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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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October 17, 1962
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NEW TIMES OCT 17, 1962 , v~ Approved For Release 200010" FOIAb3b THE PENTAGON'S BLACK GUARD The anti-Cuban hysteria in the United States has been brought-to lever pitch. It is no longer a matter of inflammatory speeches in the Senate, or of appeals for a sea and air blockade - the Pentagon is organizing Washington propaganda is trying to justify these preparations for aggression by claiming that Cuba is a menace to United States' security. That is pure fiction, but the danger of U.S. aggression against, Cuba is very real. It is spelled out in this series, which traces the preparations ?6r. anmad attack from the overthrow of the Batista dictatorship to the prese+itt:Uma and describes the part played by Cuban counter-revolutionery-Htmiptts. U11111111 fill fill I 0 N THE NIGHT of August 24, the people of Havana were awakened by the boom of can- non and the rat-tat of machine guns. Peering into the night, they could see the outlines of a high-speced launch off the shore of the capital directing its fire on the Miramar district. A few days later the vessel was iden- tified off the Florida coast. The pirate attack had been organ- ized by the Revolutionary Stu- dent Directorate, one of the many coon Len-revolutionary or- gan;zaztions of Cuban emigres, whn have found protection and assistance in the United States. The raiders went, unpunish- ed -- the State Department merely .reproached them for having so noisily ` manifested their "patriotic sentiments." Encouragtfl by;;this,,th organiz- ers held'. a press conference . in Venezuela at w jch Juan Selvat,, ll r "military co-ordinator," aunqun ced that his group would continue. ' its piratic attacks: ."Any C4 mlrjunist-flagged, ship, regardless of nationality, seen in Cuban territorial waters, will be r('cridr-)c'd as