's departure from Washington a few months -ago, Mr. Matteson was his aide, confidant And brain truster. As such, he performed one of his last 'and typical services as Mr. Stassen's assistant at the incredible London conference on disarmament. Archibald S. Alexander is ?a wea'thy and socially prominent New Jersey resident. He has had a num- Approved. For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000100060014-3 I.