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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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April 29, 1965
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FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE Approved For Release 20O@5., CP75-00149 Prague in Arabic to the Arab World 1630 GMT 29 April 19 (Excerpts) It is an open secret in the world today that every reactionary coup in,, any Latin American country is planned and executed by the American CIA. Not that this applies only to Latin America, it is true also of Asia'and Africa. Recently a Federal court in New York heard a case which the press presented to the American' publid as alarming because of its partial connection with the family of Shah of Iran. The case would not have.disturbed the state department or certain American leaders but for a subsequent and incidential exposure of certain hidden facts behind the downfall of former Iranian Premier Dr, Mossadeq in 1953. Briefly, the case was brought by Khiber Than, chief of the Bakhtiar tribe in southern Iran now living in exile, against the Pahlavi family. The litigation can be sidestepped because it is . umportant, but it can be said that oil wells are located in the Bakhitiar~ tribal area and Khiber Khan claims them as tribal property. Important, however, are the photostats of several secret documents which Khiber succeeded in obtaining with the help of his agents inside the Iranian administration. These include checks drawn on the Union Swiss Bank in which the Shah's family deposit their funds. Some of the se checks were paid out of the "Pahlavi fund" account--naturally a secret account--and date back to 1952 and 1953, namely the period that preceded and followed the downfall of Mossadeq. i'he checks were made out not only to senior Iranian officials, but also to leading American and British personalities, known to have largely participated-in the plot to overthrow Mossadeq. The photostats showed that Mrs. Henderson, wife of the U.S. ambassador in Teheran who was considered the brains behind the anti-Mossadeq coup, received 1 million dollars. Other documents revealed that similar amounts were received by: Allen, Dulles, former CIA chief; Henry Luce, publisher of the American reactionary magazines, LIFE, TIHE, rind FORTUNE; and George Allen, who was U:S. ambassador in Teheran prior to Henderson., It is g..known fact that the anti-Mossadeq coup'wda jointly executed by American and British intelligenoeG Other photostats exposed the sources of the funds' deposited in the secret "Pahlavi fund" from which these millions were disbursed. The fund totalled 56 million dollars, of which 12 million had been deposited by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 6 million from U.S. aid to Iran, 5 million from the U.S.?Treasurj Department, and so forth. The American public was not much concerned with the litigation between Iranian Ypactionaries Khiber Khan and the Shah's Family. What struck themtias the millions of dollars delivered to senior U.S. officials and businessmen either through the Union Swiss Bank of U.S. banks. The Iranian Government and the State Department made several attempts to prevent the press from airing the scandal, but a congressional committee intervened and forced the.U.S. Treasury to investiage the documents before the federal Court, documents which are without doubt authentic'. It would be naive, however, for anyone to expect Allen Dulles or-Henry Luce to publicly explain Why and how ".these millions went into their pockets.. As yet,. the Federal Court in-New-York has not rejected the photostats as forgeries.. Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000100060020-6