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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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June 28, 1966
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FOIAb3b Approved For Release 2000/OQ11AQ~11f-rRgP75-0 lN` F RNA1'1oNAi JUN 2 P! ES-IDENT l.f?Irj F11'1 POLITICAL LITICAL SCIENCE,ASSO- TO 4 ~tCC I ED TH~ C ' ' ' ,:, . ,: IA i ~; ? i1 AGING THE FOREIGN REPUTATION OF ~'?` "flCIA? SC .I!. .".CESE ARCIdl:" b , n?,::,a r+^ r OhD r,i `t U'r J ~L1'f POLITICAL SCIENTIST ALSO `7 F't) . .~~ ,w ' A0JU DIf , i ?~t4L1J - D C PAR O TS' -DU R I NG F3, , i)Fi NE S}?N.ATE CC 7 T)r5TiM NY 'fl Ar. r . n i3`c' SEN ? F'R'r:D R HA7f;l '' ~ .. . A A A . THE PANEL WAS LOOKING Iti,I'C~ C n~'i )ECTI0IS BET4J>'THE )' ..DI; RAL GOVERNMENT AND ITS FINANCING 0j' r?7rk A [9('W A:10r1n s-. N .! 1-111 I C can THE. 15, 000 MEMBERS OF POLITICAL SCIENCI ASSOCIATION. 2,UT. 14E'. SAID MANY AGREED THAT THE Piz '1Tr1G0i') AP)) INTELLIGENCE P G ' '' A E )CIG S 4lE13F INJURING :FOREIGN. RESEARCH 6Y'' U. S. SC I'.iJ 15'1 :; . - I{E C; t 'ED THE CONTROVERSY Si.l'iR0UNl~I"~tz"PRQJ;WCT CAMELOT,"' AS 1A RESULT'. 1 C)" i').I3i4AND1,ING* THE `` IJII'i , ON DUC TED.; IN CHILE BY AMERICAN ,r'.`~ 1?11N!V.*'S1:"i'Y, Ic'A HALTED WHEN CH"Lr AN OI'F';xCIA1 S LEARNED IT WAS FINANCED j aY 7): 12, PFIN7 0N T1- F T(iO1.IDL T:, SAI ll ALMOND W/ }1 AU K' } , ~l "?{ ur-u. USE UP LARGE SUMS '0r' BY DANGLING D;1r ;iO;J r`d r , 1 iJDIVIDUAL' RESEARCHEfts " S o Tii1 fl1 .CRAPTLr) FROM THE BOTTO.,! OF THL:' BARREL" .JUMPED TO' GET;~INON THE STUDY. 0 ).' SOLUTION WOULO'~DE TO IN UF lAl C ' i DEI~AL, ;r44 RAMS FOR RESEARCH AD