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November 16, 2016
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February 1, 1999
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November 29, 1964
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'`C~ASHINGTON ST&j 'N \ Approved For Release 2000 - DP7 FOIAb3b ens Ask FQI_~0a CPYRGHT By JOHN DARRON Star Staff Writer CPYRGHT . an BeaLty'SACtiO1S The Senate Rules Commit e ;,nvestigating Bobby Baker 1 is asked the FBI to tell it all ab t the exploits of the Germ in beauty, Ellen Rometsch. A 27-year-old brunette w o `once had Influential frier s,. ` Mrs. Rometsch suddenly w is rushed out of the country 1 t 'year, reportedly because f r: "personal misbehavior." T By requesting a full FBI ort about her, the Rub s Committee has indicated-that t now may explore the question f whether party girls were us( I to influence legislation or prip. mote. questionable deals. Heretofore in the Baker i - vestigation, the senators ha created the impression that the regarded this subject as irrel - *ant or forbidden. But, as on several occasion , the committee last week w -pulled into a. new area of it. query by Sen. John J. William R-Del. . c en on clues- and forwarded to the connnitte ti ed Williams about' the, FBI s copy of an FBI interview wi re ort of the" interview, the mother German girl,who for, Se ator intimated that he 'al- ;.while lived with Mrs. Romets re dy had and expected to `re- ixs Washington. ce e still more'evidence.about .R . . . a :J Wh l . h_ u e en mmitte were sent home, she vanished. Correspondents have been un- able to locate her in Europe. In preparations for resume; tion of . hearings, committee, staff members on. Friday' prl4 vately questioned Williams and Reynolds for nearly three hours.i The committee hopes It can end the latest series of hearings by Saturday. Republicans hope that enough, new evidence will be developed to force dontinuance 'of the hearings !ud f Approved For Release 2000/05/05: CIA-RDP75-00149R000100250014-2 S. ELLEN ROMETSCH . , spill out into the public recor . -AP Photo Shortly after Mrs. Rometsch and her husband, who then was a German Air Force sergeant, Lennox P L M d committee did not investigate: their role in the Baker case, he would. McLendon then asked the FBI' to inform the committee what It learned during the extensive Investigation of Mrs., Rometsch it made last year. Customarily, the FBI refusesz to show its files to anyone out- side the Justice Department. However, the Justice Depart-; ment has copies of FBI reports and, if it chose, it could provide them or a summary of them to Don B. Reynolds, another, important witness who will testi- fy, is believed to know much about the activities of Mrs.: Rometsch and other women who' thus far have been kept in the. shadows of the Baker case. When he Is interrogated in open' cession Tuesda it Is ,, ssibl y