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December 15, 2016
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November 14, 2003
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January 7, 1967
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Approved For Release 2003/12/02: CIA-RDP75-00149 J ACUJ.~G N.Y. ?QS --Srr7ANA~Ai We also find during last month, taint c U.S. Ail. Force '` t e , revised its infamous Air :- rce O: OF 0 'Rv: O iS Regulation 200.2 (red rdir To ilie Editor of The Post-Standard : UI'0 sightings and reports), and assigned a new number to The year 1966 has drawn to it: So-17. a close and summing ,up words October was no less as in- OF O activity in t(l:a1 - in the tmesting. On the 15th, Dr. of the song -" it was a _r very good year." Since 1964, " ernes E. AcDo nalp, a Uni. , i vcrsay of Arizona physicist,' and 1905 in particular, uncon- ( spore vent before the Washi il obieciS -or UAO;ionthal is is aera aterm coined by Grapier or fi? American teorolog:cal Society and ha:?sh-,; the Aerial Phenomena Ra- search Organization of L ly criticized the Air Force's Tuc- ti ii son, Ariz., best known as j handling of the UFO problem. a APP.O, and the term has the On Oct. 5, he had about same significance as UF0")J story at his OXn Campus us about "UFO"). J been Observed in in- . ." '155i report by the Central creasing numbers and for Ion- that ;persu 'z g c n c y (CL',) ` ? r,: ce "Cr periods of time tliat persuaded the !:jr the most si nifird t~event. ire`".. the history m Ur0's. NICAP incidentally, has p r o v i d e d much of the information in this letter in its latest bulletin to members. Yes, 1966 has come to an en , and as I beg to file away all UFO incidents of that' year, and matte rooi:t for whatever is to come in 19G7, one elope re; a:os. with me: that the upcoming months will. bring less crackpot sightings: and UFO hoaxes, and many, manymore detailed accounts by serious individuals. 7~ ROB -R 11 sARROti','- 4167 Cleveland Rd., P: ? to "debunk" UFO's for nation-'_ As it stands now, in:portart,_. at security reasons, deshite~ well-witnessed sightings are the fact that tAir -Force' being made every month, and had repeatedly the asserted, that' there is no longer a lengthy UFO's were not a danger. The: "sleeping" period between the ?CIA%report contained many noteworthy reports. Since the .',dr teresting provisions ?+ famous March, 1906 Michigan and suggestions, but s'ate' sightings, virtually every na- 'limits me from stating them =, ~iauai aza?gazi, e has printed here. something on UFO's. Also in October, UFO's re- f"And, like the earlier part of turned several times to anoth last year, the months of Sep- ` er well known locale for UFO" te:r.ber, October and Novem_ sightings: Wanattuc, New Jer-f ter have. contributed sinnifi- sey. As in January and1 cant items to the UFO field. March, there were many wit September, for example, pre- i nesses, including police offi- sented a frightened pilot in'-cers (at one time earlier in' S e h r i n g, Florida, with a the year the Mayor of Wana-. cone-shaped UFO that paced: Sue had. been treated to 4 his plane for several minutes, "? sighting, along with other- overcoming every attempt he ; public officials and citizens),' made to escape it. He was oh- Novemher may be tile most: viously involved with a very important month of the yea,-, noisy object, as it made as it marked preliminary op-; sounds resembling rubber orations of the new scientific tires screeching on a rainy,: UFO investigation begun by road. the University of Colorado,: Also on Sept. 21, eight mein- the National Investigations: bens of the Royal Canadian Committee on Atria! Pne-' Air Force and two fishermen tiomena (\ICAP), which has.' observed a round, snarly UFO been asked by the scientific, that hovered close to the group involved for the best; ground and then shot upward, cases NICAP can provicle,; at a tremendous speed; these sees this project as possIiy~ witnesses were located in two -- - - different areas, 45 miles apart on the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. Approved For Release 2003/12/02 : CIA-RDP75-00149R000100270013-1