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November 17, 2016
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July 18, 2000
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November 18, 1966
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:'ii'S 1'a i;A1.V 3ik ..............:.... Such actions, he said, arc. ec e ~~~C lei-eating suspicion of social scientists in many overseas ? countries. ,We have 1 to have For SdeI~.LiSlS' the confidence of the people we're studying -- this is ab- splutely imperative and we cant get it if they think we're Is D ~ ~~~~ d i Ispic ," he said. By Henry W. Pierce , "in some c o u n't Ties," he Special CO The Washington PC.,.' added, "you can't" get per,., search unless iion to do re PITTSBURGH, Nov. 17- - mss Lth one or., ~Iwl ra 0-0 universi aniza- ; charged today that ma ,` ." tions members of his, 'Profession He pointed out that for the d es i te ingly acting in full or part. s time as Government intelli- -hire anthropologists to pro- ,,! on ;.: cultures was t d a a vide pence agents:" ,;; l acceptable." But he tl f " , y ec per ld do+ He warned that it cou long-range harm to the pmfes? ;called for disclosure of theI . s?nnenring group and even , . 'versity of luauLUi"1Ji A 'dL a-"o o ted a when the Army's controversial: l l e y comp recent Angeles, Nation-wide study that is ex. $4-million Project Camelot,, a' pected to serve as a basis of "insurgency and count- American er-insurgency in Chile, was h e y t discussion b 'Anthropological Association widely criticized and eventually; 'at its four-day meeting ucrc., adiMmul a.. Guidelines to be drafted by Project -Camelot, which was'.., ' - to 1 ..,. ....,-. ,, _.?-- ? -- - the group are to be 1110u- ,,u., lie late Saturday or Sunday. cial Operations Reserch Or+;'' ls said he believes some. ganization-centered at A'meri,,, B ea th ists olo an rop g w. .. -______._.__ -de-signed-to duced into undercover work" was show how Com + ; . bn revolu+ li it , a ze by offers of grants from ; monists cap , .. - ' >_,..___"'. .t e::'1.:, AnVainnintl! - o ng frO necessarily relates to govei u- . jment." And he said it -is not. `Uth.e>r'a enciesJG~y:~