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July 18, 2000
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November 21, 1966
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NOV 2 7 Appr6 ' 1 ~pU~VUI-J S200 18 !^?C~7q` , ~;P tc Fnlhr,, might. make CPYRGHT CPYRGHT lR TO CLARIFY ETHICS.I ,~t`?~lfmhum a? we ;Plan Guide for Scholars Who Work on U.S. Contracts By HENRY RAY31ONT Special to The New York T,mel PITTSBURGH, Nov. 20-The ,American Anthropological s50- 'elation ended its 65th annual meeting here today after agree- ing to elaborate a set of "ethical guidelines" for scholars who work on Government contracts. Differences over the' whole range of Government relations with the academic community and a sharp clash over a resolu- 'tion on the Vietnam War made it the most turbulent annual gathering of the association in. the memory of its senior ,members. The guidelines are expected to recommend that, except in the case of war, academic insti- tutions not undertake research -projects that are subject to security restrictions. The decision to tighten tile ethical code of anthropologists) came In a response to a report' by Dr. Ralph L. Beals, a former' president of the association. The: report strongly criticized at tempts by Government intel-I ligence agencies to use social scientists for undercover work,1 especially in foreign countries. Recommendations Tabled (bold However, the association's 1,100-member Council of Fel 'Iowa voted. last night to table a series 'of-- recommendations' prepared by Dr.? Beals. Some members wanted stronger lan- guage,. and others found it too .strong , The association's executive board interpreted the action to- day as giving it a mandate to rewrite the recommendations as Cindy Lasted :1 a Year concllNjnrls tvel - based on a year'-long stud, during which hetravt?lr? d 35,0 miles in Latin An;erica :u the Middle East. Thu study was requested by the association after Operation Camelot caused a furor in the academic com- T,,.... ' UFu \ Operation Camelot was an anthropologists and .oei.dogist,;.l Profcsenr, Kaplan reports that while shulcnts attend%a' ,meetings mainly to hear papccs,l older members of the profession, seemed more interested In sa :' newing friendships. The four-day meeting had A record ILUA dance, of 2,300.. , FOIAb3b CPYRGHT FOIAb3b I 49RO001 6Q29= Almy- I dertaken by The American University 'of Washington to de- termine the potential for "ht-, surgency and counter-insurgen-1 cy" In Chile. Although It was, canceled by the State Depart meat a month later, the project, pruducca sharp criticism of; American scholars throughout, Latin America. One of Dr. Beals's recom- mendations that was irenerallyl accepted held that with the ex-i ception of a "Congressional declaration of war," contracts in the soci;,l sciences which are, not related to their normal functions of teaching, research and public service." The reference to a "Congres- signal declaration rd war" was:. added during last night's coun-' cii nlr'eting and reflected the general reluctance of the an throe d'?fists to accept the Viet-: Dan, rnnflict as a national emer- genwy that would allow scicn tists to engage in secret defense work under the proposed guide lines. An attempt by a group of younger members of the council, to pass a resolution .sharply con- dentlling the Johnson Adminis tration's Vietnam policy was thwarted' last night by several moderates, including' Dr. Mar-. garet ;Mead of New York and Philleu Nash, a former Commis-. sinner of Indian Affairs and aide to President Truman, Nevertheless, the Administra- diem to a mail vote before orl ""`" scored an unen-' 'lehortly' after ;Christmas.'. Pectcci victory when the meeting- The board met to clarify a voted down the council's presi- adopted dent, Mr. Frederica de Laguna ntmber of resolutions , amidt the confusion of last) of Bryn Mawr College, who had :mle,ht'a rnnnen session' ruled the' resolution out of arne e t session, it was at this point that Dr,' course of ouncil the which was closed to the press Mead: a small forceful figure Dr. Beals had urged brandishing a black-lacquered ;and public , swift action by the association, staff, was instrumental in se- .saying that the majority' of curing the adoption of a coned- members now favored safe- "do the wn use of n n r appalm" and cond"a "bomb- i l guards to protect "the .rode- lo e an w i th y n here e world. g pendence and integrity of an- Although the resolution obviJ thropoingy . ousiy referred to Vietnam, the Dr. Beals, a professor of an- implied attack on President thropology at the University o[ ,Tottnson that had been o:n? California at Los Angeles, pre-, tamed in the original draft v'aF faced his recommendations with' omitted, the following warning: Tie final draft, which was 'Constraint, deception . and adopterl by an overwhelming; isecrecy have ' no place in ; vote, a Iso called on all govern-: science. Actions which compro- . lnellts to "proceed as rapidly as. rmise the intellectual integrity possible to a peaceful setlement and autonomy a of - reasearch of the war in Vietnam" scholars and institutions not x .ri Danes read this mornIng,) only weaken those international erns. lscrnice A.' Kaplan ' of :underatandings.ebsentlal;,to our Wayne -State . University pre.! Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-0