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November 17, 2016
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July 18, 2000
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November 18, 1966
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W YORK Tfl-usy FOIAb3 CP ciTied For Release 2Q 4O A 6 CIA - Spy Agencies Held Danger to Research By HENRY RAYIIIONT' spect&r to The New York Times PITTSBURGH, Nov. 17 last year studying- the effect of _ ,...~ _ sponsored social These examples, Dr., Beals science researcn in MI - -b.?i that the information gathered countries. be used against the _ d e o t h , .... .. ~._ ._ . - (~c,'I' w.....b -... ? p e r In t al of what he described as. Without naming any specific iti c cr efforts by some Government ? countries, he said that some, AAmeAcan scholars had alreadyi , - gist warned tonight that se-,; He, said there had been in "Anthropology Is particularly' crecy and pressures by United stances when Young scholars!. concerned with these restric- States Intelligence agencies were I tions," he said, "for they en- were offered generous Govern-pdanger the future development eroding the effectiveness and meat assistance ostensibly for. of the discipline and its poten- .prestige of American scholarly academic work, only to be dues-''tial contribution to national research abroad. ~tioped later by inte.i1Fence'well-being and human welfare. The warning was, contained Ex ansion and refinement of agents for political informa P e of diverse peoples led k g now in a report delivered by Dr. 'lion. our and cultures require interns-. Ralph L. Beals at the copening ` In what sound?d like a new 1 tional cooperation and' under-.. d ?chool It i tweeting of the American An- thropological Association, at- tended by more than 2,000 an- thropologists. rofessor of a al B D p e s, lpologlbLb r. thropologlsts at the,Plttsburgh- They were easily discovereu?Aity to disseminate and to dls-? California and former prestdentlbY scholars in the - countries cuss openly the results of edge and academic relerences apparent[- the independence and in. ,he said with some app tc .it of anthropology cannot ng. twist to the James Bon s . istand of international intrigue, Dr. In an apparent allusion to Beals disclosed he had foundisonie of the Government-spon reports that some inteliigencesored research, he called on so-1 osing as anthro-cial scientists to make every) p t iexpressed by o er tp scientists, Dr. Beals said-pan-I. -DetailsjrofhDr. BedcP~ Arica in ac , !smile, "in some, areas like the'dial action expected to be red Middle East they prefer the. ommended by the association at 'anthropological spy' because; its final session Sunday, Dr. he is so naive and they can"Beals said it was essential that' 'feed him all sorts of informa- scholars make a full disclosure t1on." "not only of their support and Echoing a concern recently sponsorship but also of the h behavioral urposes of their research." Obo Naive In what some observers in. f It he added with a'terpreted as a forecast pf reme-? satisfaction. 4be maintained.' of a farranging study of rev tons tionary processes in various the final plenary sesslonSunday, d m last year over operation a I y e .lot, an Army-financed study of anthropoligical association. The . social change in Chile. ,board members, are expected tot The project, which was part make a series of recommenda- olff- that they will submit. to cnropolog1- I,-- r - larly hurt by the furor caused closed session Saturday evening, r4 e- b th executive board of the parts of the world, was cancele at the request of Secretary of State Dean Rusk after the Chilean Government made a formal protest. In Venezuela,'Dr. Beals said, a; number of research projects by the Massachusetts Institute' of Technology almost had to be+ 'that the institute had accepted, contracts from the Central In?.~ Fteliigence Agency.'.. C1YRGHT Approved For Release 2000/08/03 : CIA-RDP75-OO.149R000100320010-8